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Open Source Activism

Tools to Power Movements, Technology that Reflects our Values


  1. call-power call-power Public

    Forked from EFForg/call-congress

    an application to connect people to power with their phones

    Python 48 21

  2. dial-power dial-power Public

    Forked from Twilio-org/phonebank

    An open source phone banking solution powered by Twilio

    JavaScript 6

  3. text-power text-power Public

    Forked from nyaruka/rapidpro

    Visually build activism messaging applications with open source software

    JavaScript 2

  4. us-zipcodes-congress us-zipcodes-congress Public

    Mapping of US zipcodes to Congressional Districts

    Python 44 13

  5. us-governors us-governors Public

    US Governors Contact Info

    2 1

  6. votebot-forms votebot-forms Public

    Forked from fightforthefuture/votebot-forms

    Voter Registration form submission to states



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