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Allen CellTypes Database

Data and models from the Allen CellTypes Database has been used to construct NeuroML based models.

Data import

Electrophysiological data on multiple cell types from the visual cortex of mouse have been made available on the Allen CellTypes Database.

There are scripts for importing/analysing this data here.

NeuroML 2 models

This directory contains both examples of the original biophysical models in NEURON (e.g. 483108201) which have been generated by the Allen Institute from their own data, as well as NeuroML 2 versions of these models.

Retuned cell models

This directory contains preliminary work to tune new NeuroML2 models against the Allen CellTypes Database data for other types of NeuroML model (e.g. Izhikevich spiking models).

Work in progress!