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Here you can find a number of VERTEX model examples and MATLAB methods that export or import VERTEX models to or from neuroML2/LEMS respectively.

Before running the examples in VERTEX_models and Import_to_VERTEX, create folders on your computer containing txt files with filenames "VERTEX_txt" and "VERTEX_nml". These folders have to be added (be visible) to the MATLAB path.

Matlab methods will then be able to locate the folders containing these txt files in order to put VERTEX export files with either txt or nml extension.

LEMS files with xml extension are exported to the "test_LEMS" folder which is created when you run the first model, and then is used later to place all other xml files.

Scripts in this folder are either VERTEX models or import/export methods.

To see membrane potential traces look at the images of VERTEXShowcase.

To see network and morphology export to nml look at the NeuroML2subfolder of VERTEXShowcase and OSB 3D explorer.

To see LEMS xml files look at the test_LEMS subfolder of VERTEXShowcase.

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