Awesome Projects @ Cornell
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Awesome Cornell

A curated list of awesome open source and free culture projects around Cornell.


  • Cornell Open Data, an attempt to create an open and easily accessible data repository for the Cornell community.

CLI Applications

Mobile Apps

  • Big Red App, a native Android application for Cornell students that lets you see what dining halls/cafes are open and what they are serving, navigate Cornell's buildings, bus stops, and bike rack, among other things.
  • Big Red App iOS, an iOS port of Big Red App.
  • Glassroom, an open source academics management / course enrollement project currently set to replace CoursePad, sponsored by Cornell SA.

Music Apps


  • MAR1D, a first person Super Mario Bros clone
  • Tell Me to Survive, a visual- and text-based educational programming game focusing on object-oriented concepts
  • Halite II, an AI programming competition from Two Sigma developed in part by an intern from Cornell