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Srcds Log Receiver

A library to receive logs directly from a Source dedicated server (srcds) via its UDP log transport (logaddress_add). As these logs are sent live during the game, this allows you to build interactive real time systems that react to in-game events.

Also included is a simple app that saves all received logs to disk. This means that no matter what happens to your game server, the logs will always be saved. See further below for usage information.

Library usage

npm install --save srcds-log-receiver

Javascript example, but Typecript is also supported:

var logReceiver = require("srcds-log-receiver");
var options = {
	port: 9871  // this is the default

var receiver = new logReceiver.LogReceiver();
receiver.on("data", function(data) {
	if (data.isValid) {
		console.log("Received at " + data.receivedAt.format() + " a log of type " + data.packetType);
		console.log("The message is: " + data.message);
receiver.on("invalid", function(invalidMessage) {
	console.log("Got some completely unparseable gargbase: " + invalidMessage);

The options object has the following structure:

interface ILogListenerOptions {
	port?: number; // Port number for deamon to listen on - default 9871
	address?: string; // IP address for deamon to listen on - default
	requirePassword?: boolean; // Reject messages from servers with no log password - default false
	defaultPassword?: string; // Catch-all password that any unspecified server may have
	definedSources?: ILogSourceDetails[]; // List of know servers/passwords - default empty

// Defines a server that you know will send log messages 
interface ILogSourceDetails {
	port?: number; // IP address of srcds server
	address?: string; // port of srcds server (same as game port)
	password?: string; // If blank/empty, no password. If set, require this password. 

Log secrets

When the log payloads are sent, they include a type field in their header. This will always be either Log with password or Log without password.

If the type is without password, then the log will be accepted if either the server exists as a defined source with no password, or, the requirePassword option is false.

If the type is with password, then the log will only be accepted if the server exists as a defined source with a matching password, or the provided password matches the default password, irrespective of what requirePassword is set to.

The secret is defined in your srcds instance by setting the cvar sv_logsecret. If it does not work, try a numeric password.

Save to disk app usage:

For the log saver app, build with:

npm install 
npm install -g typings
typings install

And run with:

node saveToDisk.js

On your SRCDS server:

mp_logdetail 3
sv_logsecret 12345
logaddress_add ipaddress-or-hostname:9871
log on

And hey presto, you're receiving logs in the ./logs directory!

If you are running Warmod, you can send warmod logs here as well -

wm_stats_method 2 // To make sure logs are sent to both this app via UDP and stored locally 
wm_stats_trace 1 // If you want to record player locations in the logs too, set this

For example:

$ tail -n 5 logs/2016-06-05-
06/05/2016 - 06:39:06: "Norm<20><BOT><TERRORIST>" [619 -1349 -280] attacked "Keith<17><BOT><CT>" [420 -1444 -280] with "nova" (damage "16") (damage_armor "0") (health "6") (armor "58") (hitgroup "left leg")
06/05/2016 - 06:39:06: "Norm<20><BOT><TERRORIST>" [619 -1349 -280] attacked "Keith<17><BOT><CT>" [420 -1444 -280] with "nova" (damage "13") (damage_armor "6") (health "0") (armor "51") (hitgroup "stomach")
06/05/2016 - 06:39:06: "Norm<20><BOT><TERRORIST>" [619 -1349 -280] killed "Keith<17><BOT><CT>" [420 -1444 -216] with "nova"
06/05/2016 - 06:39:06: "Norm<20><BOT><TERRORIST>" [619 -1349 -280] attacked "Dean<14><BOT><CT>" [400 -1464 -280] with "nova" (damage "16") (damage_armor "0") (health "84") (armor "100") (hitgroup "left leg")
06/05/2016 - 06:39:07: "Norm<20><BOT><TERRORIST>" [619 -1349 -280] attacked "Dean<14><BOT><CT>" [399 -1445 -280] with "nova" (damage "13") (damage_armor "6") (health "71") (armor "93") (hitgroup "stomach")


  • Add tests
  • Tidy up project
  • Add way to add/remove defined sources after instantiation


A simple tool to receive logs from srcds servers







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