Build instructions for the OpenSourceOV time-lapse image capture clamp
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Clamp Build Instructions

There are two versions of the clamp:

  • Version 2 (RECOMMENDED) - complete re-design that integrates a hand lens (loupe) for magnification. This is the preferred version because of the flexibility to attach any magnification hand lens (conceivably 40x, but untested). 20x magnification is the minimum magnification for most stems.

  • Version 1 - the original which uses a Moment smartphone macro lens and has a magnification limit of 10x. Build instructions for Version 1 are here:

All clamp versions require a separate circuit to provide power and interface the Raspberry Pi with the LEDs. There are two versions. Version 1 which integrates the components on a PCB and version 2 where the components are connected inline without a PCB. Version 2 is strongly recommended unless you want to integrate other sensors, in which case Version 1 would be more useful. If you are planning to use Version 1 then you should enclose the circuit in a case.

A guide for wiring connectors is also provided: