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1) Download & Install the latest Anaconda Distribution of Python 3.5 from:

2) Open a command prompt and navigate to the subfolder:

3) Launch Jupyter in that folder. If in step 1) you installed Anaconda to C:\Program Files\Anaconda the command for this is:
	C:\Program Files\Anaconda\Scripts\jupyter.exe noteboook
In case you added C:\Program Files\Anaconda\Scripts to your PATH environment variable you can just type
	jupyter notebook

This will start the ipyton console and open a browser window. Ctrl-C to kill the server.

4) Your standard Browser should open with a list of files in that folder. Just click on the notebook you would like to try, for instance

5) The notebook should open and you can run it by clicking on Cell/Run Cells.

6) Some of the cells have additional dependencies as mentioned in their description. For an optimal experience, we recommend installing (if not already installed):
	ipywidgets: https://github.com/ipython/ipywidgets
	jupyter_dashboads: https://github.com/jupyter-incubator/dashboards
	bqplot: https://github.com/bloomberg/bqplot
	pythreejs: https://github.com/jovyan/pythreejs
Complete installation instructions can be found under the links mentioned above. Short version:
	conda install -c conda-forge ipywidgets
	pip install jupyter_dashboards
	jupyter dashboards quick-setup --sys-prefix
	conda install -c conda-forge bqplot
	conda install -c conda-forge pythreejs

7) To use the grid view of the jupyter_dashbords module, click on:
	View/Dashboard Preview