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[deprecated]: yeoman generator for website development
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Project is deprecated!


The project has been deprecated in favor of these alternatives and I highly recommend using them instead:

If you still need to use the generator there is a more actively maintained fork.

What is Kickstart?

The Kickstart project is a yeoman generator. But it is also an open source workflow for creating the front-end of websites or single page applications. It is continuously tested and improved in an web agency environment and aims at small to large teams working with HTML, CSS and JS.

Why use Kickstart?

The power of many can be used to solve problems quickly and automate the setup of new projects in a very profound way. Besides that Kickstart has many best practices built in:

  • Linters ensure a high quality of code
  • Components and documentation standards makes it easy for teams to work together on a project
  • Dependency management make it easy to work with an unified set of 3rd party libraries
  • Kickstart promotes test driven development for your JavaScript
  • The whole setup is fully adjustable to fit your needs
  • and many more

Documentation Dependency Status Build Status Code Climate

Want to contribute?

Like any other open source project Kickstart also profits from any contribution.

Thank you!

Need your own custom yeoman generator? Contact me.