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C library for interaction with a Burrow server

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This project provides an asynchronous C library for interacting with a Burrow
message queue server. See:


This is an early-release version of the library. Major functionality is
in place, and functional, but there are doubtless bugs, quirks, kludges,
and goblins hiding in the code.

Use with caution.

Maintainer Setup

If you didn't download this as a tarball, you probably pulled it from
a souce-control repository. In that case, please run:

  # ./config/
That'll setup the autotools environment.


Now that your autotools environment is set up (or if you downloaded this
as a tarball), please run:

  # ./configure
  # ./make && ./make install

To install the library.


Tests are located in the tests/ subfolder. To run test applications, please run:

	$ make check

This will compile and run test files. (Note: new files must also be added to, by modifying check_PROGRAMS).

You may find yourself wanting to run a test in gdb. You may find yourself
wanting to run code coverage. Well, we can do all this and more!
Supported commands of further interest:

  $ make check-valgrind  # run tests thru valgrind
  $ make check-gdb       # run tests thru gdb
  $ make lcov            # run tests and calculate line coverage
                         # make sure you first ./configure --enable-coverage

Functional Tests

These haven't been implemented yet, but eventually will, under examples/
More notes to come in the future.
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