OpenState-based fault resilient SDN pipeline design with programmable failure detection and recovery
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  1. Follow the instruction at to install OpenState on a Mininet 2.2.1 VM

  2. Configure your VM Manager to forward VM's TCP port 8080 to localhost's TCP port 8080

  3. SSH in your VM with X11 forwarding enabled:

    $ ssh -X mininet@VM_IP

  4. Inside Mininet, clone this GitHub repository

    $ git clone

  5. Launch SPIDER:

    $ cd ~/spider/src $ sudo ryu-manager

  6. From a browser in your host machine open the following URL: http://localhost:8080/SPIDER

The default topology is a small example network. Is it possible to select other preconfigured topology instances (polska, fat_tree or norway) by renaming them:

$ cp results.txt.[topo_name] results.txt
$ cp network.xml.[topo_name] network.xml