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video, audiovisual, object
September 16, 2017
A way to embed video directly onto the steem blockchain


Tag Description Type Example
url A url pointing to an video file on the web. string
base64 A base64 encoded video file that can be stored on the blockchain. Its recommended to only use this on short videos at low resolutions. string data:video/mp4;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANS...
ipfs_hash The IPFS hash of the item if stored using the Interplanetary File System string QmQY8FCpmfCPpYHTooxfBNYh88Y...
duration The duration of the video recording in ISO 8601 format. string P3M23S
width The width of the image in pixels int 1280
height The height of the image in pixels int 720
fps The number of frames per second of the video float 30.0
thumbnail A thumbnail taken from the video or other image that represents the video ImageObject See ImageObject


    "base64":"data:video/mp4;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANS ... 8fH87+aPqxCcRN8TsB",

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