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Suggest tagk based on metric chosen #276

1tylermitchell opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Is it possible to use a /suggest request with both a type=tagk and metric= in a request. The goal is to get a list of tags used with a specific metric.
It seems we have to actually run a query to get the valid etags list back, right?

Will some of this ability be in the metadata improvements coming down the pipe?


Thanks John, that makes sense. Seems like something I'd love to push into a metadata table so I don't have to leave OpenTSDB :)

Since you can get the etags list back from a data query, it still looks/feels like there is an underlying way to get at such data...


Improving the suggest API has been listed as a requirement for Grafana to offer better OpenTSDB query completion support. See this grafana PR where the opentsdb/api/search/lookup was used to improve tagk and tagv suggestions. The PR was rejected since the work would be better done in OpenTSDB as part of the suggest API.

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