Aggregation of all the points retrieved for a particular query #294

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ghost commented Mar 7, 2014

Documentation at this link

says that there is an "agg" operator which can be used in the query for this purpose. I have tried using it with opentsdb 2.0 but it doesnt work.

This would be prove very useful if present as it would be easy to get the accurate aggregations across time series.

manolama commented Jun 5, 2014

Those are my old proposal docs so the code didn't make it upstream. It's still useful though so we'll look to add that at some point with the updated query code.

ccooke commented Nov 1, 2014

Is this feature on any timeline at the moment?


I really need these feature : agg
is it going to be included in any version of opentsdb ?

GiuVi commented Jul 2, 2015

I'm using a metric with one tag "node" which takes a lot of values: from "N_TSDB-src_0" to "N_TSDB-src_32999". I'd like to make a query which returns the sum of the value associated to
node=N_TSDB-src_0 and node=N_TSDB-src_1.
I tried to use pipe (node=N_TSDB-src_0 | node=N_TSDB-src_1) with the "agg" operator but it doesn't work.


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