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nickman commented Feb 20, 2014

Modifications to create an executable standalone FatJar.
Depends on Issue #271.
Fully documented on group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/opentsdb/jx0JIPadDXk


Thanks! I'll take a deeper look soon and probably get it into 2.1

nickman commented Feb 26, 2014

Cool. In addition to making OpenTSDB easier to deploy, I think a stand-alone executable fat JAR would ease the process of getting new users jump started. Once we sort this out, I can push a new (or modified) Getting Started page which sports the single jar download (with the MD5) and setup docs. I mean, installing HBase is still a barrier, but the whole process would be eased by having a ready-to-go TSDB instance.

manolama commented Mar 2, 2015

Woops, I think this one blew out because I waited too long. Would you be able to submit the FatJar again?

@manolama manolama closed this Mar 2, 2015
nickman commented Mar 2, 2015

Will do.

@nickman seems like this very nice intention is abandoned?
That's sad :(


I am improving the build system and simplifying it. This will happen for
On Aug 27, 2016 1:20 AM, "Paul Polishchuk" notifications@github.com wrote:

@nickman https://github.com/nickman seems like this very nice intention
is abandoned?
That's sad :(

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@johann8384 thank you! it's nice to hear that :)

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