OpenTSDB 2.2.0

@manolama manolama released this Feb 15, 2016 · 309 commits to master since this release

  • Version 2.2.0 (2016-02-14)
    • Add the option to randomly assign UIDs to metrics to improve distribution across
      HBase region servers.
    • Introduce salting of data to improve distribution of high cardinality regions
      across region servers.
    • Introduce query stats for tracking various timings related to TSD queries.
    • Add more stats endpoints including /threads, /jvm and /region_clients
    • Allow for deleting UID mappings via CLI or the API
    • Name the various threads for easier debugging, particularly for distinguishing
      between TSD and AsyncHBase threads.
    • Allow for pre-fetching all of the meta information for the tables to improve
    • Update to the latest AsyncHBase with support for secure HBase clusters and RPC
    • Allow for overriding metric and tag widths via the config file. (Be careful!)
    • URLs from the API are now relative instead of absolute, allowing for easier reverse
      proxy use.
    • Allow for percent deviation in the Nagios check
    • Let queries skip over unknown tag values that may not exist yet (via config)
    • Add various query filters such as case (in)sensitive pipes, wildcards and pipes
      over tag values. Filters do not work over metrics at this time.
    • Add support for writing data points using Appends in HBase as a way of writing
      compacted data without having to read and re-write at the top of each hour.
    • Introduce an option to emit NaNs or Nulls in the JSON output when downsampling and
      a bucket is missing values.
    • Introduce query time flags to show the original query along with some timing stats
      in the response.
    • Introduce a storage exception handler plugin that will allow users to spool or
      requeue data points that fail writes to HBase due to various issues.
    • Rework the HTTP pipeline to support plugins with RPC implementations.
    • Allow for some style options in the Gnuplot graphs.
    • Allow for timing out long running HTTP queries.
    • Text importer will now log and continue bad rows instead of failing.
    • New percentile and count aggregators.
    • Add the /api/annotations endpoint to fetch multiple annotations in one call.
    • Add a class to support improved bulk imports by batching requests in memory for a
      full hour before writing.
    • Allow overriding the metric and tag UID widths via config file instead of
      having to modify the source code.
    • Rework the QueryStats output to be a bit more useful and add timings from the
      various scanners and query components.
    • Modify the UI to allow for group by or aggregate per tag (use the new query feature)
    • Rework the UI skin with the new TSDB logo and color scheme.
    • Add the QueryLog config to logback.xml so users can optionally enable logging of
      all queries along with their stats.