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OpenTSDB 2.4.0

@manolama manolama released this
· 43 commits to master since this release
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  • Version 2.4.0 (2018-12-16)

Noteworthy Changes:

  • Set default data block encoding to DIFF in the create table script.
  • Add callbacks to log errors in the FSCK tool when a call was made to
    fix something.
  • Add a sum of squares aggregator "squareSum".
  • Add the diff aggregator that computes the difference between the first
    and last values.
  • Add a SystemD template to the RPM package.
  • Allow tags to be added via HTTP header.
  • Add example implementations for the Authorization and Authentication
  • Change to default to false.
  • Literal or filter now allows single character values.
  • Rollup query code now only uses the downsampler value to pick an interval.
  • Add jdk 8 in the debian script.
  • Setup fill policies in the Nagios check

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix rollup scanner filter for single aggregate queries.
  • Fix FSCK HBase timestamps when deduping. Sometimes they were negative.
  • Fix exception handling when writing data over HTTP with the sync flag enabled.
  • Fix missing source files in the Makefile.
  • Change UID cache to longs from ints and add hit and miss counters.
  • Fix HighestCurrent returning the wrong results.
  • Fix running query stats queryStart timestamp to millis.
  • Fix TimeShift millisecond bug.
  • Fix post remove step in the debian package.