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Add: [AzurePipelines] run regression with MSVC

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glx22 committed Dec 31, 2018
1 parent c0a6552 commit 96b961c69a7be052b9104994b73801b32b5e1c41
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@@ -34,14 +34,25 @@ jobs:
workingDirectory: $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)
- script: $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\windows-dependencies\vcpkg.exe integrate install
displayName: 'Install dependencies'
- bash: |
set -ex
cd bin/baseset
curl -L >
rm -f
displayName: 'Install OpenGFX'
- task: VSBuild@1
displayName: 'Build'
solution: 'projects/openttd_vs141.sln'
platform: $(BuildPlatform)
configuration: Release
maximumCpuCount: true
# Running the regression is currently not possibe via MSVC (console is not redirected)
- script: |
call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat" x86
cd projects
call regression.bat
displayName: 'Test'
- job: linux
displayName: 'Linux'

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