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Codechange: Make FindStationsAroundTile() out-parameter stations cons…

…t to prevent incorrect modification.
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PeterN committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent 6b92b83 commit b00a861467b9c7ea62bae2df140975f0838e0ea7
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  1. +2 −2 src/station_cmd.cpp
@@ -3820,10 +3820,10 @@ static void AddNearbyStationsByCatchment(TileIndex tile, StationList *stations,
* Find all stations around a rectangular producer (industry, house, headquarter, ...)
* @param location The location/area of the producer
* @param stations The list to store the stations in
* @param[out] stations The list to store the stations in
* @param use_nearby Use nearby station list of industry/town associated with location.tile
void FindStationsAroundTiles(const TileArea &location, StationList *stations, bool use_nearby)
void FindStationsAroundTiles(const TileArea &location, StationList * const stations, bool use_nearby)
if (use_nearby) {
/* Industries and towns maintain a list of nearby stations */

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