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[Suggestion] Make console commands and outputs translatable strings #9250

unbeatable-101 started this conversation in Features
[Suggestion] Make console commands and outputs translatable strings #9250
May 12, 2021 · 3 comments

As of now they are just English strings, they should be converted to translatable ones like the interface of OpenTTD is.

#9203 (comment)


I don't like this idea – at least for the commands. Whenever someone thinks, a translation of a command is not well enough, one would change the translation and with it the notation of the (tanslated) command itself. I don't know how often this would happen but I would not want to struggle with changing notation of commands.

On the other side, with commands only in English language command output in other languages would be nonsense (in my humble opinion).

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-1 for translatable command names, not because I don't like accessibility, but because it will introduce complexity with any type of scripting that relies on commands. I don't know if this is possible clientside but it should be possible serverside. It also means that tutorials would have to include multiple variants of the same command.

However, I wouldn't object to having the output be translated - this makes sense and matches how programming works in general (keywords in English, but the final program interacts with the user in the desired language).

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when it comes to translating the descriptions of the commands in the console, this might be the option

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