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Scheduled monthly dependency update for December #15

merged 1 commit into from Dec 2, 2020


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented Dec 1, 2020

Update aiohttp from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3.





- Use Brotli instead of brotlipy
`3803 <>`_
- Made exceptions pickleable. Also changed the repr of some exceptions.
`4077 <>`_


- Raise a ClientResponseError instead of an AssertionError for a blank
HTTP Reason Phrase.
`3532 <>`_
- Fix ``web_middlewares.normalize_path_middleware`` behavior for patch without slash.
`3669 <>`_
- Fix overshadowing of overlapped sub-applications prefixes.
`3701 <>`_
- Make `BaseConnector.close()` a coroutine and wait until the client closes all connections. Drop deprecated "with Connector():" syntax.
`3736 <>`_
- Reset the ``sock_read`` timeout each time data is received for a ``aiohttp.client`` response.
`3808 <>`_
- Fixed type annotation for add_view method of UrlDispatcher to accept any subclass of View
`3880 <>`_
- Fixed querying the address families from DNS that the current host supports.
`5156 <>`_
- Change return type of MultipartReader.__aiter__() and BodyPartReader.__aiter__() to AsyncIterator.
`5163 <>`_
- Provide x86 Windows wheels.
`5230 <>`_

Improved Documentation

- Add documentation for ``aiohttp.web.FileResponse``.
`3958 <>`_
- Removed deprecation warning in tracing example docs
`3964 <>`_
- Fixed wrong "Usage" docstring of ``aiohttp.client.request``.
`4603 <>`_
- Add aiohttp-pydantic to third party libraries
`5228 <>`_


- `4102 <>`_


Update attrs from 20.2.0 to 20.3.0.




Backward-incompatible Changes

- ``attr.define()``, ``attr.frozen()``, ``attr.mutable()``, and ``attr.field()`` remain **provisional**.

This release does **not** change change anything about them and they are already used widely in production though.

If you wish to use them together with mypy, you can simply drop `this plugin <>`_ into your project.

Feel free to provide feedback to them in the linked issue 668.

We will release the ``attrs`` namespace once we have the feeling that the APIs have properly settled.
`668 <>`_


- ``attr.s()`` now has a *field_transformer* hook that is called for all ``Attribute``\ s and returns a (modified or updated) list of ``Attribute`` instances.
``attr.asdict()`` has a *value_serializer* hook that can change the way values are converted.
Both hooks are meant to help with data (de-)serialization workflows.
`653 <>`_
- ``kw_only=True`` now works on Python 2.
`700 <>`_
- ``raise from`` now works on frozen classes on PyPy.
`703 <>`_,
`712 <>`_
- ``attr.asdict()`` and ``attr.astuple()`` now treat ``frozenset``\ s like ``set``\ s with regards to the *retain_collection_types* argument.
`704 <>`_
- The type stubs for ``attr.s()`` and ``attr.make_class()`` are not missing the *collect_by_mro* argument anymore.
`711 <>`_


Update certifi from 2020.6.20 to 2020.11.8.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update multidict from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2.





- Provide x86 Windows wheels
`550 <>`_


Update requests from 2.24.0 to 2.25.0.





- Added support for NETRC environment variable. (5643)


- Requests now supports urllib3 v1.26.


- Requests v2.25.x will be the last release series with support for Python 3.5.
- The `requests[security]` extra is officially deprecated and will be removed
in Requests v2.26.0.

Update tinydb from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0.




- Feature: Add operation for updating multiple documents: ``update_multiple``
(see `issue 346 <>`_)
- Improvement: Expose type information for MyPy typechecking (PEP 561)
(see `pull request 352 <>`_)

Update urllib3 from 1.25.11 to 1.26.2.




* Fixed an issue where ``wrap_socket`` and ``CERT_REQUIRED`` wouldn't
be imported properly on Python 2.7.8 and earlier (Pull 2052)



* Fixed an issue where two ``User-Agent`` headers would be sent if a
``User-Agent`` header key is passed as ``bytes`` (Pull 2047)



* **NOTE: urllib3 v2.0 will drop support for Python 2**.
`Read more in the v2.0 Roadmap <>`_.

* Added support for HTTPS proxies contacting HTTPS servers (Pull 1923, Pull 1806)

* Deprecated negotiating TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 by default. Users that
still wish to use TLS earlier than 1.2 without a deprecation warning
should opt-in explicitly by setting ``ssl_version=ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_1`` (Pull 2002)
**Starting in urllib3 v2.0: Connections that receive a ``DeprecationWarning`` will fail**

and ``Retry(method_whitelist=...)`` in favor of ``Retry.DEFAULT_ALLOWED_METHODS``,
``Retry.DEFAULT_REMOVE_HEADERS_ON_REDIRECT``, and ``Retry(allowed_methods=...)``
(Pull 2000) **Starting in urllib3 v2.0: Deprecated options will be removed**

* Added default ``User-Agent`` header to every request (Pull 1750)

* Added ``urllib3.util.SKIP_HEADER`` for skipping ``User-Agent``, ``Accept-Encoding``, 
and ``Host`` headers from being automatically emitted with requests (Pull 2018)

* Collapse ``transfer-encoding: chunked`` request data and framing into
the same ``socket.send()`` call (Pull 1906)

* Send ``http/1.1`` ALPN identifier with every TLS handshake by default (Pull 1894)

* Properly terminate SecureTransport connections when CA verification fails (Pull 1977)

* Don't emit an ``SNIMissingWarning`` when passing ``server_hostname=None``
to SecureTransport (Pull 1903)

* Disabled requesting TLSv1.2 session tickets as they weren't being used by urllib3 (Pull 1970)

* Suppress ``BrokenPipeError`` when writing request body after the server
has closed the socket (Pull 1524)

* Wrap ``ssl.SSLError`` that can be raised from reading a socket (e.g. "bad MAC")
into an ``urllib3.exceptions.SSLError`` (Pull 1939)

Update yarl from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3.





- No longer loose characters when decoding incorrect percent-sequences (like ``%e2%82%f8``). All non-decodable percent-sequences are now preserved.
`517 <>`_
- Provide x86 Windows wheels.
`535 <>`_


* Update aiohttp from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3
* Update attrs from 20.2.0 to 20.3.0
* Update certifi from 2020.6.20 to 2020.11.8
* Update multidict from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2
* Update requests from 2.24.0 to 2.25.0
* Update tinydb from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0
* Update urllib3 from 1.25.11 to 1.26.2
* Update yarl from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3
@TrueBrain TrueBrain force-pushed the pyup-scheduled-update-2020-12-01 branch from a5ad7e8 to f0a0906 Compare December 2, 2020 12:53
@TrueBrain TrueBrain merged commit 585396c into master Dec 2, 2020
@TrueBrain TrueBrain deleted the pyup-scheduled-update-2020-12-01 branch December 2, 2020 15:54
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