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Scheduled monthly dependency update for May #29

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May 3, 2021


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented May 1, 2021

Update botocore from 1.20.42 to 1.20.62.




* api-change:``personalize``: Update URL for dataset export job documentation.
* api-change:``marketplace-catalog``: Allows user defined names for Changes in a ChangeSet. Users can use ChangeNames to reference properties in another Change within a ChangeSet. This feature allows users to make changes to an entity when the entity identifier is not yet available while constructing the StartChangeSet request.
* api-change:``forecast``: Added new DeleteResourceTree operation that helps in deleting all the child resources of a given resource including the given resource.
* api-change:``robomaker``: Adds ROS2 Foxy as a supported Robot Software Suite Version and Gazebo 11 as a supported Simulation Software Suite Version
* api-change:``cloudfront``: CloudFront now supports CloudFront Functions, a native feature of CloudFront that enables you to write lightweight functions in JavaScript for high-scale, latency-sensitive CDN customizations.
* api-change:``customer-profiles``: This release introduces GetMatches and MergeProfiles APIs to fetch and merge duplicate profiles



* api-change:``macie2``: The Amazon Macie API now provides S3 bucket metadata that indicates whether a bucket policy requires server-side encryption of objects when objects are uploaded to the bucket.
* api-change:``organizations``: Minor text updates for AWS Organizations API Reference
* api-change:``ecs``: Add support for EphemeralStorage on TaskDefinition and TaskOverride
* api-change:``chime``: Increase AppInstanceUserId length to 64 characters



* api-change:``connect``: Updated max number of tags that can be attached from 200 to 50. MaxContacts is now an optional parameter for the UpdateQueueMaxContact API.
* api-change:``mediapackage-vod``: MediaPackage now offers the option to place your Sequence Parameter Set (SPS), Picture Parameter Set (PPS), and Video Parameter Set (VPS) encoder metadata in every video segment instead of in the init fragment for DASH and CMAF endpoints.
* api-change:``nimble``: Amazon Nimble Studio is a virtual studio service that empowers visual effects, animation, and interactive content teams to create content securely within a scalable, private cloud service.
* api-change:``iotsitewise``: AWS IoT SiteWise interpolation API will get interpolated values for an asset property per specified time interval during a period of time.
* api-change:``cloudformation``: Add CallAs parameter to GetTemplateSummary to enable use with StackSets delegated administrator integration



* api-change:``auditmanager``: This release restricts using backslashes in control, assessment, and framework names. The controlSetName field of the UpdateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet API now allows strings without backslashes.



* api-change:``ec2``: Adding support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA for Reserved Instances.
* api-change:``iotwireless``: Add a new optional field MessageType to support Sidewalk devices in SendDataToWirelessDevice API
* api-change:``kinesisanalyticsv2``: Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics now supports custom application maintenance configuration using UpdateApplicationMaintenanceConfiguration API for Apache Flink applications. Customers will have visibility when their application is under maintenance status using 'MAINTENANCE' application status.
* api-change:``personalize``: Added support for exporting data imported into an Amazon Personalize dataset to a specified data source (Amazon S3 bucket).
* api-change:``mediaconvert``: Documentation updates for mediaconvert
* api-change:``codeguru-reviewer``: Include KMS Key Details in Repository Association APIs to enable usage of customer managed KMS Keys.
* api-change:``glue``: Adding Kafka Client Auth Related Parameters
* api-change:``eks``: This release updates existing Amazon EKS input validation so customers will see an InvalidParameterException instead of a ParamValidationError when they enter 0 for minSize and/or desiredSize. It also adds LaunchTemplate information to update responses and a new "CUSTOM" value for AMIType.



* api-change:``mediapackage``: Add support for Widevine DRM on CMAF origin endpoints. Both Widevine and FairPlay DRMs can now be used simultaneously, with CBCS encryption.
* api-change:``sns``: Amazon SNS adds two new attributes, TemplateId and EntityId, for using sender IDs to send SMS messages to destinations in India.



* api-change:``forecast``: This release adds EstimatedTimeRemaining minutes field to the DescribeDatasetImportJob, DescribePredictor, DescribeForecast API response which denotes the time remaining to complete the job IN_PROGRESS.
* api-change:``securityhub``: Replaced the term "master" with "administrator". Added new actions to replace AcceptInvitation, GetMasterAccount, and DisassociateFromMasterAccount. In Member, replaced MasterId with AdministratorId.
* api-change:``cognito-idp``: Documentation updates for cognito-idp
* api-change:``elasticache``: This release introduces log delivery of Redis slow log from Amazon ElastiCache.



* api-change:``detective``: Added parameters to track the data volume in bytes for a member account. Deprecated the existing parameters that tracked the volume as a percentage of the allowed volume for a behavior graph. Changes reflected in MemberDetails object.
* api-change:``redshift``: Add operations: AddPartner, DescribePartners, DeletePartner, and UpdatePartnerStatus to support tracking integration status with data partners.
* api-change:``groundstation``: Support new S3 Recording Config allowing customers to write downlink data directly to S3.
* api-change:``kendra``: Amazon Kendra now enables users to override index-level boosting configurations for each query.
* api-change:``cloudformation``: Added support for creating and updating stack sets with self-managed permissions from templates that reference macros.



* api-change:``savingsplans``: Added support for Amazon SageMaker in Machine Learning Savings Plans
* api-change:``ce``: Adding support for Sagemaker savings plans in GetSavingsPlansPurchaseRecommendation API



* api-change:``sts``: STS now supports assume role with Web Identity using JWT token length upto 20000 characters
* api-change:``dms``: AWS DMS added support of TLS for Kafka endpoint. Added Describe endpoint setting API for DMS endpoints.



* api-change:``mediaconnect``: For flows that use Listener protocols, you can now easily locate an output's outbound IP address for a private internet. Additionally, MediaConnect now supports the Waiters feature that makes it easier to poll for the status of a flow until it reaches its desired state.
* api-change:``config``: Add exception for DeleteRemediationConfiguration and DescribeRemediationExecutionStatus
* api-change:``route53``: Documentation updates for route53
* api-change:``codestar-connections``: This release adds tagging support for CodeStar Connections Host resources



* api-change:``lightsail``: Documentation updates for Amazon Lightsail.
* api-change:``sts``: This release adds the SourceIdentity parameter that can be set when assuming a role.
* api-change:``comprehendmedical``: The InferICD10CM API now returns TIME_EXPRESSION entities that refer to medical conditions.
* api-change:``rds``: Clarify that enabling or disabling automated backups causes a brief downtime, not an outage.
* api-change:``redshift``: Added support to enable AQUA in Amazon Redshift clusters.



* api-change:``fsx``: Support for cross-region and cross-account backup copies
* api-change:``codebuild``: AWS CodeBuild now allows you to set the access permissions for build artifacts, project artifacts, and log files that are uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket that is owned by another account.



* api-change:``redshift``: Add support for case sensitive table level restore
* api-change:``ec2``: Add paginator support to DescribeStoreImageTasks and update documentation.
* api-change:``shield``: CreateProtection now throws InvalidParameterException instead of InternalErrorException when system tags (tag with keys prefixed with "aws:") are passed in.



* api-change:``lookoutequipment``: This release introduces support for Amazon Lookout for Equipment.
* api-change:``kinesis-video-archived-media``: Documentation updates for archived.kinesisvideo
* api-change:``robomaker``: This release allows RoboMaker customers to specify custom tools to run with their simulation job
* api-change:``appstream``: This release provides support for image updates
* api-change:``ram``: Documentation updates for AWS RAM resource sharing
* api-change:``customer-profiles``: Documentation updates for Put-Integration API
* api-change:``autoscaling``: Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling announces Warm Pools that help applications to scale out faster by pre-initializing EC2 instances and save money by requiring fewer continuously running instances



* api-change:``storagegateway``: File Gateway APIs now support FSx for Windows as a cloud storage.
* api-change:``accessanalyzer``: IAM Access Analyzer now analyzes your CloudTrail events to identify actions and services that have been used by an IAM entity (user or role) and generates an IAM policy that is based on that activity.
* api-change:``elasticache``: This release adds tagging support for all AWS ElastiCache resources except Global Replication Groups.
* api-change:``ivs``: This release adds support for the Auto-Record to S3 feature. Amazon IVS now enables you to save your live video to Amazon S3.
* api-change:``mgn``: Add new service - Application Migration Service.



* api-change:``ssm``: Supports removing a label or labels from a parameter, enables ScheduledEndTime and ChangeDetails for StartChangeRequestExecution API, supports critical/security/other noncompliant count for patch API.
* api-change:``medialive``: MediaLive VPC outputs update to include Availability Zones, Security groups, Elastic Network Interfaces, and Subnet Ids in channel response
* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds support for storing EBS-backed AMIs in S3 and restoring them from S3 to enable cross-partition copying of AMIs
* api-change:``cloud9``: Documentation updates for Cloud9



* api-change:``auditmanager``: AWS Audit Manager has updated the GetAssessment API operation to include a new response field called userRole. The userRole field indicates the role information and IAM ARN of the API caller.
* api-change:``medialive``: MediaLive now support HTML5 Motion Graphics overlay
* api-change:``appflow``: Added destination properties for Zendesk.



* api-change:``mediapackage``: SPEKE v2 is an upgrade to the existing SPEKE API to support multiple encryption keys, based on an encryption contract selected by the customer.
* api-change:``imagebuilder``: This release adds support for Block Device Mappings for container image builds, and adds distribution configuration support for EC2 launch templates in AMI builds.



* api-change:``route53resolver``: Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall is a firewall service that allows you to filter and regulate outbound DNS traffic for your VPCs.
* api-change:``mediaconvert``: MediaConvert now supports HLS ingest, sidecar WebVTT ingest, Teletext color & style passthrough to TTML subtitles, TTML to WebVTT subtitle conversion with style, & DRC profiles in AC3 audio.
* api-change:``lightsail``: - This release adds support for state detail for Amazon Lightsail container services.
* api-change:``kendra``: AWS Kendra's ServiceNow data source now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication and knowledge article filtering via a ServiceNow query.
* api-change:``lex-models``: Lex now supports the ja-JP locale
* api-change:``lex-runtime``: Update lex-runtime client to latest version
* api-change:``fms``: Added Firewall Manager policy support for AWS Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall.
* api-change:``ec2``: VPC Flow Logs Service adds a new API, GetFlowLogsIntegrationTemplate, which generates CloudFormation templates for Athena. For more info, see
* api-change:``wafv2``: Added support for ScopeDownStatement for ManagedRuleGroups, Labels, LabelMatchStatement, and LoggingFilter. For more information on these features, see the AWS WAF Developer Guide.

Update docutils from 0.16 to 0.17.1.




* Bug fixes (for details see the Docutils `HISTORY`_).



* Numerous bug fixes and improvements
(for details see the Docutils `HISTORY`_).

* Installing with ```` now requires setuptools_.
Alternatively, install with pip_.

* The generic command line front end tool docutils-cli.py_ allows
the free selection of reader, parser, and writer components.

* Support Arabic language.

* New, **experimental** wrapper to integrate the `recommonmark`__
Markdown parser for use with Docutils.
Currently only tested with recommonmark version 0.4.0.


* HTML5 writer:

- New option embed_images_.

- Use semantic tags (for details see the Docutils `HISTORY`_).

- Change the `initial_header_level`_ setting's default to "2", as browsers
 use the `same style for <h1> and <h2> when nested in a section`__.

- New optional style ``responsive.css``, adapts to different screen

- Move non-essential styling from ``minimal.css`` to ``plain.css``
 rsp. ``responsive.css``.

- Show code line numbers as pseudo-elements so they are skipped when
 copying the code block from the page.

.. _initial_header_level: docs/user/config.htmlinitial-header-level
.. _embed_images: docs/user/config.htmlembed-images

* LaTeX writer:

- New configuration setting `legacy_class_functions`_.

- The special value "auto" for the `graphicx_option`_ setting
 is no longer supported (it never worked for xetex/luatex).

- `Styling commands`__ using the legacy ``\docutilsrole`` prefix are
 now ignored. Use ``\DUrole``.

 __ docs/user/latex.htmlclasses

- Most helper commands and element definitions are now defined in the
 LaTeX package `docutils.sty`_ and only inserted in the document
 preamble if the stylesheet__ setting does not lists "docutils".

 __ docs/user/config.htmlstylesheet-latex-writers

- Remove legacy LaTeX stylesheet ``docutils-05-compat.sty``.

.. _setuptools:
.. _pip:
.. docs/user/tools.htmldocutils-cli-py
.. _legacy_class_functions: docs/user/config.htmllegacy-class-functions
.. _graphicx_option: docs/user/config.htmlgraphicx-option
.. _docutils.sty:

* Update botocore from 1.20.42 to 1.20.62
* Update docutils from 0.16 to 0.17.1
@TrueBrain TrueBrain force-pushed the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-05-01 branch from 69d715b to 47fbf13 Compare May 3, 2021 13:53
@TrueBrain TrueBrain merged commit a2dd2f4 into master May 3, 2021
@TrueBrain TrueBrain deleted the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-05-01 branch May 3, 2021 14:02
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