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Update: dependency update for August #51

merged 1 commit into from Aug 1, 2021


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented Aug 1, 2021

Update aioredis from 2.0.0a1 to 2.0.0.




- Port redis-py's client implementation to aioredis.  
(see 891)

- Make hiredis an optional dependency.  
(see 917)

Update botocore from 1.20.103 to 1.21.11.




* api-change:``appsync``: AWS AppSync now supports a new authorization mode allowing you to define your own authorization logic using an AWS Lambda function.
* api-change:``elbv2``: Update elbv2 client to latest version
* api-change:``secretsmanager``: Add support for KmsKeyIds in the ListSecretVersionIds API response
* api-change:``sagemaker``: API changes with respect to Lambda steps in model building pipelines. Adds several waiters to async Sagemaker Image APIs. Add more instance types to AppInstanceType field



* api-change:``savingsplans``: Documentation update for valid Savings Plans offering ID pattern
* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds support for G4ad xlarge and 2xlarge instances powered by AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs and AMD 2nd Generation EPYC processors
* api-change:``chime``: Adds support for live transcription of meetings with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Transcribe Medical.  The new APIs, StartMeetingTranscription and StopMeetingTranscription, control the generation of user-attributed transcriptions sent to meeting clients via Amazon Chime SDK data messages.
* api-change:``iotsitewise``: Added support for AWS IoT SiteWise Edge. You can now create an AWS IoT SiteWise gateway that runs on AWS IoT Greengrass V2. With the gateway,  you can collect local server and equipment data, process the data, and export the selected data from the edge to the AWS Cloud.
* api-change:``iot``: Increase maximum credential duration of role alias to 12 hours.



* api-change:``sso-admin``: Documentation updates for arn:aws:trebuchet:::service:v1:03a2216d-1cda-4696-9ece-1387cb6f6952
* api-change:``cloudformation``: SDK update to support Importing existing Stacks to new/existing Self Managed StackSet - Stack Import feature.



* api-change:``route53``: This release adds support for the RECOVERY_CONTROL health check type to be used in conjunction with Route53 Application Recovery Controller.
* api-change:``iotwireless``: Add SidewalkManufacturingSn as an identifier to allow Customer to query WirelessDevice, in the response, AmazonId is added in the case that Sidewalk device is return.
* api-change:``route53-recovery-control-config``: Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller's routing control - Routing Control Configuration APIs help you create and delete clusters, control panels, routing controls and safety rules. State changes (On/Off) of routing controls are not part of configuration APIs.
* api-change:``route53-recovery-readiness``: Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller's readiness check capability continually monitors resource quotas, capacity, and network routing policies to ensure that the recovery environment is scaled and configured to take over when needed.
* api-change:``quicksight``: Add support to use row-level security with tags when embedding dashboards for users not provisioned in QuickSight
* api-change:``iotanalytics``: IoT Analytics now supports creating a dataset resource with IoT SiteWise MultiLayerStorage data stores, enabling customers to query industrial data within the service. This release includes adding JOIN functionality for customers to query multiple data sources in a dataset.
* api-change:``shield``: Change name of DDoS Response Team (DRT) to Shield Response Team (SRT)
* api-change:``lexv2-models``: Update lexv2-models client to latest version
* api-change:``redshift-data``: Added structures to support new Data API operation BatchExecuteStatement, used to execute multiple SQL statements within a single transaction.
* api-change:``route53-recovery-cluster``: Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller's routing control - Routing Control Data Plane APIs help you update the state (On/Off) of the routing controls to reroute traffic across application replicas in a 100% available manner.
* api-change:``batch``: Add support for ListJob filters



* api-change:``s3control``: S3 Access Point aliases can be used anywhere you use S3 bucket names to access data in S3
* api-change:``textract``: Adds support for AnalyzeExpense, a new API to extract relevant data such as contact information, items purchased, and vendor name, from almost any invoice or receipt without the need for any templates or configuration.
* api-change:``proton``: Documentation-only update links
* api-change:``identitystore``: Documentation updates for SSO API Ref.
* api-change:``cloudwatch``: Update cloudwatch client to latest version
* api-change:``synthetics``: CloudWatch Synthetics now supports visual testing in its canaries.



* api-change:``securityhub``: Added product name, company name, and Region fields for security findings. Added details objects for RDS event subscriptions and AWS ECS services. Added fields to the details for AWS Elasticsearch domains.
* api-change:``imagebuilder``: Update to documentation to reapply missing change to SSM uninstall switch default value and improve description.
* api-change:``s3outposts``: Add on-premise access type support for endpoints



* api-change:``medialive``: MediaLive now supports passing through style data on WebVTT caption outputs.
* api-change:``databrew``: This SDK release adds two new features: 1) Output to Native JDBC destinations and 2) Adding configurations to profile jobs
* api-change:``elbv2``: Update elbv2 client to latest version
* api-change:``s3control``: Documentation updates for Amazon S3-control
* api-change:``ec2``: This release allows customers to assign prefixes to their elastic network interface and to reserve IP blocks in their subnet CIDRs. These reserved blocks can be used to assign prefixes to elastic network interfaces or be excluded from auto-assignment.
* api-change:``qldb``: Amazon QLDB now supports ledgers encrypted with customer managed KMS keys. Changes in CreateLedger, UpdateLedger and DescribeLedger APIs to support the changes.



* api-change:``kendra``: Amazon Kendra now provides a data source connector for Amazon WorkDocs. For more information, see
* api-change:``proton``: Documentation updates for AWS Proton
* api-change:``iam``: Documentation updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
* api-change:``rds``: Adds the OriginalSnapshotCreateTime field to the DBSnapshot response object. This field timestamps the underlying data of a snapshot and doesn't change when the snapshot is copied.
* api-change:``elbv2``: Update elbv2 client to latest version
* api-change:``lambda``: New ResourceConflictException error code for PutFunctionEventInvokeConfig, UpdateFunctionEventInvokeConfig, and DeleteFunctionEventInvokeConfig operations.
* api-change:``codebuild``: AWS CodeBuild now allows you to set the access permissions for build artifacts, project artifacts, and log files that are uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket that is owned by another account.
* api-change:``personalize``: My AWS Service (placeholder) - Making minProvisionedTPS an optional parameter when creating a campaign. If not provided, it defaults to 1.
* api-change:``emr``: Update emr client to latest version



* api-change:``compute-optimizer``: Documentation updates for Compute Optimizer
* api-change:``ec2``: Added idempotency to the CreateVolume API using the ClientToken request parameter



* api-change:``imagebuilder``: Documentation updates for reversal of default value for additional instance configuration SSM switch, plus improved descriptions for semantic versioning.
* api-change:``directconnect``: Documentation updates for directconnect
* api-change:``health``: In the Health API, the maximum number of entities for the EventFilter and EntityFilter data types has changed from 100 to 99. This change is related to an internal optimization of the AWS Health service.
* api-change:``robomaker``: This release allows customers to create a new version of WorldTemplates with support for Doors.
* api-change:``location``: Add five new API operations: UpdateGeofenceCollection, UpdateMap, UpdatePlaceIndex, UpdateRouteCalculator, UpdateTracker.
* api-change:``emr-containers``: Updated DescribeManagedEndpoint and ListManagedEndpoints to return failureReason and stateDetails in API response.



* api-change:``appintegrations``: Documentation update for AppIntegrations Service
* api-change:``chime``: This SDK release adds Account Status as one of the attributes in Account API response
* api-change:``auditmanager``: This release relaxes the S3 URL character restrictions in AWS Audit Manager. Regex patterns have been updated for the following attributes: s3RelativePath, destination, and s3ResourcePath. 'AWS' terms have also been replaced with entities to align with China Rebrand documentation efforts.



* api-change:``ec2``: This feature enables customers  to specify weekly recurring time window(s) for scheduled events that reboot, stop or terminate EC2 instances.
* api-change:``cognito-idp``: Documentation updates for cognito-idp
* api-change:``ecs``: Documentation updates for support of awsvpc mode on Windows.
* api-change:``lex-models``: Lex now supports the en-IN locale
* api-change:``iotsitewise``: Update the default endpoint for the APIs used to manage asset models, assets, gateways, tags, and account configurations. If you have firewalls with strict egress rules, configure the rules to grant you access to api.iotsitewise.[region] or api.iotsitewise.[cn-region]
* feature:Python: Dropped support for Python 2.7



* api-change:``dms``: Release of feature needed for ECA-Endpoint settings. This allows customer to delete a field in endpoint settings by using --exact-settings flag in modify-endpoint api. This also displays default values for certain required fields of endpoint settings in describe-endpoint-settings api.
* api-change:``glue``: Add support for Event Driven Workflows
* api-change:``acm``: Added support for RSA 3072 SSL certificate import
* api-change:``healthlake``: General availability for Amazon HealthLake. StartFHIRImportJob and StartFHIRExportJob APIs now require AWS KMS parameter. For more information, see the Amazon HealthLake Documentation
* api-change:``wellarchitected``: This update provides support for Well-Architected API users to mark answer choices as not applicable.
* api-change:``lightsail``: This release adds support for the Amazon Lightsail object storage service, which allows you to create buckets and store objects.



* api-change:``amplifybackend``: Added Sign in with Apple OAuth provider.
* api-change:``redshift``: Release new APIs to support new Redshift feature - Authentication Profile
* api-change:``ssm``: Changes to OpsCenter APIs to support a new feature, operational insights.
* api-change:``lex-models``: Customers can now migrate bots built with Lex V1 APIs to V2 APIs. This release adds APIs to initiate and manage the migration of a bot.
* api-change:``directconnect``: This release adds a new filed named awsLogicalDeviceId that it displays the AWS Direct Connect endpoint which terminates a physical connection's BGP Sessions.
* api-change:``pricing``: Documentation updates for api.pricing



* api-change:``eks``: Documentation updates for Wesley to support the parallel node upgrade feature.
* api-change:``kendra``: Amazon Kendra now supports Principal Store



* api-change:``sagemaker``: Releasing new APIs related to Tuning steps in model building pipelines.
* api-change:``frauddetector``: This release adds support for ML Explainability to display model variable importance value in Amazon Fraud Detector.
* api-change:``mediaconvert``: MediaConvert now supports color, style and position information passthrough from 608 and Teletext to SRT and WebVTT subtitles. MediaConvert now also supports Automatic QVBR quality levels for QVBR RateControlMode.



* api-change:``eks``: Added waiters for EKS FargateProfiles.
* api-change:``outposts``: Added property filters for listOutposts
* api-change:``fms``: AWS Firewall Manager now supports route table monitoring, and provides remediation action recommendations to security administrators for AWS Network Firewall policies with misconfigured routes.
* api-change:``mediatailor``: Add ListAlerts for Channel, Program, Source Location, and VOD Source to return alerts for resources.
* api-change:``devops-guru``: Add AnomalyReportedTimeRange field to include open and close time of anomalies.
* api-change:``ssm-contacts``: Updated description for CreateContactChannel contactId.



* api-change:``iam``: Documentation updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
* api-change:``sts``: Documentation updates for AWS Security Token Service.
* api-change:``mq``: adds support for modifying the maintenance window for brokers.
* api-change:``cloudfront``: Amazon CloudFront now provides two new APIs, ListConflictingAliases and AssociateAlias, that help locate and move Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs) if you encounter the CNAMEAlreadyExists error code.
* api-change:``chime``: Releasing new APIs for AWS Chime MediaCapturePipeline
* api-change:``iotsitewise``: This release add storage configuration APIs for AWS IoT SiteWise.
* api-change:``storagegateway``: Adding support for oplocks for SMB file shares,  S3 Access Point and S3 Private Link for all file shares and IP address support for file system associations
* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds resource ids and tagging support for VPC security group rules.



* api-change:``lambda``: Added support for AmazonMQRabbitMQ as an event source. Added support for VIRTUAL_HOST as SourceAccessType for streams event source mappings.
* api-change:``imagebuilder``: Adds support for specifying parameters to customize components for recipes. Expands configuration of the Amazon EC2 instances that are used for building and testing images, including the ability to specify commands to run on launch, and more control over installation and removal of the SSM agent.
* api-change:``mgn``: Bug fix: Remove not supported EBS encryption type "NONE"
* api-change:``eks``: Adding new error code UnsupportedAddonModification for Addons in EKS
* api-change:``macie2``: Sensitive data findings in Amazon Macie now include enhanced location data for JSON and JSON Lines files
* api-change:``sns``: Documentation updates for Amazon SNS.



* api-change:``elbv2``: Update elbv2 client to latest version
* api-change:``ec2``: This release removes network-insights-boundary



* api-change:``sagemaker``: SageMaker model registry now supports up to 5 containers and associated environment variables.
* api-change:``sqs``: Documentation updates for Amazon SQS.
* api-change:``ec2``: Adding a new reserved field to support future infrastructure improvements for Amazon EC2 Fleet.

Update python-dateutil from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2.




Data updates

- Updated tzdata version to 2021a. (gh pr 1128)


- Fixed a bug in the parser where non-``ValueError`` exceptions would be raised
during exception handling; this would happen, for example, if an
``IllegalMonthError`` was raised in ``dateutil`` code. Fixed by Mark Bailey.
(gh issue 981, pr 987).
- Fixed the custom ``repr`` for ``dateutil.parser.ParserError``, which was not
defined due to an indentation error. (gh issue 991, gh pr 993)
- Fixed a bug that caused ``b'`` prefixes to appear in parse_isodate exception
messages. Reported and fixed by Paul Brown (pawl) (gh pr 1122)
- Make ``isoparse`` raise when trying to parse times with inconsistent use of
`:` separator. Reported and fixed by mariocj89 (gh pr 1125).
- Fixed ``tz.gettz()`` not returning local time when passed an empty string.
Reported by labrys (gh issues 925, 926). Fixed by ffe4 (gh pr 1024)

Documentation changes

- Rearranged parser documentation into "Functions", "Classes" and "Warnings and
Exceptions" categories. (gh issue 992, pr 994).
- Updated ``parser.parse`` documentation to reflect the switch from
``ValueError`` to ``ParserError``. (gh issue 992, pr 994).
- Fixed methods in the ``rrule`` module not being displayed in the docs. (gh pr
- Changed some relative links in the exercise documentation to refer to the
document locations in the input tree, rather than the generated HTML files in
the HTML output tree (which presumably will not exist in non-HTML output
formats). (gh pr 1078).


- Moved ````, ```` and ```` to
pytest.  Reported and fixed by jpurviance (gh pr 978)
- Added project_urls for documentation and source. Patch by andriyor (gh pr
- Simplified handling of bytes and bytearray in ``_parser._timelex``. Reported
and fixed by frenzymadness (gh issue 1060).
- Changed the tests against the upstream tz database to always generate fat
binaries, since until GH-590 and GH-1059 are resolved, "slim" zic binaries
will cause problems in many zones, causing the tests to fail. This also
updates ``zoneinfo.rebuild`` to always generate fat binaries. (gh pr 1076).
- Moved sdist and wheel generation to use `python-build`. Reported and fixed by
mariocj89 (gh pr 1133).

Update sentry-sdk from 1.1.0 to 1.3.1.

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* Update aioredis from 2.0.0a1 to 2.0.0
* Update botocore from 1.20.103 to 1.21.11
* Update python-dateutil from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2
* Update sentry-sdk from 1.1.0 to 1.3.1
@TrueBrain TrueBrain force-pushed the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-08-01 branch from 4eac883 to ded6a7f Compare Aug 1, 2021
@TrueBrain TrueBrain merged commit dd326ca into main Aug 1, 2021
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@TrueBrain TrueBrain deleted the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-08-01 branch Aug 1, 2021
@TrueBrain TrueBrain changed the title Scheduled monthly dependency update for August Update: dependency update for August Aug 1, 2021
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