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Update: dependency update for October #53

merged 1 commit into from Oct 1, 2021


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented Oct 1, 2021

Update botocore from 1.21.33 to 1.21.52.




* api-change:``network-firewall``: This release adds support for strict ordering for stateful rule groups. Using strict ordering, stateful rules are evaluated in the exact order in which you provide them.
* api-change:``dataexchange``: This release enables subscribers to set up automatic exports of newly published revisions using the new EventAction API.
* api-change:``workmail``: This release adds support for mobile device access overrides management in Amazon WorkMail.
* api-change:``account``: This release of the Account Management API enables customers to manage the alternate contacts for their AWS accounts. For more information, see
* api-change:``workspaces``: Added CreateUpdatedWorkspaceImage API to update WorkSpace images with latest software and drivers. Updated DescribeWorkspaceImages API to display if there are updates available for WorkSpace images.
* api-change:``cloudcontrol``: Initial release of the SDK for AWS Cloud Control API
* api-change:``macie2``: Amazon S3 bucket metadata now indicates whether an error or a bucket's permissions settings prevented Amazon Macie from retrieving data about the bucket or the bucket's objects.



* api-change:``lambda``: Adds support for Lambda functions powered by AWS Graviton2 processors. Customers can now select the CPU architecture for their functions.
* api-change:``sesv2``: This release includes the ability to use 2048 bits RSA key pairs for DKIM in SES, either with Easy DKIM or Bring Your Own DKIM.
* api-change:``amp``: This release adds alert manager and rule group namespace APIs



* api-change:``transfer``: Added changes for managed workflows feature APIs.
* api-change:``imagebuilder``: Fix description for AmiDistributionConfiguration Name property, which actually refers to the output AMI name. Also updated for consistent terminology to use "base" image, and another update to fix description text.



* api-change:``appintegrations``: The Amazon AppIntegrations service enables you to configure and reuse connections to external applications.
* api-change:``wisdom``: Released Amazon Connect Wisdom, a feature of Amazon Connect, which provides real-time recommendations and search functionality in general availability (GA).  For more information, see
* api-change:``pinpoint``: Added support for journey with contact center activity
* api-change:``voice-id``: Released the Amazon Voice ID SDK, for usage with the Amazon Connect Voice ID feature released for Amazon Connect.
* api-change:``connect``: This release updates a set of APIs: CreateIntegrationAssociation, ListIntegrationAssociations, CreateUseCase, and StartOutboundVoiceContact. You can use it to create integrations with Amazon Pinpoint for the Amazon Connect Campaigns use case, Amazon Connect Voice ID, and Amazon Connect Wisdom.
* api-change:``elbv2``: Update elbv2 client to latest version



* api-change:``license-manager``: AWS License Manager now allows customers to get the LicenseArn in the Checkout API Response.
* api-change:``ec2``: DescribeInstances now returns Platform Details, Usage Operation, and Usage Operation Update Time.



* api-change:``mediaconvert``: This release adds style and positioning support for caption or subtitle burn-in from rich text sources such as TTML. This release also introduces configurable image-based trick play track generation.
* api-change:``appsync``: Documented the new OpenSearchServiceDataSourceConfig data type. Added deprecation notes to the ElasticsearchDataSourceConfig data type.
* api-change:``ssm``: Added cutoff behavior support for preventing new task invocations from starting when the maintenance window cutoff time is reached.



* api-change:``imagebuilder``: This feature adds support for specifying GP3 volume throughput and configuring instance metadata options for instances launched by EC2 Image Builder.
* api-change:``wafv2``: Added the regex match rule statement, for matching web requests against a single regular expression.
* api-change:``mediatailor``: This release adds support to configure logs for playback configuration.
* api-change:``lexv2-models``: Update lexv2-models client to latest version
* api-change:``iam``: Added changes to OIDC API about not using port numbers in the URL.
* api-change:``license-manager``: AWS License Manager now allows customers to change their Windows Server or SQL license types from Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) to License Included or vice-versa (using the customer's media).
* api-change:``mediapackage-vod``: MediaPackage VOD will now return the current processing statuses of an asset's endpoints. The status can be QUEUED, PROCESSING, PLAYABLE, or FAILED.



* api-change:``comprehend``: Amazon Comprehend now supports versioning of custom models, improved training with ONE_DOC_PER_FILE text documents for custom entity recognition, ability to provide specific test sets during training, and live migration to new model endpoints.
* api-change:``iot``: This release adds support for verifying, viewing and filtering AWS IoT Device Defender detect violations with four verification states.
* api-change:``ecr``: This release adds additional support for repository replication
* api-change:``ec2``: This update adds support for downloading configuration templates using new APIs (GetVpnConnectionDeviceTypes and GetVpnConnectionDeviceSampleConfiguration) and Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) parameters for many popular CGW devices.



* api-change:``opensearch``: This release adds an optional parameter in the ListDomainNames API to filter domains based on the engine type (OpenSearch/Elasticsearch).
* api-change:``es``: This release adds an optional parameter in the ListDomainNames API to filter domains based on the engine type (OpenSearch/Elasticsearch).
* api-change:``dms``: Optional flag force-planned-failover added to reboot-replication-instance API call. This flag can be used to test a planned failover scenario used during some maintenance operations.



* api-change:``kafkaconnect``: This is the initial SDK release for Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka Connect (MSK Connect).
* api-change:``macie2``: This release adds support for specifying which managed data identifiers are used by a classification job, and retrieving a list of managed data identifiers that are available.
* api-change:``robomaker``: Adding support to create container based Robot and Simulation applications by introducing an environment field
* api-change:``s3``: Add support for access point arn filtering in S3 CW Request Metrics
* api-change:``transcribe``: This release adds support for subtitling with Amazon Transcribe batch jobs.
* api-change:``sagemaker``: Add API for users to retry a failed pipeline execution or resume a stopped one.
* api-change:``pinpoint``: This SDK release adds a new feature for Pinpoint campaigns, in-app messaging.



* api-change:``sagemaker``: This release adds support for "Project Search"
* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds support for vt1 3xlarge, 6xlarge and 24xlarge instances powered by Xilinx Alveo U30 Media Accelerators for video transcoding workloads
* api-change:``wafv2``: This release adds support for including rate based rules in a rule group.
* api-change:``chime``: Adds support for SipHeaders parameter for CreateSipMediaApplicationCall.
* api-change:``comprehend``: Amazon Comprehend now allows you to train and run PDF and Word documents for custom entity recognition. With PDF and Word formats, you can extract information from documents containing headers, lists and tables.



* api-change:``iot``: AWS IoT Rules Engine adds OpenSearch action. The OpenSearch rule action lets you stream data from IoT sensors and applications to Amazon OpenSearch Service which is a successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service.
* api-change:``ec2``: Adds support for T3 instances on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts.
* enhancement:Tagged Unions: Introducing support for the `union` trait on structures in request and response objects.



* api-change:``cloudformation``: Doc only update for CloudFormation that fixes several customer-reported issues.
* api-change:``rds``: This release adds support for providing a custom timeout value for finding a scaling point during autoscaling in Aurora Serverless v1.
* api-change:``ecr``: This release updates terminology around KMS keys.
* api-change:``sagemaker``: This release adds support for "Lifecycle Configurations" to SageMaker Studio
* api-change:``transcribe``: This release adds an API option for startTranscriptionJob and startMedicalTranscriptionJob that allows the user to specify encryption context key value pairs for batch jobs.
* api-change:``quicksight``: Add new data source type for Amazon OpenSearch (successor to Amazon ElasticSearch).



* api-change:``emr``: Update emr client to latest version
* api-change:``codeguru-reviewer``: The Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer API now includes the RuleMetadata data object and a Severity attribute on a RecommendationSummary object. A RuleMetadata object contains information about a rule that generates a recommendation. Severity indicates how severe the issue associated with a recommendation is.
* api-change:``lookoutequipment``: Added OffCondition parameter to CreateModel API



* api-change:``opensearch``: Updated Configuration APIs for Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service)
* api-change:``ram``: A minor text-only update that fixes several customer issues.
* api-change:``kafka``: Amazon MSK has added a new API that allows you to update the encrypting and authentication settings for an existing cluster.



* api-change:``elasticache``: Doc only update for ElastiCache
* api-change:``amp``: This release adds tagging support for Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspace.
* api-change:``forecast``: Predictor creation now supports selecting an accuracy metric to optimize in AutoML and hyperparameter optimization. This release adds additional accuracy metrics for predictors - AverageWeightedQuantileLoss, MAPE and MASE.
* api-change:``xray``: Updated references to AWS KMS keys and customer managed keys to reflect current terminology.
* api-change:``ssm-contacts``: Added SDK examples for SSM-Contacts.
* api-change:``mediapackage``: SPEKE v2 support for live CMAF packaging type. SPEKE v2 is an upgrade to the existing SPEKE API to support multiple encryption keys, it supports live DASH currently.
* api-change:``eks``: Adding RegisterCluster and DeregisterCluster operations, to support connecting external clusters to EKS.



* api-change:``chime-sdk-identity``: Documentation updates for Chime
* api-change:``chime-sdk-messaging``: Documentation updates for Chime
* api-change:``outposts``: This release adds a new API CreateOrder.
* api-change:``frauddetector``: Enhanced GetEventPrediction API response to include risk scores from imported SageMaker models
* api-change:``codeguru-reviewer``: Added support for CodeInconsistencies detectors



* api-change:``acm-pca``: Private Certificate Authority Service now allows customers to enable an online certificate status protocol (OCSP) responder service on their private certificate authorities. Customers can also optionally configure a custom CNAME for their OCSP responder.
* api-change:``s3control``: S3 Multi-Region Access Points provide a single global endpoint to access a data set that spans multiple S3 buckets in different AWS Regions.
* api-change:``accessanalyzer``: Updates service API, documentation, and paginators to support multi-region access points from Amazon S3.
* api-change:``schemas``: This update include the support for Schema Discoverer to discover the events sent to the bus from another account. The feature will be enabled by default when discoverer is created or updated but can also be opt-in or opt-out  by specifying the value for crossAccount.
* api-change:``securityhub``: New ASFF Resources: AwsAutoScalingLaunchConfiguration, AwsEc2VpnConnection, AwsEcrContainerImage. Added KeyRotationStatus to AwsKmsKey. Added AccessControlList, BucketLoggingConfiguration,BucketNotificationConfiguration and BucketNotificationConfiguration to AwsS3Bucket.
* enhancement:s3: Added support for S3 Multi-Region Access Points
* api-change:``efs``: Update efs client to latest version
* api-change:``transfer``: AWS Transfer Family introduces Managed Workflows for creating, executing, monitoring, and standardizing post file transfer processing
* api-change:``ebs``: Documentation updates for Amazon EBS direct APIs.
* api-change:``quicksight``: This release adds support for referencing parent datasets as sources in a child dataset.
* api-change:``fsx``: Announcing Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a new service that provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS Cloud with the data access and management capabilities of ONTAP.
* enhancement:Signers: Added support for Sigv4a Signing Algorithm
* api-change:``lex-models``: Lex now supports Korean (ko-KR) locale.



* api-change:``ec2``: Added LaunchTemplate support for the IMDS IPv6 endpoint
* api-change:``cloudtrail``: Documentation updates for CloudTrail
* api-change:``mediatailor``: This release adds support for wall clock programs in LINEAR channels.
* api-change:``config``: Documentation updates for config
* api-change:``servicecatalog-appregistry``: Introduction of GetAssociatedResource API and GetApplication response extension for Resource Groups support.

Update sentry-sdk from 1.3.1 to 1.4.3.

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Update urllib3 from 1.26.6 to 1.26.7.

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* Update botocore from 1.21.33 to 1.21.52
* Update sentry-sdk from 1.3.1 to 1.4.3
* Update urllib3 from 1.26.6 to 1.26.7
@TrueBrain TrueBrain force-pushed the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-10-01 branch from b1d0c2b to 4d172aa Compare October 1, 2021 18:51
@TrueBrain TrueBrain changed the title Scheduled monthly dependency update for October Update: dependency update for October Oct 1, 2021
@TrueBrain TrueBrain merged commit 640b816 into main Oct 1, 2021
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@TrueBrain TrueBrain deleted the pyup-scheduled-update-2021-10-01 branch October 1, 2021 18:57
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