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OTF's Labs provide additional services to Internet freedom projects through third-party service providers. Services are available whether a project is otherwise funded by OTF or not.

Our Labs

{% tabs %} {% tab title="Localization" %}

Localization Lab

Making internet freedom tools available in new languages {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Community" %}

Community Lab

Empowering a stronger, more diverse internet freedom community {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Engineering" %}

Engineering Lab

Securing the technological infrastructure behind internet freedom technologies {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Usability" %}

Usability Lab

Improving the usability of open source circumvention and digital security technologies {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Red Team" %}

Red Team Lab

Conducting independent security audits of internet freedom technologies {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Legal" %}

Legal Lab

Helping Internet freedom projects navigate the complexities of the legal realm {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Learning" %}

Learning Lab

Telling the stories of projects and the results they produce {% endtab %} {% endtabs %}