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Blog of OpenTechSchool

Technical stuff

The blog is hosted on github using jekyllbootstrap. In order to use it locally, you need to have jekyll installed.

Running locally

Just pull the latest updates and run

jekyll serve --watch

and you'll have the server running locally on port 4000

Publishing process

Creating a new post

You can create a new blog post by using the handy rake command:

rake post title="My title"

this will create a new Markdown file with the current date and your title in the _posts direcotry. This filename is also the url the user can see later, so please use something understandable there :) .

Understanding the post file

The post file contains a header in yaml format. You can change the title and description, category and tags are not widely used on our blog as of now.

In order to have a nice "teaser" in the front-page you might want to consider adding that in the yaml header, otherwise the whole post will be shown. See _posts/ for an example.

Everything following the line with three dashes ("---") is considered "the content" of the post and will be shown on the singel-page-view. The content (as well as the teaser) can and shall be written as Markdown and in special occasion may contain some html.

Please see for an more eloquent understanding of markdown

Publishing the post

Once you've created the post and cross read it within the browser, you can submit it via a pull-request to the main repository. It will then be cross-read and approved by the content team, who are the only ones allowed to publish on the main repository.