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Django 101 Tutorial

The Django 101 Tutorial is an adaption of for the OpenTechSchool PyCoaches workshops. While creating a cookbook application, you will get to know following aspects of Django:

  • Django setup/configuration
  • Models and object-relational mapping
  • Django's admin interface
  • URL routing
  • Views
  • Templates

The online version is available at


The Django 101 Tutorial is written in the reStructuredText format. The .rst files can be edited with a normal text editor.

It can be rendered to several output formats using Sphinx. To do that, you need to have the following Python packages installed:

  • docutils
  • Pygments
  • Sphinx
  • Fabric

You also need Graphviz, a graph visualization software.


The fabric script contains tasks making the build process very easy. The following commands have to be executed in the docs directory.

If you just want to render the HTML version, it's sufficient to run

fab build

This will create a directory _build inside the docs directory, containing the HTML version.

Other builders can be passed as argument. For instance use singlehtml to render the whole tutorial into a single HTML file.

fab build:singlehtml


The Django 101 Tutorial is deployed as a GitHub Page. A good way to do that is described here. To simplify this process, you can use the fabric target setup.

fab setup

This creates a clone of the repository inside the _build folder. You can now run fab build, change into docs/_build/html, commit and push.