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OpenTechSchool HTML & CSS Introduction

This is a friendly how-to for contributors to the HTML and CSS workshop at OpenTechSchool. About the course:

A HTML and CSS basic workshop for beginners that have never written HTML/CSS before and want to know how to start.

Class format

At OpenTechSchool we tend to go practical and at your own pace.

At your own pace means that we provide access to the complete course notes at the beginning of the session. Then students can progress individually. Some students will get through very quickly, others will take some time, and others will finish the core work with time to spare. The core work should be completable by everyone. To keep things interesting we supply various additional topics which are entirely optional.

A class schedule looks like this:

1100 - Students still arriving, writing name tags, setting up laptops.
1230 - Introductions, wifi instructions and location of coursework.
1235 - Students learn stuff.
1800 - Thankyous, maybe demonstrations.

Author Guide

This material is built with the help of Sphinx, Invoke, and translated with Transifex.

To get started, you should have the python packages needed. To do this, use pip like so (probably in a virtualenv you've made to work on this):

pip install -r requirements.txt

You can then use the invoke task runner to run things. E.g, build the project from the source files you've edited:

invoke build -l en

(builds them in English). To serve the built sphinx project on your own computer, you can run:

invoke serve

And visit the url that your console prints to view the result.

The setup invoke task should git checkout the gh-pages branch correctly, should you wish to push to that branch to publish a new version of the workshop.

Translation should be coming soon.


A friendly, afternoon introduction to html and css.







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