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First workshop

21 kids, aged 16

See our preparation discussion and our blog post.


We have worked out two sensible schedules, depending on the number of work stations and kids we have. Check out the slides we used in the workshop.

In this workshop, we used the long schedule (slide #3.) It consists of two puzzle sessions, where we split up the students. They are a warm-up session. The coaches do the same puzzle twice, but only with half the class so the workload is not too high.

One puzzle session featured the Frog game using chairs and pillows, with the Pocket money quiz as a fallback if students finished early (or the other block was late.) The other did Error correcting codes with the corresponding card deck and Binary search with some sweets and cups.

Afterwards, all coaches conducted a regular, 3-hour OpenTechSchool workshop. We used the Python for beginners material, which we translated to the students' native language (German.) We also offered them to work through it in English since it was an international class and all students had an English proficiency level of B1/B2 (that is, "Independent user.") We provided enough laptops so, theoretically, every student could work on their own machine but we highly encouraged -- and they kind of automatically assembled -- group work. The machines ran Ubuntu.

In the end, the kids got a tour through the Googleplex Zurich. Google sponsored loaner laptops, the venue, lunch, and some snacks/drinks.