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<title>Curriculum — page 4</title>
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<h1>Outlook: a game</h1>
<p>That's it for today! We hope you liked the workshop and you are hungry for
<p>Putting together everything you learned so far and a bit more, you could
do much bigger things. How about a game? At least you've earned yourself a play!</p>
<h2 class=step>Play a game!</h2>
<h3 class=goal>Goal</h3>
<p>Just check it out and stop believing that programming an interactive game is
a hard thing to do.</p>
<h3 class=inst>Instructions</h3>
<p>Open <a href="sandbox/#invaders.js" target=_blank>the game</a>.</p>
<p>Play the game. Think <em>"Yeah, that would have been impressive—if
this were 1970."</em></p>
<p>Read through the code and the comments.</p>
<h3 class=ex>Explanation</h3>
<p>With some extremely trivial computations, you can produce an
interactive game experience. Or some similarly engaging object, such
as a simulation of something (physics, life). Isn't that cool?</p>
<h2 class=step>Extend it</h2>
<h3 class=goal>Goal</h3>
<p>To deepen your understanding of the Invaders program, we try to
customize it and add some features.</p>
<h3 class=inst>Instructions</h3>
<p>Perform some or all of the modifications described below, and test
(at every little step) whether things still work as expected.</p>
<p>At any time, you can reload the page (Ctrl-R / Cmd-R) to go back to
the starting program. To undo just your last few changes, use the
Ctrl-Z / Cmd-Z key in the editor. If at any point, you have a program
that you feel you might want to return to, use the 'Save' control at
the top of the page to store it. You can then recall it with the
'Load' control (note that this will overwrite your current
<p>When stuck, don't sit around grinding your teeth. Ask the coaches
for help early and often.</p>
<h3 class=ex>Explanation</h3>
<p>If you have your own ideas for improvements to the game, or, for
the more adventurous, for a completely different game you'd like to
write—go right ahead. The ideas below are merely suggestions.</p>
<p><strong>A)</strong> So, for one thing, this game is really easy.
What every self-respecting arcade game does is increase difficulty
over time. Add a 'level' counter that gets updated somehow in
the <code>frame</code> function, and that influences the chance that a
new invader will appear in a given turn. Display the current level
somewhere on the screen using the <code>text</code> function.</p>
<p><strong>B)</strong> Another neat feature would be to have multiple
kinds of invaders. Make the <code>newInvader</code> function also add
a <code>type</code> property to the invader it creates, which it
randomly fills, for example like this:</p>
<pre>function newInvader() {
var type = "normal";
if (Math.random() < 0.4)
type = "super";
else if (Math.random() < 0.2)
type = "superduper";
<p>Then update the <code>drawInvader</code> function to draw different
types differently (for example, by simply giving them a different
color), and update <code>processBullets</code> so that non-normal
invaders have a certain chance (use <code>Math.random</code> again) to
survive being hit by a bullet.</p>
<p><strong>C)</strong> Finally, and slightly more challenging to do,
you could make the invaders move back and forth horizontally during
their descent.</p>
<p>The tricky part for this is to decide which way to move the
invaders. If you want to make them zig-zag left and right
synchronously, as in the original Space Invaders game, you'll have to
use the same direction for all invaders. You could keep a counter
variable for this that is incremented every turn, and that, when
reaching some number of turns, causes the direction in which the
invaders move (also a variable) to be flipped. You then also reset the
counter back to zero when the flip happens, so that after another X
turns it will flip the direction again.</p>
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