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The source code behind OTS' main web site.

This project is built with the help of

  • bootstrap
  • jekyll

In order to be able to compile the site on your own computer, you can install the two ruby dependencies with bundle install if you have bundler.

Building the site

  1. run bundle install to grab ruby dependencies
  2. clean up jekyll's build directory: rm -r _site/*
  3. build and serve the site: jekyll serve
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:4000

Adding a city

If you want to add a new city to the site, follow these steps:

  • Create a file in the _cities directory. It should have a .md extension.

    The file name is important and will be used as the key in several places, eg. the applicable RSS feed, relevant Discourse category, default Meetup page, and CSS class. We will refer to it as $city from here on.

  • Add a preamble, looking like this, to the top of the file:

    title: My City
    location: City, Country

    title and location are the name and the geographic context of your city, respectively, in your preferred locale used for formatting only. That means --- depending on your cultural background --- Berlin, Germany and Washington, DC are both perfectly fine.

  • Add members to your city:

    • Add the members key to your preamble and have its value be a bullet list with all your members' usernames, for example:

        - alice
        - bob

      (See below for members without an account.)

    • Explain the usernames in _data/names.yml. (This should have been done by when they set up the user, if they knew her real name.) It is a simple mapping between username and real name, such as:

      alice: Alice Smith
      bob: Bob Johnson
    • Put images into images/team/, named like their account and ending in .jpg.

    • Caveat for accounts: If you are adding members to your chapter which do not yet have an account, you can use an alternative syntax:

        - charlie: Charlie Jones

      The first value acts as an image key, the second as a name. It is not possible to add emails for accounts for privacy reasons. (While we are confident that accounts won't receive large amounts of spam, we can't guarantee that for third-party accounts and thus wouldn't want to publish them unmasked on the Web.)

Optional metadata

All the following values can go into the preamble as well:

  • tagline is a catchy, single line in the top banner of the page describing your chapter/city in a playful way.
  • twitter is your chapter's Twitter account.
  • meetup is the group name on Meetup and would result in links to$meetup. It defaults to opentechschool-$city.
  • does is the list of projects present in your chapter. It defaults to [workshops].
  • mailing_list is the mailing list potential coaches can write to. It is used in the call-to-action at the bottom of the members list and adds a neat Subscribe button.

Redirect stub

If you don't have too much to say about your city yet and just want to redirect to your Meetup page, do the following:

  • Create a HTML(!) file in the cities directory (eg. berlin.html.) Redirects to not work with files ending in .md.

  • Add a preamble:

    title: My City
    location: City, Country
    redirect_to: ""

    (See above for a description of the values.)