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"Testing The Model" (TTM)

TTM is an open source web application for managing data collected by community organizations.


"Testing The Model" (TTM) is a collaboration between five neighborhood organizations in Chicago and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (

Since 2012, the organizations have been working on local issues using a data-informed approach that is designed to test the effectiveness of focusing multiple community-based partners around tightly-defined interventions. The TTM code implements a database-backed web site where the organizations enter collected data and generate reports. This software was originally developed and deployed by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, starting in early 2013, and in mid-2014 Open Tech Strategies assumed maintenance.

See and for more information about the TTM program in general.

The five participating organizations in Chicago are:

The TTM code is free, open source software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). See the file for details.

Installing TTM

Please see the file for details.

TTM runs on a standard LAMP stack: Apache HTTPD, PHP, MySQL.

Questions? Feedback? Looking for the users or for the code?

The TTM discussion forum is:!forum/ttmdiscuss
    <ttmdiscuss {_AT_}>

The TTM code is available from GitHub:

You can use the usual ways to interact with the project there: submit pull requests, file tickets in the issue tracker, etc.

The best way to interact with the project is just to post to the discussion group. It's also always okay to file a ticket in the issue tracker, though you'll need a GitHub account to do so.