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StreetCRM: a FOSS contact management system

StreetCRM is a free & open source software contact management system, meant especially for organizations that work with large numbers of volunteer and semi-volunteer participants at in-person meetings.

StreetCRM maintains a list of contacts with a history of their attendance at events, which makes it also a list of events over time. You can use StreetCRM to keep track of the people your organization comes into contact with over time, and see how their engagement with your mission grows, and to generate reports.


TODO (2015-11-19): documentation in progress

StreetCRM tracks three basic types of entity: Participants, Institutions, and Events. (There are also Tags, an admin-controlled namespace of labels that can be applied to the above entities.

When you log in to StreetCRM, you log in as a user with one of the following three access levels:

  • Leader Leaders are usually field organizers -- people who organize meetings, and who report back about the attendance and results of those meetings. Leaders can create Participants, Institutions, and Events. (TBD: discuss how to use the sign-in sheet interface for maximum efficiency.)

  • Staff A Staff user can do everything a Leader can do, plus the following: Staff can also view & apply "leadership stages", which are used for internal tracking for Leadership development; these are internal-only -- Leaders themselves don't see those stages. Staff can create and apply tags, and Staff can also archive entities. (In general StreetCRM archives rather than deletes things, so that even very old information can still be retrieved later.)

  • Admin can do everything above, plus create users.

See the HOWTO guide for task-oriented documentation.




StreetCRM is a free software contact management application




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