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Template for displaying timelines based on Google Spreadsheets.

To use this tree, we recommend creating a new branch based on the master branch and then customizing as needed. You can take a look at the us-govt-oss branch and the ots-geonode branches for examples of typical customizations. The baseline materials are:

timeline        --  The timeline page one browses to
timeline.js     --  Custom JavaScript for timeline
.htaccess       --  If you rename `timeline`, adjust here too  --  Google App Script to convert Spreadsheets->JSON

You'll also need the Simile Timeline widget code, which provides the simile-ajax-api.js and timeline-api.js files (referenced from the HTML headers), and the files + images they load.

This project originated as a small web site for displaying a presentation and accompanying materials for OSCON 2012 presentation "US Government v. Open Source: A History and Lessons Learned", with Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat) and Karl Fogel (Open Tech Strategies). The template here still reflects that content, and you should just edit the obvious places to customize it for your own needs. See the us-govt-oss branch for the original production version.

If you want web analytics, see the Google Analytics and Piwik code near the bottom of oss-timeline.html on the us-govt-oss branch.

Other Similar Software

See also TimelineJS3, which powers knightlab's Timeline SaaS site.


Template for displaying timelines on the web, using the Simile Timeline widget and and Google Spreadsheets. See for an example.




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