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  Original Annotation

  • This repository contains the XML files for the three levels: 1. base [word], 2. word group and 3. clause levels of the model.

  • This annotation was completed in 2006 and was made available for viewing on the website and also implemented in Logos bible search software.

  • The syntactic annotation was carried out over the NA27 eclectic text. Because of copyright the inflected word forms have been excluded from the base level XML files in this repository.

  • More details about the annotation model are available in this article.

Base level

  • The base level XML contains:

    1. milestone elements for chapter and verse segments
    2. <w> word elements that contain:
      1. part-of-speech information <pos>
      2. word form information <wf> - N.B. for copyright reasons inflected forms are missing*
      3. semantic domain informaion <sem>
  • Example segment of base XML:

<book name="Phlm">
  <chapter sID="NT.Phlm.1" num="1"/>
  <verse sID="NT.Phlm.1.1" num="1"/>
  <w xml:id="NT.Phlm.w1" ref="NT.Phlm.1.1">
      <NON num="sing" cas="nom" gen="mas"/>
    <wf betaLex="*pau=los" lex="Παῦλος"></wf>
      <domain majorNum="93" subNum="294"/>
  <w xml:id="NT.Phlm.w2" ref="NT.Phlm.1.1">
      <NON num="sing" cas="nom" gen="mas"/>
    <wf betaLex="de/smios" lex="δέσμιος"></wf>
      <domain majorNum="37" subNum="117"/>
  <w xml:id="NT.Phlm.w3" ref="NT.Phlm.1.1">
      <NON num="sing" cas="gen" gen="mas"/>
    <wf betaLex="*xristo/s" lex="Χριστός"></wf>
      <domain majorNum="93" subNum="387"/>
      <domain majorNum="53" subNum="82"/>


Word group annotation

  • Example segment of word group XML:
<chapter xmlns:xlink="" book="Phlm" num="1">
    < xml:id="NT.Phlm.1_wg1">
        <wg.word xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w1">
              <wg.word xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w2">
                    <wg.word xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w3">
                          <wg.word xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w4"/>


Clause level

  • Example segment of word group XML:

<chapter xmlns:xlink="" book="Phlm" num="1">
  <cl.clause xml:id="NT.Phlm.1_c1" level="primary" structure="S-C">
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w1"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w2"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w3"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w4"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w5"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w6"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w7"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w8"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w9"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w10"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w11"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w12"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w13"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w14"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w15"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w16"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w17"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w18"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w19"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w20"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w21"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w22"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w23"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w24"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w25"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w26"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w27"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w28"/>
      <w xlink:href="NT.Phlm.w29"/>


  • This is the first clause in Philemon and is represented in the clause box diagrams like this:


XML files for linguistic annotation of the Greek New Testament







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