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This repo contains an NCL-dependent file format conversion tool written in C++ to be used within the Open Tree of Life project for creating NeXML docs.

Why another NEXUS to NeXML conversion when there are already options (see ) in existence? Because NCL has had some NeXML output for quite a while, so this is not really new.

Installation of NCL and 2nexml


  • make
  • a C++ compiler
  • autoconf (tested on version 2.69)
  • automake (tested on version 1.11.5)

(1) Choose an installation prefix that will serve as the root of tools installed. In the docs below this will be called OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR, but you can actually choose any variable name that you like. Here we assume that you are using bash:

export OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR="${HOME}/opentree-tools"

(2) Download and install NCL. Note that these commands should probably be executed from some directory that is not under $OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR

Option A: use git:

cd my-build-dir
git clone
cd ncl
mkdir build
../configure --prefix="${OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR}" --with-constfuncs=yes --disable-shared --with-reserveid
make -j2 && make check && make install && make installcheck

Option B: build NCL from a posted source archive. Instructions coming soon.

Option C: download the NCL libraries. Coming soon.

In addition to putting the libraries you need in $OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR/lib, this set of commands will add 3 executables to $OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR/bin. These will be named NCLconverter, NEXUSnormalizer, NEXUSvalidator. They can be deleted, if you do not want them.

(3) Create a build directory, configure, build and install 2nexml.

mkdir build
cd build
../configure --prefix="${OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR}" --with-ncl="${OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR}"
make -j2 && make check && make install && make installcheck

If all goes well, you should have a 2nexml commandline tool in ${OPEN_TREE_TOOL_DIR}/bin


You can invoke the 2nexml tool with -h to see command line flags to alter the behavior of the tool. The basic usage is

2nexml in.nex > out.xml

To produce a NeXML file called out.xml by redirecting the standard output of the 2nexml program.

Bug reports

Please report bugs via the github issue tracker at