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Open Tree of Life: Start here

The goal of the Open Tree of Life project is to summarize and synthesize what is known about the phylogenetic relationships of life on Earth. The input data for the project centers around a corpus of phylogenetic trees, called the 'phylesystem'. All trees are aligned to a common reference taxonomy (called OTT for the Open Tree Taxonomy). The comprehensive 'synthetic tree' covering all life is created by merging OTT and a well-curated subset of the trees in phylesystem.

This page is an annotated directory of documentation, software, and other products related to the project.


Web applications

We have web applications for browsing the synthetic tree, browsing the Open Tree Taxonomy (OTT), and a curation application for browsing the phylesystem and imputting published phylogenies.

Documentation for programmers using the phylesystem and Open Tree services

System internals

Supertree method

Old/deprecated resources

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