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Page that describes the many repos on the OpenTree GutHub organization.

Testing edits locally (using a cloned repo and your browser)

Built with Jekyll. Run

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

to build locally and preview in your browser.

Other useful options are --port and --watch (rebuilds the test site in response to local edits):

$ bundle exec jekyll serve  --port 4001  --watch

With these settings, the site will be available at http://localhost:4001/

Scheduled maintenance page

The page is designed for use during scheduled downtime for any Open Tree website(s). Edit its notice text, being careful to preserve the surrounding DIV elements and their assigned CSS classes. Then redirect to its URL ( from the intended webserver, using a 302 Temporary response. Currently, the easiest way to do this is by un-commenting this line in our shared apache configuration file. This should be on the server as /etc/apache2/opentree-config-shared.