Yet another testing repository. This one is full size for performance testing. But still temporary.
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This is a temporary repo of NexSON 1.2.1 to be used for testing the It will be removed when those tests complete and the new curation application "goes live."

This is a full translation into "HoneyBadgerFish 1.2.1" of the phylesystem repository use in the estimation of the full Tree of Life by the Open Tree of Life project.

Assuming that you have the directory structure:


then you can create the content of this directory by:

cd somepath/phylesystem
python bin/ -v
cd ../peyotl
mkdir -p ../phylesystem-par/phylesystem-0/study
mkdir ../scratch
python dev/ ../phylesystem ../sharded-phylesystem-par/phylesystem-0 ../scratch

We have not decided on the final naming scheme for shards in the phylesystem repository (if we use a sharding strategy). So don't read anything into the name for this repo. We just needed a name for the repo for testing purposes.

More details

See phylesystem for more details.


The data in this repository is released under the Create Commons Zero 1.0 Universal license.