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treemachine is managed by Maven v.3 (including the dependencies). In order to compile and build treemachine, it is easiest to let Maven v.3 do the hard work.

On Linux you can install Maven v.3 with:

sudo apt-get install maven

On Mac OS, Maven v.3 can be installed with Homebrew:

brew install maven

Once Maven v.3 is installed, the treemachine dependencies themselves can be installed.


Navigate to where you would like to put the jade repo, and execute the following:

git clone
cd jade


Now, navigate to where you would like to put the ot-base repo, and execute the following:

git clone
cd ot-base


With all of the dependencies installed, we are free to acquire and compile treemachine itself. Navigate to where you would like to put treemachine, and execute the following:

git clone
cd treemachine

This will compile a jar file in the target directory that has commands for constructing and synthesizing the graph from the command line.

If you would rather use the neo4j server and the plugins that are written for interacting with the graph over REST calls, you will compile the server plugins. To compile and package what is necessary for the server plugins


The compilation of the server plugins will delete the treemachine jar in the target directory. You can rebuild either just by running those scripts again.


To see the help message run:

java -jar target/treemachine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar -h

See below for an example of adding information to a database. More examples are being added to the treemachine wiki


There is an example script that will load the ncbi taxonomy that is in the examples directory as well as two trees. It does this with two commands inittax and addnewick.

Using the neo4j server

There are a number of ways to visualize the content in the database. One way to do so is with the neo4j server. You do not need the server to load content or run analyses. However, it does off one way of visualizing the database. This requires having the full neo4j installation from Note that the file $(NEO4J_HOME)/conf/ will have to be modified slightly. Typically, you'll just have to put the full path of the db directory that you are using with the opentree-treemachine as the value for the org.neo4j.server.database.location setting.

After you have loaded content into your db, you can run the neo4j http server with the command:

neo4j start

Taxonomy Loading

The taxonomy should have the format uid | parent_uid | name | rank | sourceinfo | uniqname | flags |
It can have 1 header line and the white space is a single tab.

The code has been refactored to have only one taxonomy (the preferred taxonomy). Loading multiple taxonomies has been moved to taxomachine.

As an example of usage to load the snapshot of OTToL into test.db:

tar xf ottol_dumpv1_w_preottol_ids_uniqunames.tar.gz
java -jar target/treemachine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar inittax ottol_dump_w_uniquenames_preottol_ids ottol_dump.synonyms test.db

To load a tree:

java -jar target/treemachine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar addtree ex.nexson rosids WangEtAl2009-studyid-15 test.db

An older description on loading the taxonomies for the full ToL at


The (non-essential) program scripts/ uses a function from That code is released under the CC-SA (

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