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MN Pay

Getting started


Your system needs the following installed:

  • Docker - DigitalOcean has a great tutorial to do this on ubuntu 16.04.
  • Docker-compose - If you have pip installed this can be installed with pip install docker-compose

One-time setup

Initialize the database and load in the data

cd server
pipenv install --dev
python migrate
python loadwages ../resources


To launch your server run

$ source ./
$ docker-compose up

You can then direct your browser to localhost:80 to see the site.

If you are working on the server, restart the server container to see changes. Do this by hitting ctrl+c in the terminal you ran docker-compose up in, then run docker-compose up again.

Adding server dependencies

If you add a dependency to the server you need to rebuild the docker containers in order for it to get picked up. This would be the case if you ran pip install [anything]. Add the requirement to server/requirements.txt and then run

$ docker-compose build oneoff
$ docker-compose build web

Handy commands

If you need to connect to a container for debugging use:

docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash


First run docker-compose up and python loadwages ../resources to gather static files, build the client, and load in the data.

docker save -o mnpay_nginx.image mnpay_nginx
scp mnpay_nginx.image <remote_server>/<remote_path>
docker save -o mnpay_web.image mnpay_web
scp mnpay_web.image <remote_server>/<remote_path>

On the remote server.

docker load -i mnpay_nginx.image
docker load -i mnpay_web.image
docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml up
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