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Civic Engagement

We believe it’s important to seek out opportunities to reflect on the role of technology in our government and our society. Here are a few ways you can engage:

Join an OTC “field trip” to a community event

There are a lot of organizations around town that host great events around civic engagement and issues affecting our communities. So, we occasionally organize “field trips” to local events. We focus on events that explore community issues, not specific candidates or parties. Watch the OTC Meetup group for upcoming "field trips" you can join.

Other examples of local civic engagement events you can attend:

Read and discuss topics related to civic technology at OTC books clubs

Civic technology isn't just about data, coding, and designing. There are a lot of great books and articles out there that address society, culture, technology, discrimination, economics, and all those other things we care about. So, we have occasional book club events read and talk about some of them!

Watch the OTC Meetup group for upcoming book club events you can join.

Have an idea about a good book we could read together? Share it on Slack or at the next meetup!

Participate in civic technology/hack events

There are a lot of events around the Twin Cities focused on improving access to and engagement with the local technology community. We focus on events that positively engage the local tech community in working for civic good through technology, and that are open to a broad range of skill levels and experiences. These can be great learning experiences--especially if you’re new to software/coding/data analysis--so we encourage you to attend! Check our newsletter and Slack channel to learn about upcoming events.

Events we co-organize:

Other local technology events/organizations to be aware of: