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Open Data

We work to raise awareness and promote the accessibility of open data sources in and about the Twin Cities community. We use open data to reflect on civic issues and help us advocate for our community. Here are a few ways you can start engaging with open data...

Contribute to a data crowdsourcing campaign

There are a lot of existing data collection and curation projects that need your help! Many of these require no specific skill sets--other than your enthusiasm--and are a great project for beginners.

Find data for your passion...then use it to tell and share a story

Exploring data can be a fun way to learn more about something you’re already passionate about! Try some exploratory data analysis, create a data visualization, or put your data on a map. As you’re exploring, do you notice trends or patterns in the data that you think others should know about? Write a letter to the editor, create a podcast, or publish a blog post on your findings.

Minnesota data portals


Metropolitan Area



Other data sources:

Data visualization/analysis tools:

Can’t find the data you’re looking for? Advocate!

There are lots of ways you can advocate for more open data! If you can’t find data to address your particular interests/questions/concerns, we can help you identify ways to advocate for making it available.