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This repository has been archived by the owner on Aug 23, 2023. It is now read-only.


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This is the latest version of wazimap. Version 1 is located in the releases-v1 branch.

Wazimap is a Django application for exploring census and other similar data. It makes it easy to understand a place through the eyes of the data, and to explore data across a range of places. It is most suited for census data but can easily be used with other data that is similarly focused on places in a country.

Check out Wazimap South Africa and HURUmap to get an idea of what Wazimap is about.

Wazimap is a fork of the excellent Censusreporter project which was funded by a Knight News Challenge grant. You can also find Censusreporter on GitHub.

Wazimap builds on Censusreporter and makes it easier to re-use. Wazimap was originally built by OpenUp with the support of Media Monitoring Africa. It is maintained by OpenUp.

Using Wazimap

Read the full Wazimap documentation to get started.


Releasing a New Version

  1. Run the tests:

    python test
  2. Update VERSION appropriately

  3. Update the CHANGES.rst

  4. Commit and push to github

  5. Release to PyPI:

    python sdist bdist_wheel upload

License and Copyright

Copyright (c) 2014 Census Reporter.

Wazimap is licensed under the MIT License.

The Wazimap name and branding is Copyright 2013-2017 Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) and may not be used without permission.

If you use this software, please provide attribution to Census Reporter, Wazimap, Media Monitoring Africa and OpenUp.