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Easy-RSA -- A Shell-based CA Utility

Copyright (C) 2013 by the Open-Source OpenVPN development community

Easy-RSA 3 license: GPLv2

All the Easy-RSA code contained in this project falls under a GPLv2 license with full text available in the Licensing/ directory. Additional components used by this project fall under additional licenses:

Additional licenses for external components

The following components are under different licenses; while not part of the Easy-RSA source code, these components are used by Easy-RSA or provided in platform distributions as described below:


OpenSSL is not linked by Easy-RSA, nor is it currently provided in any release package by Easy-RSA. However, Easy-RSA is tightly coupled with OpenSSL, so effective use of this code will require your acceptance and installation of OpenSSL.

Additional Windows Components

The Windows binary package includes mksh/Win32 and unxutils binary components, with full licensing details available in the distro/windows/Licensing/ subdirectory of this project. mksh/Win32 is under a MirOS license (with some additional component licenses present there) and unxutils is under a GPLv2 license.