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IPv6 payload support
Latest IPv6 payload support code and documentation can be found from here:
For TODO list, see TODO.IPv6.
Gert Doering, 31.12.2009
IPv6 transport support
[ Last updated: 25-Mar-2011. ]
OpenVPN-2.1 over UDP6/TCP6 README for ipv6-0.4.x patch releases:
( --udp6 and --tcp6-{client,server} )
* Availability
Source code under GPLv2 from
Distro ready repos/packages:
o Debian sid official repo, by Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta,
starting from openvpn_2.1~rc20-2
o Gentoo official portage tree, by Marcel Pennewiss:
o Ubuntu package, by Bernhard Schmidt:
o, milestone freetz-1.2
* Status:
o OK:
- upd6,tcp6: GNU/Linux, win32, openbsd-4.7, freebsd-8.1
- udp4->upd6,tcp4->tcp6 (ipv4/6 mapped): GNU/Linux
(gives a warning on local!=remote proto matching)
o NOT:
- win32: tcp4->tcp6 (ipv4/6 mapped) fails w/connection refused
o NOT tested:
- mgmt console
* Build setup:
./configure --enable-ipv6 (by default)
* Usage:
For IPv6 just specify "-p upd6" an proper IPv6 hostnames, adapting the example
from man page ...
On may:
openvpn --proto udp6 --remote <june_IPv6_addr> --dev tun1 \
--ifconfig --verb 5 --secret key
On june:
openvpn --proto udp6 --remote <may_IPv6_addr> --dev tun1 \
--ifconfig --verb 5 --secret key
Same for --proto tcp6-client, tcp6-server.
* Main code changes summary:
- socket.h: New struct openvpn_sockaddr type that holds sockaddrs and pktinfo,
(here I omitted #ifdef USE_PF_xxxx, see socket.h )
struct openvpn_sockaddr {
union {
struct sockaddr sa;
struct sockaddr_in in;
struct sockaddr_in6 in6;
} addr;
struct link_socket_addr
struct openvpn_sockaddr local;
struct openvpn_sockaddr remote;
struct openvpn_sockaddr actual;
PRO: allows simple type overloading:,, local.addr.in6 ... etc
(also and local.pi.in6)
- several function prototypes moved from sockaddr_in to openvpn_sockaddr
- several new sockaddr functions needed to "generalize" AF_xxxx operations:
addr_copy(), addr_zero(), ...etc
proto_is_udp(), proto_is_dgram(), proto_is_net()
* For TODO list, see TODO.IPv6
JuanJo Ciarlante jjo () google () com ............................
: :
. Linux IP Aliasing author .
. Modular algo (AES et all) support for FreeSWAN/OpenSWAN author .
. OpenVPN over IPv6 support .
:...... plus other scattered free software bits in the wild ...:
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