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OpenVPN Change Log
Copyright (C) 2002-2018 OpenVPN Inc <>
2016.12.16 -- Version 2.4_rc2
David Sommerseth (9):
Fix wrong parsing of --enable-async-push
Changes: Further improve systemd unit file updates
systemd: Intermediate --chroot fix with the new sd_notify() implementation
Further enhance async-push feature description
Changes.rst: Mainatiner update on C99
dev-tools: Add for code style unification
The Great Reformatting - first phase
Merge 'reformatting' branch into master
auth-gen-token: Hardening memory cleanup on auth-token failuers
Gert Doering (1):
Refactor setting close-on-exec for socket FDs
Lev Stipakov (2):
Arm inotify only in server mode
Add "async push" feature to Changes.rst
Magnus Kroken (1):
mbedtls: include correct net/net_sockets header according to version
Selva Nair (2):
Correctly state the default dhcp server address in man page
Unhide a line in man page by fixing a typo
Steffan Karger (4):
Fix (and cleanup) crypto flags in combination with NCP
Deprecate --no-iv
man: mention that --ecdh-curve does not work on mbed TLS builds
Don't reopen tun if cipher changes
2016.12.01 -- Version 2.4_rc1
Antonio Quartulli (1):
reload CRL only if file was modified
Christian Hesse (3):
update year in copyright message
Use systemd service manager notification
Refuse to daemonize when running from systemd
Gert Doering (1):
Fix windows path in Changes.rst
Samuli Seppänen (1):
Mention that OpenVPN 2.4 requires Windows Vista or higher
Selva Nair (4):
Map restart signals from event loop to SIGTERM during exit-notification wait
When parsing '--setenv opt xx ..' make sure a third parameter is present
Force 'def1' method when --redirect-gateway is done through service
Do not restart dns client service as a part of --register-dns processing
Steffan Karger (4):
tls_process: don't set variable that's never read
Unconditionally enable TLS_AGGREGATE_ACK
Clean up format_hex_ex()
Introduce and use secure_memzero() to erase secrets
2016.11.24 -- Version 2.4_beta2
Arne Schwabe (5):
Document that tls-crypt also supports inline
Fix warning that RAND_bytes is undeclared
Remove compat-stdbool.h.
Fix various compiler warnings
Handle DNS6 option on Android
David Sommerseth (2):
Changes.rst: Fixing wrong formatting
Document the --auth-token option
Gert Doering (2):
Remove remaining traces of compat-stdbool.h
Stub implementation of "--dhcp-option DNS6 <v6addr>"
Selva Nair (3):
Do not set ipv6 address if '--ip-win32 manual' is used
Handle --dhcp-option DNS6 on Windows using netsh
Set IPv6 DNS servers using interactive service
Steffan Karger (6):
multi_process_float: revert part of c14c4a9e
--tls-crypt fixes
Change cmocka remote to use https in stead of git protocol
generate_key_expansion: make assumption explicit, use C99 features
Poor man's NCP for non-NCP peers
Refactor data channel key generation API
2016.11.17 -- Version 2.4_beta1
Arne Schwabe (1):
Make Changes.rst nicer for 2.4 release
David Sommerseth (16):
Update .mailmap to unify and clean up odd names and e-mail addresses
cleanup: Remove NOP code sections in ssl.c:tls_process()
Remove last rest of INSTALL-win32.txt references
auth-gen-token: Add --auth-gen-token option
auth-gen-token: Generate an auth-token per client
auth-gen-token: Push generated auth-tokens to the client
auth-gen-token: Authenticate generated auth-tokens when client re-authenticates
Fix builds with --disable-crypto
man: Improve the --keepalive section
console: Fix compiler warning
systemd: Improve the systemd unit files
tun: Fix compiler warnings
file checks: Merge warn_if_group_others_accessible() into check_file_access()
tun: Fix weird commit error causing a double assignment
options: Remove --tls-remote
Remove unused variable in argv_printf_arglist()
Gert Doering (10):
openvpn version line: remove [IPv6], add [AEAD] if available
clean up *sig_info handling in link_socket_init_phase2()
check c->c2.link_socket before calling do_init_route_ipv6_list()
Check previously-unchecked buf_alloc_write() call in crypto self-test.
Fix potential division by zero in shaper_reset()
Repair topology subnet on FreeBSD 11
Repair topology subnet on OpenBSD
Add in_port_t check to
Fix compilation on MinGW with -std=c99
Replace WIN32 by _WIN32
Heiko Hund (4):
put argv_* functions into own file, add unit tests
Remove unused and unecessary argv interfaces
remove unused system_str from struct argv
Factor out %sc handling from argv_printf()
Lev Stipakov (1):
Drop recursively routed packets
Samuli Seppänen (6):
Remove INSTALL-win32.txt that is now hosted in openvpn-build
Fix for out of tree builds
Make sure that all relevant files under test go to release tarballs
Allow passing extra arguments to fping/fping6 in t_client.rc
Prevent generation of duplicate EXPECT_IFCONFIG entries
Fix a logic problem in handling of --up scripts in
Selva Nair (2):
Support --block-outside-dns on multiple tunnels
Unbreak windows build
Steffan Karger (19):
Fix use-after-free bug in prepare_push_reply()
Remove verbose msg() from send_push_reply()
Limit --reneg-bytes to 64MB when using small block ciphers
Add a revoked cert to the sample keys
Fix --tls-version-max in mbed TLS builds
Don't deference type-punned pointers
Fix builds on compilers without anonymous union support
Refactor static/tls-auth key loading
Add missing includes in error.h
Make argv unit tests obey {MBEDTLS, OPENSSL}_{LIBS, CFLAGS}
Move private file access checks to options_postprocess_filechecks()
Deprecate key-method 1
Refactor CRL handling
Remove unneeded check for extra_certs_file_inline
Fix missing return value checks in multi_process_float()
Restore pre-NCP cipher options on SIGUSR1
Remove unused variables from do_init_crypto_static()
Add control channel encryption (--tls-crypt)
Add --tls-crypt unit tests
2016.10.19 -- Version 2.4_alpha2
David Sommerseth (1):
Update .mailmap to unify and clean up odd names and e-mail addresses
Steffan Karger (1):
Fix use-after-free bug in prepare_push_reply()
2016.10.17 -- Version 2.4_alpha1
Adriaan de Jong (2):
Fixed a bug where PolarSSL gave an error when using an inline file tag.
Fix --show-pkcs11-ids (Bug #239)
Alexander Pyhalov (1):
Default gateway can't be determined on illumos/Solaris platforms
Alon Bar-Lev (1):
pkcs11: use generic evp key instead of rsa
Andris Kalnozols (3):
Fix some typos in the man page.
Do not upcase x509-username-field for mixed-case arguments.
extract_x509_extension(): hide status message during normal operation.
Arne Schwabe (100):
Document man agent-external-key
Options parsing demands unnecessary configuration if PKCS11 is used
Error message if max-routes used incorrectly
Properly require --key even if defined(MANAGMENT_EXTERNAL_KEY)
Remove dnsflags_to_socktype, it is not used anywhere
Fix the proto is used inconsistently warning
Remove dead code path and putenv functionality
Remove unused function xor
Move static prototype definition from header into c file
Remove unused function no_tap_ifconfig
Add the client id (CID) to the output of the status command
Print client id only if compiled with man agent support. Otherwise print an empty string.
Allow routes to be set before opening tun, similar to ifconfig before opening tun
Add ability to send/receive file descriptors via management interface
Android platform specific changes.
Emulate persist-tun on Android
Document the Android implementation in OpenVPN
Only print script warnings when a script is used. Remove stray mention of script-security system.
Fix #ifdefs for P2MP_SERVER
Move settings of user script into set_user_script function
Move checking of script file access into set_user_script
Fix another #ifdef/#if P2MP_SERVER
PATCHv3 Remove unused variables or put them to the defines they are being used in
Add support of utun devices under Mac OS X
Add support to ignore specific options.
Add a note what setenv opt does for OpenVPN < 2.3.3
Implement custom HTTP header for http-proxy, and always send user-agent:
Add reporting of UI version to basic push-peer-info set.
Change the type of all ports in openvpn to const char* and let getaddrinfo resolve the port together with the hostname.
Fix compile error in ssl_openssl introduced by polar external-management patch
Simplify print_sockaddr_ex function, merge duplicate ipv4/ipv6 logic.
Split the PROTO_UDP_xx options into AF_INET/AF_INET6 and PROTO_TCP/PROTO_UDP part.
Fix two instances of asserting AF_INET
Fix assertion when SIGUSR1 is received while getaddrinfo is successful
Split link_socket_init_phase1 and link_socket_init_phase2 into smaller more managable/readable functions. No functional changes
Change proto_remote() function to return a constant string
Remove the ip-remote-hint option.
change the type of 'remote' to addrinfo*, and rename to 'remote_list'.
When resolving fails print the error message from socket layer
Implement dual stack client support for OpenVPN
Move ASSERT so external-key with OpenSSL works again
Implement listing on IPv4/IPv6 dual socket on all platform
Add warning for using connection block variables after connection blocks
Update IPv6 related readme files
Introduce safety check for http proxy options
Fix warning for max-routes: do not quit when parsing an old configuration. Format the message to be more like the other deprecated options
Fix connecting to localhost on Android
Move the initialization of the environment to the top so is initialized
Workaround broken Android 4.4 VpnService API for persist-tun mode
Implement an easy parsable log output that allows access to flags of the log message
Introduce an option to resolve dns names in advance for --remote, --local and --http-proxy
Fix for server selecting address family
Don't show the connection profile store in options->ce if there is a connection_list defined.
Add gateway and device to android control messages
Clean up of socket code.
Fix assert when using port-share
Work around Solaris getaddrinfo() returing ai_protocol=0
Fix man page and OSCP script: tls_serial_{n} is decimal
Fix server routes not working in topology subnet with --server [v3]
Always enable http-proxy and socks-proxy
Remove deprecated --max-routes option from manual
Add documentation for PERSIST_TUN_ACTION (Android specific)
Remove possibility of using --tls-auth with non OpenVPN Static key files
Remove unused function sock_addr_set
Document the default for tls-cipher.
Report missing end-tags of inline files as errors
Fix commit e473b7c if an inline file happens to have a line break exactly at buffer limit
Show extra-certs in current parameters, fix clang warning and logic error in preresolve
Remove unused function h_errno_msg
Add support for requesting the fd again to rebind to the next interface.
Don't redirect the gateway on Android even if requested
Fix loglevel of protect socket message
Extend network-change command to allow reprotecting on the same network (for short connection losses)
Use pseudo gw as default gw on Android as a workaround for not being able to read /proc/net/route
Remove #ifdefs for client nat support.
Do not install a host route for the VPN on Android
Fix commit c67acea173dc9ee37220f5b9ff14ede081181992
Do not set the buffer size by default but rely on the operation system default.
Start Changes.rst that lists changes in 2.4.0
Remove --enable-password-save option
Reflect enable-password-save change in documentation
Also remove second instance of enable-password-save in the man page
Detect config lines that are too long and give a warning/error
Implement the compression V2 data format for stub and lz4.
Fix assert when comp is called with unknown algorithm, always call comp init method
Ignore stamp-h2 we generate during build process
Implement inlining of crl files
Complete push-peer-info documentation and allow IV_PLAT_VER for other platforms than Windows if the client UI supplies it.
Remove http-proxy-timeout, socks timeout and set default of server-poll-timeout to 120s
Add documentation for http-proxy-user-pass option
Remove http-proxy-retry and socks-proxy-retry.
Update android documentation to match source code
Use AES ciphers in our sample configuration files and add a few modern 2.4 examples
Fix ENABLE_CRYPTO_OPENSSL set to YES even with --disable-crypto set
Prefer RECVDSTADDR to PKTINFO for IPv4 in OS X since it actually works (unlike PKTINFO)
Incorporate the Debian typo fixes where appropriate and make show_opt default message clearer
Enable TCP non-linear packet ID
Change the hold command to communicate the time that OpenVPN would wait to the UI.
Remove tun-ipv6 Option. Instead assume that IPv6 is always supported.
Boris Lytochkin (1):
Log serial number of revoked certificate
Christian Hesse (1):
fix build with automake 1.13(.1)
Christian Niessner (1):
Fix corner case in NTLM authentication (trac #172)
Christos Trochalakis (1):
Adjust server-ipv6 documentation
Cristian Rodriguez (1):
Daniel Hahler (1):
options: fix option check for "plugin"
Daniel Kubec (4):
Added support for TLS Keying Material Exporters [RFC-5705]
Added document for TLS Keying Material Exporters [RFC-5705]
sample-plugin: TLS Keying Material Exporter [RFC-5705] demonstration plug-in
Fix buffer size parameter for exported keying material.
David Sommerseth (44):
Make git ignore some more files
Remove the support for using system() when executing external programs or scripts
Fix double-free issue in pf_destroy_context()
Reset the version.m4 version for the master branch
Avoid recursion in virtual_output_callback_func()
The get_default_gateway() function uses warn() instead of msg()
Improve the git revision tracking
man page: Update man page about the tls_digest_{n} environment variable
Remove the --disable-eurephia configure option
plugin: Extend the plug-in v3 API to identify the SSL implementation used
autoconf: Fix typo Check for fping/fping6 availability Write errors to stderr and document requirements Add prepare/cleanup possibilties for each test case
Fix file checks when --chroot is being used
Adjusted autotools files to build more cleanly on newer autoconf/automake versions
Improve error reporting on file access to --client-config-dir and --ccd-exclusive
Don't let openvpn_popen() keep zombies around
Don't try to use systemd-ask-password if it is not available
Clean up the pipe closing in openvpn_popen()
Add systemd unit file for OpenVPN
systemd: Use systemd functions to consider systemd availability
systemd: Reworked the systemd unit file to handle server and client configs better
autotools: Fix wrong ./configure help screen default values
down-root plugin: Replaced system() calls with execve()
down-root: Improve error messages
plugin, down-root: Fix compiler warnings
sockets: Remove the limitation of --tcp-nodelay to be server-only
plugins, down-root: Code style clean-up
Provide compile time OpenVPN version information to plug-ins
Provide OpenVPN runtime version information to plug-ins
Avoid partial authentication state when using --disabled in CCD configs
Only build and run cmocka unit tests if its submodule is initialized
Another fix related to unit test framework
Remove NOP function and callers
Revert "Drop recursively routed packets"
Fix client connection instant timeout Make OpenVPN write PID file to avoid various sudo issues Add support for Kerberos/ksu Improve detection if the OpenVPN process did start during tests
Rework the user input interface to make it more modular
Re-implement the systemd support using the new query user API
systemd: Do not mask usernames when querying for it via systemd-ask-password
Move memcmp_constant_time() to crypto.h
David Woodhouse (2):
pkcs11: Load module by default
Make 'provider' option to --show-pkcs11-ids optional where p11-kit is present
Davide Brini (2):
Provide more accurate warning message
Document authfile for socks server
Dmitrij Tejblum (1):
Fix is_ipv6 in case of tap interface.
Dorian Harmans (1):
Add CHACHA20-POLY1305 ciphersuite IANA name translations.
Felix Janda (1):
Use OPENVPN_ETH_P_* so that <netinet/if_ether.h> is unecessary
Fish (1):
Add lz4 support to MSVC.
Gert Doering (110):
Implement --mssfix handling for IPv6 packets.
Fix option inconsistency warnings about "proto" and "tun-ipv6"
Fix parameter type for IP_TOS setsockopt on non-Linux systems.
Fix client crash on double PUSH_REPLY.
Update README.IPv6 to match what is in 2.3.0
Repair "tcp server queue overflow" brokenness, more <stdbool.h> fallout.
Permit pool size of /64.../112 for ifconfig-ipv6-pool
Add MIN() compatibility macro
Fix directly connected routes for "topology subnet" on Solaris.
Print "Virtual IPv6 Address" on management interface queries [v4]
Use constrain_int() instead of MIN()+syshead.c compat definition - v2.
Fix NULL-pointer crash in route_list_add_vpn_gateway().
Fix usage of 'compression ...' from global config.
Make push-peer-info visible in "normal" per-instance environment.
Fix problem with UDP tunneling due to mishandled pktinfo structures.
Improve documentation and help text for --route-ipv6.
Fix argument type warning introduced by http extra proxy header patch.
Fix IPv6 examples in t_client.rc-sample
Fix slow memory drain on each client renegotiation. ignore fields from "ip -6 route show" output that distort results.
Fix IPv6_V6ONLY logic.
Implement LZ4 compression.
Provide LZ4 sources in src/compat/ and use if no system lz4 library found.
Document "lz4" argument to "compress" config option.
Make code and documentation for --remote-random-hostname consistent.
remove some 'unused variable' warnings
Cleanup ir6->netbits handling.
Document issue with --chroot, /dev/urandom and PolarSSL.
Rename 'struct route' to 'struct route_ipv4'
Replace copied structure elements with including <net/route.h>
Add "test-driver" and "compile" to .gitignore
Fix crash when using --inetd.
IPv6 address/route delete fix for Win8
Add SSL library version reporting.
Minor cleanups
Repair --multihome on FreeBSD for IPv4 sockets.
Rewrite manpage section about --multihome
More IPv6-related updates to the openvpn man page.
Conditionalize calls to print_default_gateway on !ENABLE_SMALL
Merge get_default_gateway() implementation for all 4+1 BSD variants.
Drop incoming fe80:: packets silently now.
Recognize AIX, define TARGET_AIX
Add tap driver initialization and ifconfig for AIX.
implement adding/deleting routes on AIX, for IPv4 and IPv6
Make work on AIX.
Fix platform-dependent failures
Call init script helpers with explicit path (./)
Fix windows build on older mingw versions.
New approach to handle peer-id related changes to link-mtu.
Print remote IPv4 address on a dual-stack v6 socket in IPv4 format
Fix incorrect use of get_ipv6_addr() for iroute options.
Remove count_netmask_bits(), convert users to use netmask_to_netbits2()
Fix leftover 'if (false) ;' statements
Print helpful error message on --mktun/--rmtun if not available.
explain effect of --topology subnet on --ifconfig
Add note about file permissions and --crl-verify to manpage.
repair --dev null breakage caused by db950be85d37
assume res_init() is always there.
Correct note about DNS randomization in openvpn.8
Disallow usage of --server-poll-timeout in --secret key mode.
slightly enhance documentation about --cipher
Enforce "serial-tests" behaviour for tests/Makefile
Revert "Enforce "serial-tests" behaviour for tests/Makefile"
On signal reception, return EAI_SYSTEM from openvpn_getaddrinfo().
Use hack to apply serial_test AM option only if supported.
Use EAI_AGAIN instead of EAI_SYSTEM for openvpn_getaddrinfo().
Move res_init() call to inner openvpn_getaddrinfo() loop
Fix FreeBSD ifconfig for topology subnet tunnels.
Produce a meaningful error message if --daemon gets in the way of asking for passwords.
Document --daemon changes and consequences (--askpass, --auth-nocache).
Fix build on OpenSolaris (non-gmake)
Un-break --auth-user-pass on windows
refactor struct route_ipv6, bring in line with struct route_ipv4 again
refactor struct route_ipv6_list, bring in line with struct route_list again
Add route_ipv6_gateway* data structures for rgi6 support.
Create basic infrastructure for IPv6 default gateway handling / redirection.
Make client delay less before sending PUSH_REQUEST
get_default_gateway_ipv6(): Linux / Netlink implementation.
Implement handling of overlapping IPv6 routes with IPv6 remote VPN server address
Implement '--redirect-gateway ipv6'
get_default_gateway_ipv6(): *BSD / MacOS / Solaris PF_ROUTE implementation
Fix IPv6 host routes to LAN gateway on OpenSolaris
Replace unaligned 16bit access to TCP MSS value with bytewise access
Repair test_local_addr() on WIN32
Add custom check for inet_pton()/inet_ntop() on MinGW/WIN32
get_default_gateway_ipv6(): Win32 implementation using GetBestRoute2()
Remove support for snappy compression.
Fix == AF_UNSPEC case for server with --mtu-disc
Fix FreeBSD-specific mishandling of gc arena pointer in create_arbitrary_remote()
remove unused gc_arena in FreeBSD close_tun()
Un-break compilation on *BSD
Fix isatty() check for good.
Fix openserv/validate.o linking issues on mingw.
Fix library order in -lmbedtls test.
Implement push-remove option to selectively remove pushed options.
Upgrade bundled compat-lz4 to upstream release r131.
Change --enable-pedantic to use -std=c99 and not -ansi (C90).
Fix problems with NCP and --inetd.
Do not abort t_client run if OpenVPN instance does not start.
Fix IP_PKTINFO related compilation failure on NetBSD 7.0
Show compile-time variant for --multihome in --version output.
Fix win32 building with C99 mode
Fix t_client runs on OpenSolaris
make t_client robust against sudoers misconfiguration
add POSTINIT_CMD_suf to and sample config
Fix --multihome for IPv6 on 64bit BSD systems.
Enable -D_SVR4_2 for compilation on Solaris
Revert "Enable -D_SVR4_2 for compilation on Solaris"
Enable -D_XPG4_2 for compilation on Solaris
Guy Yur (1):
Fix --redirect-private in --dev tap mode.
Heikki Hannikainen (1):
Always load intermediate certificates from a PKCS#12 file
Heiko Hund (20):
Fix display of plugin hook types
Support UTF-8 --client-config-dir
close more file descriptors on exec
Ignore UTF-8 byte order mark
reintroduce --no-name-remapping option
make --tls-remote compatible with pre 2.3 configs
add new option for X.509 name verification
Support non-ASCII TAP adapter names on Windows
Support non-ASCII characters in Windows tmp path
make sure sa_family_t is defined
convert struct signal_info element
grow route lists dynamically
fix route struct name
refine assertion to allow other modes than CBC
Fix compilation on Windows
fix warnings on Windows
extend management interface command "state"
put virtual IPv6 addresses into env
interactive service v3
Windows: do_ifconfig() after open_tun()
Holger Kummert (1):
Del ipv6 addr on close of linux tun interface
Hubert Kario (2):
ocsp_check - signature verification and cert staus results are separate
ocsp_check - double check if ocsp didn't report any errors in execution
Ilya Shipitsin (3):
initial travis-ci support
skip and if openvpn configured --disable-crypto
enable "--disable-crypto" build configuration for travis
Ivo Manca (1):
Plug memory leak in mbedTLS backend
James Bekkema (1):
Fix socket-flag/TCP_NODELAY on Mac OS X
James Geboski (1):
Fix --askpass not allowing for password input via stdin
James Yonan (14):
Added support for the Snappy compression algorithm
Always push basic set of peer info values to server.
TLS version negotiation
Added "setenv opt" directive prefix. If present, and if the directive that follows is recognized, it will be processed as if the "setenv opt" prefix was absent. If present and if the directive that follows is not recognized, the directive will be ignored rather than cause a fatal error.
MSVC fixes
Set SSL_OP_NO_TICKET flag in SSL context for OpenSSL builds, to disable TLS stateless session resumption.
Use native strtoull() with MSVC 2013.
Define PATH_SEPARATOR for MSVC builds.
Fixed some compile issues with show_library_versions()
Added flags parameter to format_hex_ex.
Extended x509-track for OpenSSL to report SHA1 fingerprint.
Fixed port-share bug with DoS potential
Added directive to specify HTTP proxy credentials in config.
Bind to local socket before dropping privileges
Jan Just Keijser (5):
man page patch for missing options
make 'explicit-exit-notify' pullable again
include ifconfig_ environment variables in --up-restart env set
Author: Jan Just Keijser <>
Make certificate expiry warning patch (091edd8e299686) work on OpenSSL 1.0.1 and earlier.
Jann Horn (1):
Remove quadratic complexity from openvpn_base64_decode()
Jeffrey Cutter (1):
Update contrib/pull-resolv-conf/client.up for no DOMAIN
Jens Neuhalfen (6):
Make intent of utun device name validation clear
Fix buffer overflow by user supplied data
ignore the local config file t_client.rc in git
Prevent integration test timeout bc. of sudo
Add unit testing support via cmocka
Add a test for auth-pam searchandreplace
Jens Wagner (1):
Fix spurious ignoring of pushed config options (trac#349).
Jesse Glick (1):
Allow use of NetBeans without saving nbproject/ directory.
Joachim Schipper (5):
doc/management-notes.txt: fix typo
Fix typo in ./configure message
Refactor tls_ctx_use_external_private_key()
--management-external-key for PolarSSL
external_pkcs1_sign: Support non-RSA_SIG_RAW hash_ids
Jonathan K. Bullard (3):
Fix mismatch of fprintf format specifier and argument type
Fix null pointer dereference in options.c
Fail if options have extra parameters [v2]
Josh Cepek (7):
Fix parameter listing in non-debug builds at verb 4
(updated) [PATCH] Warn when using verb levels >=7 without debug
Fix proto tcp6 for server & non-P2MP modes
Fix Windows script execution when called from script hooks
Correct error text when no Windows TAP device is present
Require a 1.2.x PolarSSL version
Push an IPv6 CIDR mask used by the server, not the pool's size
Julien Muchembled (1):
Fix --mtu-disc option with IPv6 transport
Kenneth Rose (1):
Fix v3 plugins to support returning values back to OpenVPN.
Klee Dienes (1):
tls_ctx_load_ca: Improve certificate error messages
Leon Klingele (1):
Add link to bug tracker
Leonardo Basilio (1):
Correctly report TCP connection timeout on windows.
Lev Stipakov (26):
Peer-id patch v7
Add the peer-id to the output of the status command
Prevent memory drain for long lasting floating sessions
Disallow lameduck's float to an address taken by another client
Fix NULL dereferencing
Fix mssfix default value in connection_list context
This fixes MSVS 2013 compilation.
Continuation of MSVS fixes
Fast recovery when host is in unreachable network
Fix compilation error with --disable-crypto
Send push reply right after async auth complete
Fix compilation with --disable-server
Refine float logging
Generate openvpn-plugin.h for MSVC build
Replace variable length array with malloc
Use adapter index instead of name for windows IPv6 interface config
Notify clients about server's exit/restart
Use adapter index for add/delete_route_ipv6
Pass adapter index to up/down scripts
Detecting and logging Windows versions
Report Windows bitness
Fix "implicit declaration" compiler warning
Drop recursively routed packets
Support for disabled peer-id
Exclude peer-id from pulled options digest
Use separate list for per-client push options
Lukasz Kutyla (1):
Fix privilege drop if first connection attempt fails
Matthias Andree (1):
Enable TCP_NODELAY configuration on FreeBSD.
Max Muster (1):
Remove duplicate cipher entries from TLS translation table.
Michael McConville (1):
Fix undefined signed shift overflow
Michal Ludvig (1):
Support for username-only auth file.
Mike Gilbert (2):
Add configure check for the path to systemd-ask-password
Include systemd units in the source tarball (make dist)
Niels Ole Salscheider (1):
Fix build with libressl
Peter Sagerson (1):
Fix configure interaction with static OpenSSL libraries
Philipp Hagemeister (2):
Add topology in sample server configuration file
Implement on-link route adding for iproute2
Phillip Smith (1):
Use and to improve clarity of documentation
Robert Fischer (1):
Updated manpage for --rport and --lport
Samuel Thibault (1):
Ensure that client-connect files are always deleted
Samuli Seppänen (15):
Removed ChangeLog.IPv6
Added cross-compilation information INSTALL-win32.txt
Updated README
Cleaned up and updated INSTALL
Fix to --shaper documentation on the man-page
Properly escape dashes on the man-page
Improve documentation in --script-security section of the man-page
Update CONTRIBUTING.rst to allow GitHub PRs for code review purposes
Clarify the fact that build instructions in README are for release tarballs
Mention tap-windows6 in INSTALL file
Use an up-to-date easy-rsa URL on the man-page
Clarify which Windows versions require which TUN/TAP driver
Deprecate the automatic part of openvpnserv.exe in favor of openvpnserv2.exe
Automatically cache expected IPs for on the first run
Selva Nair (26):
Fix termination when windows suspends/sleeps
Do not hard-code windows systemroot in env_block
Handle ctrl-C and ctrl-break events on Windows
Unbreak read username password from management
Restrict options/configs for startup through interactive service
Send stdout and stderr of OpenVPN started by interactive service to NUL
Handle localized Administrators group name in windows
Fix interactive service ignoring stop command if openvpn is running
Use appropriate buffer size for WideCharToMultiByte output in interactive.c
Refactor and move the block-outside-dns code to a new file (block_dns.[ch])
Add support for block-outside-dns through the interactive service
Ensure input read using systemd-ask-password is null terminated
Support reading the challenge-response from console
Make error non-fatal while deleting address using netsh
Add support for register-dns through interactive service
Fix handling of out of memory error in interactive service
Fix the comparison of pull options hash on restart
Set WFP engine handle to NULL in win_wfp_uninit()
Make block-outside-dns work with persist-tun
Add an option to filter options received from server
Ignore SIGUSR1/SIGHUP during exit notification
Fix management-external-cert option parsing error
Return process id of openvpn from interactive service to client
Exponentially back off on repeated connect retries
Promptly close the netcmd_semaphore handle after use
Avoid format specifier %zu for Windows compatibility
Steffan Karger (180):
PolarSSL-1.2 support
Improve PolarSSL key_state_read_{cipher, plain}text messages
Improve verify_callback messages
Config compatibility patch. Added translate_cipher_name.
Switch to IANA names for TLS ciphers.
Fixed autoconf script to properly detect missing pkcs11 with polarssl.
Use constant time memcmp when comparing HMACs in openvpn_decrypt.
Fixed tls-cipher translation bug in openssl-build
Fixed usage of stale define USE_SSL to ENABLE_SSL
Do not pass struct tls_session* as void* in key_state_ssl_init().
Require polarssl >= 1.2.10 for polarssl-builds, which fixes CVE-2013-5915.
Also update TLSv1_method() calls in support code to SSLv23_method() calls.
Update TLSv1 error messages to SSLv23 to reflect changes from commit 4b67f98
If --tls-cipher is supplied, make --show-tls parse the list.
Remove OpenSSL tmp_rsa_callback. Removes support for ephemeral RSA in TLS.
Make tls_ctx_restrict_ciphers accept NULL as char *cipher_list.
Disable export ciphers by default for OpenSSL builds.
Fix compiler warning for unused result of write()
Remove unused variables from ssl_verify_polarssl.c's x509_get_serial()
Fix compiler warnings in ssl_polarssl.c
Bump minimum OpenSSL version to 0.9.8
Add openssl-specific common cipher list names to ssl.c.
Disable unsupported TLS cipher modes by default, cleans --show-tls output. check for SSL_OP_NO_TICKET flag in OpenSSL use CPPFLAGS for SSL_OP_NO_TICKET check
Upgrade to PolarSSL 1.3
Improve error reporting during key/cert loading with PolarSSL.
Update openvpn-plugin.h for PolarSSL 1.3.
Add support for elliptic curve diffie-hellmann key exchange (ECDH)
Add an elliptic curve testing cert chain to the sample keys
Change signedness of hash in x509_get_sha1_hash(), fixes compiler warning.
Fix to also use decimal for stdout verification.
Make serial env exporting consistent amongst OpenSSL and PolarSSL builds.
Fix build system to accept non-system crypto library locations for plugins.
Remove function without effect (cipher_ok() always returned true).
Remove unneeded wrapper functions in crypto_openssl.c
Remove unneeded defines (were needed for pre-0.9.7 OpenSSL).
Fix merge error in a6c573d, the ssl ctx is now abstracted.
Use generic openvpn_x509_cert_t in ssl_verify_polarssl.c
Fix ssl.c, ssl_verify_* includes
Move #include "ssl_verify.h" from ssl.h to the source files that need it.
Remove dependency on manage.h from ssl_verify.h
Remove unused variable 'proxy' from socket_restart_pause()
Add (default disabled) --enable-werror option to configure
Fix --disable-ssl builds, were broken by cleanup in 63dc03d. fix SSL_OP_NO_TICKET check
Fix bug that incorrectly refuses oid representation eku's in polar builds
Update README.polarssl
cleanup: remove #if 0'ed function initiate_untrusted_session() from ssl.c.
Rename ALLOW_NON_CBC_CIPHERS to ENABLE_OFB_CFB_MODE, and add to configure.
Add proper check for crypto modes (CBC or OFB/CFB)
Improve --show-ciphers to show if a cipher can be used in static key mode
Extend t_lpback tests to test all ciphers reported by --show-ciphers
Don't issue warning for 'translate to self' tls-ciphers
Don't exit daemon if opening or parsing the CRL fails.
Define dummy SSL_OP_NO_TICKET flag if not present in OpenSSL.
Fix typo in cipher_kt_mode_{cbc, ofb_cfb}() doxygen.
Fix some unintialized variable warnings
Fix clang warning in options.c
Fix compiler warnings in ssl_polarssl.c.
Fix regression with password protected private keys (polarssl)
Remove unused variables from ssl_verify_openssl.c extract_x509_extension()
Fix assertion error when using --cipher none
Add --tls-version-max
Modernize sample keys and sample configs
Drop too-short control channel packets instead of asserting out.
Really fix '--cipher none' regression
Update doxygen (a bit)
Set tls-version-max to 1.1 if cryptoapicert is used
openssl: add crypto_msg(), to easily log openssl errors
openssl: add more descriptive message for 'no shared cipher' error
Remove ENABLE_SSL define (and --disable-ssl configure option)
openssl: use crypto_msg(), get rid of openssl-specific code in error.c
Add option to disable Diffie Hellman key exchange by setting '--dh none'
Account for peer-id in frame size calculation
Disable SSL compression
Use tls-auth in sample config files
Fix frame size calculation for non-CBC modes.
Get rid of old OpenSSL workarounds.
polarssl: make sure to always null-terminate the cn
Allow for CN/username of 64 characters (fixes off-by-one)
Change float log message to include common name, if available.
Remove unneeded parameter 'first_time' from possibly_become_daemon()
Remove size limit for files inlined in config
polarssl: remove code duplication in key_state_write_plaintext{, _const}()
Improve --tls-cipher and --show-tls man page description
polarssl: disable 1/n-1 record splitting
cleanup: remove md5 helper functions
Re-read auth-user-pass file on (re)connect if required
Clarify --capath option in manpage
Call daemon() before initializing crypto library
write pid file immediately after daemonizing
Increase control channel packet size for faster handshakes
Make __func__ work with Visual Studio too
fix regression: query password before becoming daemon
Fix using management interface to get passwords.
reintroduce md5_digest wrapper struct to fix gcc warnings
Fix out-of-tree builds; openvpn-plugin.h should be in AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
Fix overflow check in openvpn_decrypt()
Replace strdup() calls for string_alloc() calls
Check return value of ms_error_text()
polarssl: add easy logging for PolarSSL errors
polarssl: Improve PolarSSL logging
openssl: be less verbose about cipher translation errors
hardening: add insurance to exit on a failed ASSERT()
Fix memory leak in auth-pam plugin
openssl: remove usage of OPENSSL_malloc() from show_available_curves
polarssl: fix --client-cert-not-required
polarssl: add --verify-client-cert optional support
Fix (potential) memory leak in init_route_list()
Add macro to ensure we exit on fatal errors
polarssl: also allocate PKCS#11 certificate object on demand
polarssl: don't use deprecated functions anymore
polarssl: require >= 1.3.8
Fix memory leak in add_option() by simplifying get_ipv6_addr
remove nonsense const specifier in nonfatal() return value
openssl: properly check return value of RAND_bytes()
Fix rand_bytes return value checking
Fix openssl builds with custom-built library: specify most-dependent first
Support duplicate x509 field values in environment
Warn user if their certificate has expired
Disable certificate notBefore/notAfter sanity check on OpenSSL < 1.0.2
Make assert_failed() print the failed condition
cleanup: get rid of httpdigest.c type warnings
Fix regression in setups without a client certificate
polarssl: actually use polarssl debug logging
polarssl: optimize polar_ok() for non-errors
Update manpage: OpenSSL might also need /dev/urandom inside chroot
polarssl: use wrappers to access md_info_t member functions
polarssl: remove now redundant 128-bit blowfish key override
socks.c: fix check on get_user_pass() return value(s) simplify crypto library configuration fix polarssl autodetection
Allow NULL argument in cipher_ctx_get_cipher_kt()
Remove reuse of key_type during init of data channel auth and tls-auth
Move crypto_options into key_state and stop using context in SSL-mode.
Move key_ctx_bi into crypto_options
Move packet_id into crypto_options
Change openvpn_encrypt() to append to work buffer only
Create separate function for replay check
Add AEAD cipher support (GCM)
Add cipher name translation for OpenSSL.
Add preliminary server-side support for negotiable crypto parameters
Minor AEAD patch cleanup
Clean up get_tls_handhake_key()
Make AEAD modes work with OpenSSL 1.0.1-1.0.1c
hardening: add safe FD_SET() wrapper openvpn_fd_set()
Only include aead encrypt/decrypt functions if AEAD modes are supported
Fix potential null-pointer dereference
Fix memory leak in argv_extract_cmd_name()
Replace MSG_TEST() macro for static inline msg_test()
fixup: change init_key_type() param name in declaration too
Further restrict default cipher list
PolarSSL x509_get_sha1_hash now returns correct SHA1 fingerprint.
Implemented x509-track for PolarSSL.
Migrate to mbed TLS 2.x
Rename files with 'polarssl' in the name to 'mbedtls' link to all mbed TLS libs during library detection
mbedtls: check that private key and certificate match on start
mbedtls: improve error reporting in tls verify callback
Remove trailing newline from verify callback error messages
Don't limit max incoming message size based on c2->frame
cleanup: remove alloc_buffers argument from multi_top_init()
mbedtls: don't set debug threshold if compiled without MBEDTLS_DEBUG_C
Add client-side support for cipher negotiation
Add options to restrict cipher negotiation
Add server-side support for cipher negotiation
Allow ncp-disable and ncp-ciphers to be specified in ccd files
Fix '--cipher none --cipher' crash
Discourage using 64-bit block ciphers
Fix unittests for out-of-source builds
Fix --mssfix when using NCP
Drop gnu89/c89 support, switch to c99
cleanup: remove code duplication in msg_test()
Add SHA256 fingerprint support
Make sure options->ciphername and options->authname are always defined
Update cipher-related man page text
Fix duplicate PUSH_REPLY options
Check --ncp-ciphers list on startup
TDivine (1):
Fix "code=995" bug with windows NDIS6 tap driver.
Tamas TEVESZ (1):
Add support for client-cert-not-required for PolarSSL.
Thomas Veerman (2):
Fix "." in description of utun.
Update expiry date in management event loop
ValdikSS (4):
Add Windows DNS Leak fix using WFP ('block-outside-dns')
Clarify mssfix documentation
Clarify --block-outside-dns documentation
Update --block-outside-dns to work on Windows Vista
Vasily Kulikov (1):
Mac OS X Keychain management client
Yawning Angel (1):
Fix SOCKSv5 method selection
Yegor Yefremov (3):
socket: remove duplicate expression
polarssl: fix unreachable code
cert_data: fix memory leak
janjust (1):
Fix "White space before end tags can break the config parser"
kangsterizer (1):
Fix typo in sample build script to use LDFLAGS
svimik (1):
Fix segfault when enabling pf plug-ins
2012.09.12 -- Version 2.3_beta1
Arne Schwabe (7):
Fixes error: --key fails with EXTERNAL_PRIVATE_KEY: No such file or directory if --management-external-key is used
Merge almost identical create_socket_tcp and create_socket_tcp6
Document the inlining of files in openvpn and document key-direction
Merge getaddr_multi and getaddr6 into one function
Document --management-client and --management-signal a bit better
Document that keep alive will double the second value in server mode and give a short explanation why the value is chosen.
Add checks for external-key-managements
David Sommerseth (1):
Fix reconnect issues when --push and UDP is used on the server
Gert Doering (4):
Reduce --version string detail about IPv6 to just "[IPv6]".
Put actual OpenVPN command line on top of corresponding log file.
Keep pre-existing tun/tap devices around on *BSD
make "ipv6 ifconfig" on linux compatible with busybox ifconfig
Heiko Hund (6):
fix regression with --http-proxy[-*] options
add x_msg_va() log function
add API for plug-ins to write to openvpn log
remove stale _openssl_get_subject() prototype
remove unused flag SSLF_NO_NAME_REMAPPING
Add --compat-names option
2012.07.20 -- Version 2.3_alpha3
Arne Schwabe (1):
Fix compiling with --disable-management
Gert Doering (1):
Repair "tap server" mode brokenness caused by <stdbool.h> fallout
Heiko Hund (4):
make non-blocking connect work on Windows
don't treat socket related errors special anymore
remove unused show_connection_list debug function
add option --management-query-proxy
2012.06.29 -- Version 2.3_alpha2
Adriaan de Jong (11):
Fixed off-by-one in serial length calculation
Migrated x509_get_subject to use of the garbage collector
Migrated x509_get_serial to use the garbage collector
Migrated x509_get_sha1_hash to use the garbage collector
Ensure sys/un.h autoconf detection includes sys/socket.h
Added support for new PolarSSL 1.1 RNG
Added a configuration option to enable prediction resistance in the PolarSSL random number generator.
Removed support for PolarSSL < 1.1
Updated README.polarssl with build system changes.
Removed stray "Fox-IT hardening" string.
Alon Bar-Lev (94):
build: version should not contain '-'
package: rpm: strip should be handled by package management
cleanup: options.c: remove redundant include
cleanup: remove C++ warnings
cleanup: win32.c: wrong printf format
cleanup: remove redundant ';'
cleanup: crypto_openssl.c: remove support for pre-openssl-0.9.6
cleanup: tun.c: fix incorrect option in message (ip-win32)
cleanup: memcmp.c: remove unused source
fixup: init.c: add missing conditional for ENABLE_CLIENT_CR
build: correct place to alter WINVER is at build system
Update .gitignore
build: handle printf style format in mingw
build: rename plugin directory to plugins
build: plugins: properly use CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
build: we need the sample.ovpn in future
Remove install-win32
Remove easy-rsa
Remove tap-win32
cleanup: rename tap-windows function from win32 to win
build: remove windows specific build system
build: split acinclude.m4 into m4/*
build: m4/ax_varargs.m4: cleanup
build: m4/ax_emptyarray.m4: cleanup
build: m4/ax_socklen_t.m4: cleanup
build: autotools: first pass of trivial autotools changes
build: autoconf: remove OPENVPN_ADD_LIBS useless macro
build: remove awk and non-standard autoconf output processing
build: standard directory layout
build: add libtool + windows resources for executables
build: autoconf: commands as environment
build: libdl usage
build: properly detect and use socket libs
build: autoconf: minor cleanups
build: proper selinux detection and usage
build: distribute pkg.m4
build: proper pkcs11-helper detection and usage
build: properly process lzo-stub
build: proper lzo detection and usage
build: proper crypto detection and usage
build: autoconf: update defaults for options
build: win-msvc: msbuild format
build: move out config.h include from syshead
build: split out compat
build: move gettimeofday() emulation to compat
build: move daemon() emulation into compat
build: move inet_ntop(), inet_pton() emulation into compat
cleanup: move console related function into its own module
build: move wrappers into platform module
build: windows: install to allow installer read version
build: distribute samples in windows
build: use tap-windows.h as external dependency
build: ax_varargs.m4: fixups
build: autoconf: misc sockets fixups
build: enable lzo by default
build: windows: set vendor to openvpn project + cleanups
build: assume dlfcn is available on all supported platforms
build: openbsd: detect netinet/ip.h correctly
build: tap: search for tap header
build: msvc: upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 + fixups
Enable pedantic in windows compilation
cleanup: flags should not be bool
cleanup: avoid using ~0 - generic
cleanup: avoid using ~0 - ipv6
cleanup: avoid using ~0 - netmask
cleanup: avoid using ~0 - windows
cleanup: gc usage
build: fix some statement left from conversion
build: properly detect netinet/ip.h structs
build: properly detect TUNSETPERSIST
cleanup: plugin: support C++ plugin
cleanup: remove C++ comments
cleanup: add .gitattributes to control eol style explicitly
crash: packet_id_debug_print: sl may be null
build: use stdbool.h if available
build: fix typo in --enable-save-password
build: windows: convert resources to UTF-8
build: check minimum polarssl version
cleanup: update .gitignore
cleanup: spec: make space/tab consistent
build: spec: we support openssl >= 0.9.7
build: insall README* document using build system
build: detect sys/wait.h required for *bsd
build: add git revision to --version output if build from git repository
build: cleanup: yet another forgotten brackets
build: update INSTALL to recent changes
build: support platforms that does not need explicit tun headers
build: do not support <polarssl-1.1.0
build: add --with-special-build to provide special build string
cleanup: pkcs11.c: resolve wanings
build: integrate plugins build into core build
build: plugins: set defaults based on platform
cleanup: windows: convert argv (UCS-2 to UTF-8) at earliest
build: msvc: chdir with change drive to script location
Arne Schwabe (7):
Add the query to the error message.
Explain that route-nopull also causes the client to ignore dhcp options.
Add the name of the context where option is not allowed to the error message.
Only use tmpdir if tmp_dir is really used.
Completely remove ancient IANA port warning.
Remove ENABLE_INLINE_FILES conditionals
David Sommerseth (5):
Clean-up: Presume that Linux is always IPv6 capable at build time
Simplify check_cmd_access() function
Change version to indicate the master branch is not a version
Some filesystems don't like ':', which is a path 'make dist' would use
Remove two unused functions
Frank de Brabander (1):
Fix reported compile issues on OSX 10.6.8
Gert Doering (10):
repair test after build system revolution iproute2 script fixes - fix for iproute2, print summary line
Implement search for "first free" tun/tap device on Solaris
cleanup and redefine metric handling for IPv6 routes
remove "*option" element in "struct route_ipv6"
Remove warning about explicit support for IPv6 support not provided MacOS X
Add missing pieces to IPv6 route gateway handling.
Update TODO.IPv6 list
Remove #include "config.h" from ssl_polarssl.h
Heiko Hund (3):
remove wrapper code for Windows CryptoAPI function
fix warnings in event.c when building for win32-64
remove the --auto-proxy option from openvpn
Igor Novgorodov (1):
Remove calls to OpenSSL when building with --disable-ssl
Jonathan K. Bullard (2):
Fix file access checks on commands
Clarified the docs and help screen about what a 'cmd' is
Samuli Seppänen (1):
Added notes about upgrading from 2.3-alpha1 and earlier to INSTALL-win32.txt
2012.02.21 -- Version 2.3-alpha1
Adriaan de Jong (127):
Added Doxygen doxyfile
Changed configure to accept --with-ssl-type=openssl
Refactored to rand_bytes for OpenSSL-independency
Refactored OpenSSL-specific constants
Refactored maximum cipher and hmac length constants
Refactored show_available_* functions
Refactored SSL_clear_error()
Refactored crypto initialisation functions
Refactored DES key manipulation functions
Refactored NTLM DES key generation
Refactored message digest type functions
Refactored message digest functions
Refactored HMAC functions
Refactored cipher key types
Refactored cipher functions
Added PRNG doxygen
Refactored: Moved crypto.h inline functions to end of file
Removed stale OpenSSL defines from crypto.h
Added a check for Openssl or PolarSSL defines
Refactored: Added stubs for new files
Refactored SSL initialisation functions
Refactored TLS_PRF to new hmac and md primitives
Refactored tls_show_available_ciphers
Refactored get_highest_preference_tls_cipher
Refactored root SSL context initialisation
Refactored new external key code
Refactored DH paramater loading
Refactored root TLS option settings
Refactored PKCS#12 key loading
Refactored PKCS#11 loading
Refactored windows cert loading
Refactored load certificate functions
Refactored private key loading code
Refactored external key loading from management
Refactored CA and extra certs code
Refactored cipher restriction code
Refactored tls_options, key_state, and key_source data structures
Refactored initalisation of key_states
Refactored key_state free code
Refactored print_details
Refactored key_state read code (including bio_read())
Refactored key_state write functions
Refactored: Moved BIO debug functions to OpenSSL backend
Refactored: removed ks and ks_lame macro for clarity
Refactored: moved write_empty_string function back
Refactored Doxygen for tls_multi functions
Migrated data structures needed by verification functions to ssl_common.h
Refactored client_config_dir_exclusive function
Refactored certificate hash lock checks
Refactored common name locking functions
Refactored username and password authentication code
Add some extra comments
Refactored: split verify_callback into two parts
Added function to extract and verify the subject from a certificate
Added function to verify and extract the username
Refactored: removed global x509_username_field
Refactored: separated environment setup during verification
Refactored: Netscape certificate type verification
Refactored key usage verification code
Refactored EKU verification
Refactored tls-remote checking
Refactored tls-verify-plugin code
Refactored tls-verify script code
Refactored CRL checks
Minor cleanup in verify_cert:
Refactored: Moved verify_cert to ssl_verify
Cleaned up ssl.h
Refactored: made M_SSL dependent on USE_OPENSSL
Refactored: renamed X509 functions from verify_*
Separated OpenSSL-specific parts of the PKCS#11 driver
Modified base64 code in preparation for PolarSSL merge
Final cleanup before PolarSSL addition:
Refactored X509 track feature to be contained within the openssl backend
Added PolarSSL support:
Fixed a missing include in ssl_backend.h
Fixed a bug in the hash generation in ssl_verify_openssl.c
Added SHA_DIGEST_SIZE definition
Changed PolarSSL crypto backend to support v0.99-pre5
Updated ssl_polarssl.c to work with 0.99-pre5
Fixed a compilation warning for size_t key sizes
Added a warning that the PolarSSL library does not support pkcs12 files.
Added warning that --capath is not available with PolarSSL
Disable CryptoAPI when not using OpenSSL, and document that fact.
Removed support for management external keys in PolarSSL
Removed stray X509_free from ssl.c
Refactored (and disabled for PolarSSL) support for writing external cert files in scripts
Added an extra define to allow building without PKCS#11
Added SSL library to title string
Disabled X.509 track and username selection for PolarSSL
Hardening: periodically reset the PRNG's nonce value
Fixes for the plugin system:
Further improvements to plugin support:
Fixed an unintentional change in the options calculated key size.
Moved print messages back to generic crypto.c from cipher backends
Moved HMAC prints back to main crypto module
Added back checks for ks->authenticated in verify_user_pass
Moved gc_new and gc_free to begin end of function
Fixed a bug in the return value of ssl_verify when pre_verify failed
Unified verification function return values:
Removed a stray Fox-IT tag
Fixed a typo: print the subject instead of the serial for verification errors
Made SSL_CIPHER const in print_details, to fix warning
Moved to PolarSSL 1.0.0:
Added missing #ifdef to allow --disable-managent to work again
Fixed disabling crypto and SSL
Got rid of a few magic numbers in ntlm.c
Removed obsolete des_cblock and des_keyschedule
Further removal of des_old.h based calls
Fixed missing comma in plugin.h
Moved prng_uninit out of crypto_uninit_lib
Moved CryptoAPI header include to the ssl_openssl.c
Reordered functions to ensure warning-free Windows build
Added options to switch between OpenSSL and PolarSSL and PKCS11...
Moved from strsep to strtok, for Windows compatibility
Minor cleanup to enable warning-free Windows build:
Fixed a typo when initialising cryptoapi certs
Minor code cleanup: cleaned up error handling in verify_cert.
Moved out of memory prototype to error.h, as the definition is in error.c
Removed support for calling gc_malloc with a NULL gc_arena struct
(The follwing patches from Adriaan was mistakenly merged with
the wrong commit author in the git tree)
Doxygen: Added data channel crypto docs
Added control channel crypto docs
Added compression docs
Added reliability layer documentation
Added memory management documentation
Added data channel fragmentation docs
Added main/control docs
Moved doxygen-specific files to a separate directory
Byron Ellacott (1):
autoconf fixes for building on OSX
David Sommerseth (50):
Provide 'dev_type' environment variable to plug-ins and script hooks
Define the new openvpn_plugin_{open,func}_v3() API
Implement the core v3 plug-in function calls.
Extend the v3 plug-in API to send over X509 certificates
Added a simple plug-in demonstrating the v3 plug-in API.
Separate the general plug-in version constant and v3 plug-in structs version
Use a version-less version identifier on the master branch
Fix the --client-cert-not-required feature
Change the default --tmp-dir path to a more suitable path
Improve the mysprintf() issue in openvpnserv.c
Add a simple comment regarding openvpn_snprintf() is duplicated
Merge branch 'feat_ipv6_transport'
Merge branch 'feat_ipv6_payload'
Merge branch 'svn-branch-2.1' into merge
Solved hidden merge conflicts between master and svn-branch-2.1
Fix const declarations in plug-in v3 structs
Merge remote-tracking branch 'cron2/feat_ipv6_payload_2.3'
Don't define ENABLE_PUSH_PEER_INFO if SSL is not available
Fix compiling issues with pkcs11 when --disable-management is configured
Remove support for Linux 2.2 configuration fallback
Revert "Add new openssl.cnf to easy-rsa/Windows"
Merge remote branch SVN 2.1 into the git tree
Merge branch 'svn-merger'
Fix Microsoft Visual Studio incompatibility in plugin.c
Fixed compile issues on FreeBSD and Solaris
Fix PolarSSL and --pkcs12 option issues
Fix FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD compiler warnings in get_default_gateway()
Make '--win-sys env' default
Do some file/directory tests before really starting openvpn
Fix bug after removing Linux 2.2 support
Don't look for 'stdin' file when using --auth-user-pass
Fix compiling with --disable-crypto and/or --disable-ssl
Fix a couple of issues in openvpn_execve()
Move away from openvpn_basename() over to platform provided basename()
Enable access() when building in Visual Studio
New Windows build fixes
Fix compilation errors on Linux platforms without SO_MARK
autotools ./configure don't like compat.h
Fix pool logging when IPv6 is not enabled
Don't check for file presence on inline files
Add --route-pre-down/OPENVPN_PLUGIN_ROUTE_PREDOWN script/plug-in hook
Enhance the error handling in _openssl_get_subject()
Fix assert() situations where gc_malloc() is called without a gc_arena object
Fix compile issues when plug-ins are disabled.
Remove --show-gateway if debug info is not enabled (--disable-debug)
Fix compile issues with status.c
Connection entry {tun,link}_mtu_defined not set correctly referenced a now non-existing config-win32.h was missing ssl_common.h
Revamp check_file_access() checks in stdin scenarios
Davide Guerri (1):
New feauture: Add --stale-routes-check
Frank de Brabander (1):
Fixed wrong return type of cipher_kt_mode
Frederic Crozat (1):
Add support to forward console query to systemd
Gert Doering (45):
Add more detailed explanation regarding the function of "--rdns-internal"
Enable IPv6 Payload in OpenVPN p2mp tun server mode. 20100104-1 release.
remove NOTES file from commit - private scribbling
NetBSD fixes - on 4.0 and up, use multi-af mode.
new feature: "ifconfig-ipv6-push" (from ccd/ config)
add some TODOs to TODO.IPv6
undo accidential duplication of existing "--iroute" line in the help text
basic documentation of IPv6 related options and their syntax
Enable IPv6 Payload in OpenVPN p2mp tun server mode.
remove NOTES file from commit - private scribbling
env_block(): if PATH is not set, add standard PATH setting to env
add IPv6 route add / route delete code for windows (using "netsh")
- Win32 IPv6 ifconfig support, using "netsh" calls
drop "book ipv6" from open_tun() and tuncfg() prototypes
document recent changes and open TODOs, adapt --version info, tag release
Win32: set next-hop for IPv6 routes according to TUN/TAP mode
when deleting a route on win32, also add gateway address
WIN32: if IPv6 requested in TUN mode, check if TUN/TAP driver < 9.7
revert unconditionally-enabling of setenv_es() logging
implement IPv6 ifconfig + route setup/deletion on OpenBSD
full "VPN client connect" test framework for OpenVPN t_client.rc-sample
renamed to
2.2-beta3 has a signed TAP driver with the IPv6 code - test for 9.8
correct URL for "more information about IPv6 patch is *here*"
bugfix for linux/iproute2: IPv6 ifconfig code block was not called for "dev tun"+"topology subnet"
bump IPv6 version number (openvpn --version) to 20100922-1
Implement "ipv6 ifconfig" for TAP interfaces on Solaris interfaces
rebased to 2.2RC2 (beta 2.2 branch)
Windows IPv6 cleanup - properly remove IPv6 routes and interface config
For all accesses to "struct route_list * rl", check first that rl is non-NULL
Replace 32-bit-based add_in6_addr() implementation by an 8-bit based one
Platform cleanup for NetBSD
Move block for "stale-routes-check" config inside #ifdef P2MP_SERVER block
add missing break between "case IPv4" and "case IPv6"
bump tap driver version from 9.8 to 9.9
log error message and exit for "win32, tun mode, tap driver version 9.8"
work around inet_ntop/inet_pton problems for MSVC builds on WinXP
Fix build-up of duplicate IPv6 routes on reconnect.
Fix list-overrun checks in copy_route_[ipv6_]option_list()
add "print test titles" and "use sudo" functionality to t_client.rc
Platform cleanup for FreeBSD
Implement IPv6 interface config with non-/64 prefix lengths.
Fix RUN_SUDO functionality for
Document IPv6-related environment variables.
Platform cleanup for OpenBSD
Gisle Vanem (1):
Avoid re-defining uint32_t when using mingw compiler
Gustavo Zacarias (1):
Fix compile issues when using --enable-small and --disable-ssl/--disable-crypto
Heiko Hund (16):
add .gitignore to official repository
remove function is_proto_tcp()
remove legacy code to query IE proxy information
lowercase include header name in syshead.h
define IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL macro for WIN32
add --mark option to set SO_MARK sockopt
Windows UTF-8 input/output
UTF-8 X.509 distinguished names
set Windows environment variables as UCS-2
handle Windows unicode paths
replace check for TARGET_WIN32 with WIN32
do not use mode_t on Windows
use the underscore version of stat on Windows
make MSVC link against shell32 as well
move variable declaration to top of function
define access mode flag X_OK as 0 on Windows
Igor Novgorodov (1):
The code blocks enabled by ENABLE_CLIENT_CR depends on management
James Yonan (57):
Added "management-external-key" option.
Minor addition of logging info before and after execution of Windows net commands.
Misc fixes to r6708.
Added --x509-track option.
* added --management-up-down option to allow management interface to be notified of tunnel up/down events.
Fixed minor compile issue triggered on builds where MANAGEMENT_DEF_AUTH is not enabled.
Implemented get_default_gateway_mac_addr for Mac OS X
Fixes to r6925.
Properly handle certificate serial numbers > 32 bits.
Added "client-nat" option for stateless, one-to-one NAT on the client side.
Renamed branch to reflect that it is no longer beta.
env_filter_match now includes the serial number of all certs
Fixed issue where a client might receive multiple push replies from a server
Fixed bug introduced in r7031 that might cause this error message:
Extended "client-kill" management interface command (server-side)
Client will now try to reconnect if no push reply received within handshake-window seconds.
Version 2.1.3n
Fixed compiling issues when using --disable-crypto
Added "management-external-key" option.
Misc fixes to r6708.
win/ now accepts an optional tap-dir argument.
Added "auth-token" client directive
Added ./configure --enable-osxipconfig option for Mac OS X
Added more packet ID debug info at debug level 3 for debugging false positive packet replays.
Fixed bug that incorrectly placed stricter TCP packet replay rules on UDP sessions
Fixed bug in port-share that could cause port share process to crash
For Mac OSX, when DARWIN_USE_IPCONFIG is defined, retry ipconfig command on failure
Version 2.1.3t
Revert r7092 and r7151, i.e. remove --enable-osxipconfig configure option.
Added 'dir' flag to "crl-verify" (see man page for info).
Added new "extra-certs" and "verify-hash" options
Fixed compile issues on Windows.
Added --enable-lzo-stub configure option to build an OpenVPN client without LZO
Added optional journal directory argument to "port-share" directive
Reduce log verbosity at level 3, with a focus on removing excessive log verbosity generated by port-share activity.
env_filter_match now includes the serial number of all certs in chain
Added support for static challenge/response protocol.
r7316 fixes.
Added redirect-gateway block-local flag, with support for Linux, Mac OS X
Extended x509-track to allow SHA1 certificate hash to be extracted
Added "management-query-remote" directive (client) to allow the management interface to override the "remote" directive.
Version 2.1.5.
Fixed MSVC compile error related to r7408.
Redact "echo" directive strings from log, since these strings (going forward) could conceivably contain security-sensitive data.
Modified sanitize_control_message to remove redacted data from control string rather than blotting it out with "_" chars.
Changed CC_PRINT character class to allow UTF-8 chars.
Increased the --verb threshold for "PID_ERR replay" messages to 4 from 3.
Fixed issue where redirect-gateway block-local code was not correctly calculating...
CC_PRINT character class now allows any 8-bit character value >= 32.
"status" management interface command (version >= 2) will now include the username for each connected user.
Minor fix to CC_PRINT char class
Fixed management interface bug where >FATAL notifications were not being output properly
Raised D_PID_DEBUG_LOW from level 3 to 4 to reduce replay error verbosity at level 3.
Added "memstats" option to maintain real-time operating stats in a memory-mapped file.
Fixed client issues with DHCP Router option extraction/deletion when using layer 2 with DHCP proxy:
Allow "tap-win32 dynamic <offset>" to be used in topology subnet mode.
Added support for "on-link" routes on Linux client
Jan Just Keijser (1):
Made some options connection-entry specific
Joe Patterson (1):
common_name passing in auth_pam plugin
JuanJo Ciarlante (40):
* rebased openvpn-2.1_rc1b.jjo.20061206.d.patch
* created getaddr6(), use it from resolve_remote()
* migrated all getaddrinfo() to getaddr6
* socket.c: use USE_PF_INET6 in switch constructs to actually toss them out,
* support --disable-ipv6 build properly:
* important fix for tcp6 reconnection was incorrectly creating a PF_INET socket
* added README.ipv6.txt
* fixed win32 non-ipv6 build
* ipv6 on win32 "milestone": 1st snapshot that passes all unittests
* document ipv6 milestone status
* doc update w/unittests results
* make possible to x-compile openvpn/win32 in Linux
* correctly setup hints.ai_socktype for getaddrinfo(), althought sorta hacky, see TODO.ipv6.
* renamed README.ipv6{.txt,}
* updated {README,TODO}.ipv6 from feedback at openvpn-devel mlist
* init.c: document the ENABLE_MANAGEMENT place to work on
* init.c: small in-doc tweaks
* fix multi-tcp crash (corrected assertion)
* TODO.ipv6 update
* socket.c: better buf logic in print_sockaddr_ex
* fixed segfault for undef address family in print_sockaddr_ex (thanks Marcel!)
* doc updates
* openbsd: no IFF_MULTICAST, #ifdef around it
* no new funcionality, just small cleanups
* (prototype) fix for supporting "redirect-gateway" for tunneled ipv4 over ipv6 endpoints
* polished redirect-gateway (ipv4 on ipv6 endpoints) support
* updated doc
* fix --disable-ipv6 build
* doc updates
* rebased to v2.1.1 release
* undo mroute.c changes related to ipv6 payload
* fix --multihome for ipv4
* fix --multihome for ipv6
* ipv6-0.4.14: fix xinetd usage
* ipv6-0.4.15: add --multihome support to xBSD
* ipv6-0.4.15b: rebase over openvpn-testing-master
* ipv6-0.4.16: fix mingw32 build
* make ipv6_payload compile under windowze
USE_PF_INET6 by default for v2.3
fix ipv6 compilation under macosx >= 1070 - v3
Markus Koetter (1):
Add extv3 X509 field support to --x509-username-field
Matthew L. Creech (1):
Fix 2.2.0 build failure when management interface disabled
Matthias Andree (1):
Skip rather than fail test in addressless FreeBSD jails.
Robert Fischer (8):
Update man page with info about --capath
Update man page with info about --connect-timeout
Added info about --show-proxy-settings
Documented --x509-username-field option
Documented --errors-to-stderr option
Documented --push-peer-info option
Update man page with info about --remote-random-hostname
Added man page entry for --management-client
Samuli Seppänen (19):
Add man page entry for --redirect-private
Change all CRLF linefeeds to LF linefeeds
Fix a bug in devcon source code handling
Removed Win2k from supported platforms list in INSTALL and win/openvpn.nsi
Fixed copying of tapinstall.exe to dist/bin when using prebuilt TAP-drivers
Fixed a bug with GUI icon deletion on upgrade from 2.2-RC or earlier
Fix a build-ca issue on Windows
Add new openssl.cnf to easy-rsa/Windows
Updated "easy-rsa" for OpenSSL 1.0.0
Made domake-win builds to use easy-rsa/2.0/openssl-1.0.0.cnf
Fixes to easy-rsa/2.0
Merged TODO.IPv6 with TODO.ipv6 and README.IPv6 with README.ipv6
Fixed a number of fatal build errors on Visual Studio 2008
Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build issue in socket.c
Additional Visual Studio 2008 build fixes to tun.c
Fixed a typo in win32.h that prevented building with Visual Studio
Fixed a regression causing VS2008/Python build failure
Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build error in tun.c
Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build error in options.c
Simon Matter (1):
Fix issues with some older GCC compilers
Stefan Hellermann (2):
plugin.h: update prototype of plugin_call dummy in !ENABLE_PLUGIN case
Fixed typo in plugin.h
chantra (1):
Clarify --tmp-dir option
smos (1):
Change the netsh.exe command from "add" to "set".
2011.12.25 -- Version 2.x-master
James Yonan (1):
Added support for "on-link" routes on Linux client -- these are
routes where the gateway is specified as an interface rather than
an address. This allows redirect-gateway to work on Linux clients
whose connection to the internet is via a point-to-point link
such as PPP.
Note that at the moment, this capability is incompatible with
the "redirect-gateway block-local" directive -- this is because
the block-local directive blocks all traffic from the local LAN
except for the local and gateway addresses. Since a PPP link
is essentially a subnet of two addresses, local and remote (i.e.
gateway), the set of addresses that would be blocked by block-local
is empty. Therefore, the "redirect-gateway block-local" directive
will be ignored on PPP links.
To view the OpenVPN client's current determination of the default
gateway, use this command:
./openvpn --show-gateway
2011.03.24 -- Version 2.2-RC2
Alon Bar-Lev (1):
Windows cross-compile cleanup
David Sommerseth (2):
Open log files as text files on Windows
Clarify default value for the --inactive option.
Gert Doering (1):
Implement IPv6 in TUN mode for Windows TAP driver.
Samuli Seppänen (6):
Added support for prebuilt TAP-drivers. Automated embedding manifests.
Fixes to win/openvpn.nsi
Replaced config-win32.h with win/
Updated INSTALL-win32.txt
Fixes to
Clarified --client-config-dir section on the man-page.
Ville Skyttä (1):
Fix line continuation in chkconfig init script description.
2011.02.28 -- Version 2.2-RC
David Sommerseth (3):
Make the --x509-username-field feature an opt-in feature
Fix compiler warning when compiling against OpenSSL 1.0.0
Fix packaging of config-win32.h and service-win32/msvc.mak
James Yonan (1):
Minor addition of logging info before and after execution of Windows net commands.
Matthias Andree (1):
Change variadic macros to C99 style.
Samuli Seppänen (15):
Added ENABLE_PASSWORD_SAVE to config-win32.h
Added a nmake makefile for openvpnserv.exe building
Moved TAP-driver version info to version.m4. Cleaned up win/
Added helper functionality to win/
Added support for viewing config-win32.h paramters to win/
Added comments and made small modifications to win/
Added command-line switch to win/ to skip TAP driver building
Added configure.h and version.m4 variable parsing to win/
Added openvpnserv.exe building to win/
Added comments to win/
Several modifications to win/ to allow building the NSI installer
Copied install-win32/setpath.nsi to win/setpath.nsi
Added first version of NSI installer script to win/openvpn.nsi
Changes to buildsystem patchset
Temporary snprintf-related fix to service-win32/openvpnserv.c
2010.11.25 -- Version 2.2-beta5
Samuli Seppänen (1):
Fixed an issue causing a build failure with MS Visual Studio 2008.
2010.11.18 -- Version 2.2-beta4
David Sommerseth (10):
Clarified --explicit-exit-notify man page entry
Clean-up: Remove pthread and mutex locking code
Clean-up: Remove more dead and inactive code paths
Clean-up: Removing useless code - hash related functions
Use stricter snprintf() formatting in socks_username_password_auth() (v3)
Fix compiler warnings about not used dummy() functions
Fixed potential misinterpretation of boolean logic
Only add some functions when really needed
Removed functions not being used anywhere
Merged add_bypass_address() and add_host_route_if_nonlocal()
Gert Doering (3):
Integrate support for TAP mode on Solaris, written by Kazuyoshi Aizawa <>.
Make "topology subnet" work on Solaris
Improved man page entry for script_type
James Yonan (5):
Fixed initialization bug in route_list_add_default_gateway (Gert Doering).
Implement challenge/response authentication support in client mode
Make base64.h have the same conditional compilation expression as base64.c.
Fixed compiling issues when using --disable-crypto
In verify_callback, the subject var should be freed by OPENSSL_free, not free
Jesse Young (1):
Remove hardcoded path to resolvconf
Lars Hupel (1):
Add HTTP/1.1 Host header
Pierre Bourdon (1):
Adding support for SOCKS plain text authentication
Samuli Seppänen (2):
Added check for variable CONFIGURE_DEFINES into options.c
Added command-line option parser and an unsigned build option to
2010.08.21 -- Version 2.2-beta3
* Attempt to fix issue where domake-win build system was not properly
signing drivers and .exe files.
Added win/ for building multiple versions of the TAP driver
and tapinstall binaries using different DDK versions to span from Win2K
to Win7 and beyond.
* Community patches
David Sommerseth (2):
Test framework improvment - Do not FAIL if t_client.rc is missing
More updates - exit with SKIP when we want to skip
Gert Doering (4):
Fix compile problems on NetBSD and OpenBSD
Fix <net/if.h> compile time problems on OpenBSD for good
full "VPN client connect" test framework for OpenVPN
Build by configure at run-time.
chantra (1):
Fixes openssl-1.0.0 compilation warning
2010.08.16 -- Version 2.2-beta2
* Windows security issue:
Fixed potential local privilege escalation vulnerability in
Windows service. The Windows service did not properly quote the
executable filename passed to CreateService. A local attacker
with write access to the root directory C:\ could create an
executable that would be run with the same privilege level as
the OpenVPN Windows service. However, since non-Administrative
users normally lack write permission on C:\, this vulnerability
is generally not exploitable except on older versions of Windows
(such as Win2K) where the default permissions on C:\ would allow
any user to create files there.
Credit: Scott Laurie, MWR InfoSecurity
* Added Python-based based alternative build system for Windows using
Visual Studio 2008 (in win directory).
* When aborting in a non-graceful way, try to execute do_close_tun in
init.c prior to daemon exit to ensure that the tun/tap interface is
closed and any added routes are deleted.
* Fixed an issue where AUTH_FAILED was not being properly delivered
to the client when a bad password is given for mid-session reauth,
causing the connection to fail without an error indication.
* Don't advance to the next connection profile on AUTH_FAILED errors.
* Fixed an issue in the Management Interface that could cause
a process hang with 100% CPU utilization in --management-client
mode if the management interface client disconnected at the
point where credentials are queried.
* Fixed an issue where if reneg-sec was set to 0 on the client,
so that the server-side value would take precedence,
the auth_deferred_expire_window function would incorrectly
return a window period of 0 seconds. In this case, the
correct window period should be the handshake window
* Modified ">PASSWORD:Verification Failed" management interface
notification to include a client reason string:
>PASSWORD:Verification Failed: 'AUTH_TYPE' ['REASON_STRING']
* Enable exponential backoff in reliability layer
* Set socket buffers (SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF) immediately after
socket is created rather than waiting until after connect/listen.
* Management interface performance optimizations:
1. Added env-filter MI command to perform filtering on env vars
passed through as a part of --management-client-auth
2. man_write will now try to aggregate output into larger blocks
(up to 1024 bytes) for more efficient i/o
* Fixed minor issue in Windows TAP driver DEBUG builds
where non-null-terminated unicode strings were being
printed incorrectly.
* Fixed issue on Windows with MSVC compiler, where TCP_NODELAY support
was not being compiled in.
* Proxy improvements:
Improved the ability of http-auth "auto" flag to dynamically detect
the auth method required by the proxy.
Added http-auth "auto-nct" flag to reject weak proxy auth methods.
Added HTTP proxy digest authentication method.
Removed extraneous openvpn_sleep calls from proxy.c.
* Implemented http-proxy-override and http-proxy-fallback directives to make it
easier for OpenVPN client UIs to start a pre-existing client config file with
proxy options, or to adaptively fall back to a proxy connection if a direct
connection fails.
* Implemented a key/value auth channel from client to server.
* Fixed issue where bad creds provided by the management interface
for HTTP Proxy Basic Authentication would go into an infinite
retry-fail loop instead of requerying the management interface for
new creds.
* Added support for MSVC debugging of openvpn.exe in
# Build debugging version of openvpn.exe
* Implemented multi-address DNS expansion on the network field of route
When only a single IP address is desired from a multi-address DNS
expansion, use the first address rather than a random selection.
* Added --register-dns option for Windows.
Fixed some issues on Windows with --log, subprocess creation
for command execution, and stdout/stderr redirection.
* Fixed an issue where application payload transmissions on the
TLS control channel (such as AUTH_FAILED) that occur during
or immediately after a TLS renegotiation might be dropped.
* Added warning about tls-remote option in man page.
2009.12.11 -- Version 2.1.1
* Fixed some breakage in openvpn.spec (which is required to build an
RPM distribution) where it was referencing a non-existent
subdirectory in the tarball, causing it to fail (patch from
David Sommerseth).
2009.12.11 -- Version 2.1.0
* Fixed a couple issues in sample plugins auth-pam.c and down-root.c.
(1) Fail gracefully rather than segfault if calloc returns NULL.
(2) The openvpn_plugin_abort_v1 function can potentially be called
with handle == NULL. Add code to detect this case, and if so, avoid
dereferencing pointers derived from handle (Thanks to David
Sommerseth for finding this bug).
* Documented "multihome" option in the man page.
2009.11.20 -- Version 2.1_rc22
* Fixed a client-side bug on Windows that occurred when the
"dhcp-pre-release" or "dhcp-renew" options were combined with
"route-gateway dhcp". The release/renew would not occur
because the Windows DHCP renew function is blocking and
therefore must be called from another process or thread
so as not to stall the tunnel.
* Added a hard failure when peer provides a certificate chain
with depth > 16. Previously, a warning was issued.
2009.11.12 -- Version 2.1_rc21
* Rebuilt OpenVPN Windows installer with OpenSSL 0.9.8l to address
CVE-2009-3555. Note that OpenVPN has never relied on the session
renegotiation capabilities that are built into the SSL/TLS protocol,
therefore the fix in OpenSSL 0.9.8l (disable SSL/TLS renegotiation
completely) will not adversely affect OpenVPN mid-session SSL/TLS
renegotation or any other OpenVPN capabilities.
* Added additional session renegotiation hardening. OpenVPN has always
required that mid-session renegotiations build up a new SSL/TLS
session from scratch. While the client certificate common name is
already locked against changes in mid-session TLS renegotiations, we
now extend this locking to the auth-user-pass username as well as all
certificate content in the full client certificate chain.
2009.10.01 -- Version 2.1_rc20
* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.1_rc17 (svn r4436) where using the
redirect-gateway option by itself, without any extra parameters,
would cause the option to be ignored.
* Fixed build problem when ./configure --disable-server is used.
* Fixed ifconfig command for "topology subnet" on FreeBSD (Stefan Bethke).
* Added --remote-random-hostname option.
* Added "load-stats" management interface command to get global server
load statistics.
* Added new ./configure flags:
--disable-def-auth Disable deferred authentication
--disable-pf Disable internal packet filter
* Added "setcon" directive for interoperability with SELinux (Sebastien
* Optimized PUSH_REQUEST handshake sequence to shave several seconds
off of a typical client connection initiation.
* The maximum number of "route" directives (specified in the config
file or pulled from a server) can now be configured via the new
"max-routes" directive.
* Eliminated the limitation on the number of options that can be pushed
to clients, including routes. Previously, all pushed options needed
to fit within a 1024 byte options string.
* Added --server-poll-timeout option : when polling possible remote
servers to connect to in a round-robin fashion, spend no more than
n seconds waiting for a response before trying the next server.
* Added the ability for the server to provide a custom reason string
when an AUTH_FAILED message is returned to the client. This
string can be set by the server-side managment interface and read
by the client-side management interface.
* client-kill management interface command, when issued on server, will
now send a RESTART message to client.
This feature is intended to make UDP clients respond the same as TCP
clients in the case where the server issues a RESTART message in
order to force the client to reconnect and pull a new options/route
2009.07.16 -- Version 2.1_rc19
* In Windows TAP driver, refactor DHCP/ARP packet injection code to
use a DPC (deferred procedure call) to defer packet injection until
IRQL < DISPATCH_LEVEL, rather than calling NdisMEthIndicateReceive
in the context of AdapterTransmit. This is an attempt to reduce kernel
stack usage, and prevent EXCEPTION_DOUBLE_FAULT BSODs that have been
observed on Vista. Updated TAP driver version number to 9.6.
* In, use datadir instead of datarootdir for compatibility
with <autoconf-2.60.
2009.06.07 -- Version 2.1_rc18
* Fixed compile error on ./configure --enable-small
* Fixed issue introduced in r4475 (2.1-rc17) where cryptoapi.c change
does not build on Windows on non-MINGW32.
2009.05.30 -- Version 2.1_rc17
* Reduce the debug level (--verb) at which received management interface
commands are echoed from 7 to 3. Passwords will be filtered.
* Fixed race condition in management interface recv code on
Windows, where sending a set of several commands to the
management interface in quick succession might cause the
latter commands in the set to be ignored.
* Increased management interface input command buffer size
from 256 to 1024 bytes.
* Minor tweaks to Windows build system.
* Added "redirect-private" option which allows private subnets
to be pushed to the client in such a way that they don't accidently
obscure critical local addresses such as the DHCP server address and
DNS server addresses.
* Added new 'autolocal' redirect-gateway flag. When enabled, the OpenVPN
client will examine the routing table and determine whether (a) the
OpenVPN server is reachable via a locally connected interface, or (b)
traffic to the server must be forwarded through the default router.
Only add a special bypass route for the OpenVPN server if (b) is true.
If (a) is true, behave as if the 'local' flag is specified, and do not
add a bypass route.
The new 'autolocal' flag depends on the non-portable test_local_addr()
function in route.c, which is currently only implemented for Windows.
The 'autolocal' flag will act as a no-op on platforms that have not
yet defined a test_local_addr() function.
* Increased TLS_CHANNEL_BUF_SIZE to 2048 from 1024 (this will allow for
more option content to be pushed from server to client).
* Raised D_MULTI_DROPPED debug level to 4 from 3 to filter out (at debug
levels <=3) a common and usually innocuous warning.
* Fixed issue of symbol conflicts interfering with Windows CryptoAPI
functionality (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Fixed bug where the remote_X environmental variables were not being
set correctly when the 'local' option is specifed.
2009.05.17 -- Version 2.1_rc16
* Windows installer changes:
1. ifdefed out the check Windows version code which is causing
problems on Windows 7
2. don't define SF_SELECTED if it is already defined
3. Use LZMA instead of BZIP2 compression for better compression
4. Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8k
* Added the ability to read the configuration file
from stdin, when "stdin" is given as the config
file name.
* Allow "management-client" directive to be used
with unix domain sockets.
* Added errors-to-stderr option. When enabled, fatal errors
that result in the termination of the daemon will be written
to stderr.
* Added optional "nogw" (no gateway) flag to --server-bridge
to inhibit the pushing of the route-gateway parameter to
* Added new management interface command "pid" to show the
process ID of the current OpenVPN process (Angelo Laub).
* Fixed issue where SIGUSR1 restarts would fail if private
key was specified as an inline file.
* Added daemon_start_time and daemon_pid environmental variables.
* In management interface, added new ">CLIENT:ESTABLISHED" notification.
* Build fixes:
1. Fixed some issues with C++ style comments that leaked into the code.
2. Updated to work on MinGW64.
3. Updated common.h types for _WIN64.
4. Fixed issue involving an #ifdef in a macro reference that breaks early gcc
5. In cryptoapi.c, renamed CryptAcquireCertificatePrivateKey to
OpenVPNCryptAcquireCertificatePrivateKey to work around
a symbol conflict in MinGW-5.1.4.
2008.11.19 -- Version 2.1_rc15
* Fixed issue introduced in 2.1_rc14 that may cause a
segfault when a --plugin module is used.
* Added server-side --opt-verify option: clients that connect
with options that are incompatible with those of the server
will be disconnected (without this option, incompatible
clients would trigger a warning message in the server log
but would not be disconnected).
* Added --tcp-nodelay option: Macro that sets TCP_NODELAY socket
flag on the server as well as pushes it to connecting clients.
* Minor options check fix: --no-name-remapping is a
server-only option and should therefore generate an
error when used on the client.
* Added --prng option to control PRNG (pseudo-random
number generator) parameters. In previous OpenVPN
versions, the PRNG was hardcoded to use the SHA1
hash. Now any OpenSSL hash may be used. This is
part of an effort to remove hardcoded references to
a specific cipher or cryptographic hash algorithm.
* Cleaned up man page synopsis.
2008.11.16 -- Version 2.1_rc14
* Added AC_GNU_SOURCE to to enable struct ucred,
with the goal of fixing a build issue on Fedora 9 that was
introduced in 2.1_rc13.
* Added additional method parameter to --script-security to preserve
backward compatibility with system() call semantics used in OpenVPN
2.1_rc8 and earlier. To preserve backward compatibility use:
script-security 3 system
* Added additional warning messages about --script-security 2
or higher being required to execute user-defined scripts or
* Windows build system changes:
Modified Windows domake-win build system to write all openvpn.nsi
input files to gen, so that gen can be disconnected from
the rest of the source tree and makensis openvpn.nsi will
still function correctly.
Added additional SAMPCONF_(CA|CRT|KEY) macros to
(commented out by default).
Added optional files SAMPCONF_CONF2 (second sample configuration
file) and SAMPCONF_DH (Diffie-Helman parameters) to Windows
build system, and may be defined in
* Extended Management Interface "bytecount" command
to work when OpenVPN is running as a server.
Documented Management Interface "bytecount" command in
* Fixed informational message in ssl.c to properly indicate
deferred authentication.
* Added server-side --auth-user-pass-optional directive, to allow
connections by clients that do not specify a username/password, when a
user-defined authentication script/module is in place (via
--auth-user-pass-verify, --management-client-auth, or a plugin module).
* Changes to easy-rsa/2.0/pkitool and related openssl.cnf:
Calling scripts can set the KEY_NAME environmental variable to set
the "name" X509 subject field in generated certificates.
Modified pkitool to allow flexibility in separating the Common Name
convention from the cert/key filename convention.
For example:
KEY_CN="James's Laptop" KEY_NAME="james" ./pkitool james
will create a client certificate/key pair of james.crt/james.key
having a Common Name of "James's Laptop" and a Name of "james".
* Added --no-name-remapping option to allow Common Name, X509 Subject,
and username strings to include any printable character including
space, but excluding control characters such as tab, newline, and
carriage-return (this is important for compatibility with external
authentication systems).
As a related change, added --status-version 3 format (and "status 3"
in the management interface) which uses the version 2 format except
that tabs are used as delimiters instead of commas so that there
is no ambiguity when parsing a Common Name that contains a comma.
Also, save X509 Subject fields to environment, using the naming
This is to avoid ambiguities when parsing out the X509 subject string
since "/" characters could potentially be used in the common name.
* Fixed some ifconfig-pool issues that precluded it from being combined
with --server directive.
Now, for example, we can configure thusly:
server nopool
to have ifconfig-pool manage only a subset
of the VPN subnet.
* Added config file option "setenv FORWARD_COMPATIBLE 1" to relax
config file syntax checking to allow directives for future OpenVPN
versions to be ignored.
2008.10.07 -- Version 2.1_rc13
* Bundled OpenSSL 0.9.8i with Windows installer.
* Management interface can now listen on a unix
domain socket, for example:
management /tmp/openvpn unix
Also added management-client-user and management-client-group
directives to control which processes are allowed to connect
to the socket.
* Copyright change to OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.
2008.09.23 -- Version 2.1_rc12
* Patched so that the new script becomes
part of the tarball (Matthias Andree).
* Fixed --lladdr bug introduced in 2.1-rc9 where input validation code
was incorrectly expecting the lladdr parameter to be an IP address
when it is actually a MAC address (HoverHell).
2008.09.14 -- Version 2.1_rc11
* Fixed a bug that can cause SSL/TLS negotiations in UDP mode
to fail if UDP packets are dropped.
2008.09.10 -- Version 2.1_rc10
* Added "--server-bridge" (without parameters) to enable
DHCP proxy mode: Configure server mode for ethernet
bridging using a DHCP-proxy, where clients talk to the
OpenVPN server-side DHCP server to receive their IP address
allocation and DNS server addresses.
* Added "--route-gateway dhcp", to enable the extraction
of the gateway address from a DHCP negotiation with the
OpenVPN server-side LAN.
* Fixed minor issue with --redirect-gateway bypass-dhcp or bypass-dns
on Windows. If the bypass IP address is or,
ignore it.
* Warn when ethernet bridging that the IP address of the bridge adapter
is probably not the same address that the LAN adapter was set to
* When running as a server, warn if the LAN network address is
the all-popular 192.168.[0|1].x, since this condition commonly
leads to subnet conflicts down the road.
* Primarily on the client, check for subnet conflicts between
the local LAN and the VPN subnet.
* Added a 'netmask' parameter to get_default_gateway, to return
the netmask of the adapter containing the default gateway.
Only implemented on Windows so far. Other platforms will
return Currently the netmask information is
only used to warn about subnet conflicts.
* Minor fix to cryptoapi.c to not compile itself unless USE_CRYPTO
and USE_SSL flags are enabled (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Updated openvpn/ (used by "make check") to conform to new
--script-security rules. Also adds retrying if the addresses are in
use (Matthias Andree).
* Fixed build issue with ./configure --disable-socks --disable-http.
* Fixed separate compile errors in options.c and ntlm.c that occur
on strict C compilers (such as old versions of gcc) that require
that C variable declarations occur at the start of a {} block,
not in the middle.
* Workaround bug in OpenSSL 0.9.6b ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8, which
the new implementation of extract_x509_field_ssl depends on.
* LZO compression buffer overflow errors will now invalidate
the packet rather than trigger a fatal assertion.
* Fixed minor compile issue in ntlm.c (mid-block declaration).
* Added --allow-pull-fqdn option which allows client to pull DNS names
from server (rather than only IP address) for --ifconfig, --route, and
--route-gateway. OpenVPN versions 2.1_rc7 and earlier allowed DNS names
for these options to be pulled and translated to IP addresses by default.
Now --allow-pull-fqdn will be explicitly required on the client to enable
DNS-name-to-IP-address translation of pulled options.
* 2.1_rc8 and earlier did implicit shell expansion on script
arguments since all scripts were called by system().
The security hardening changes made to 2.1_rc9 no longer
use system(), but rather use the safer execve or CreateProcess
system calls. The security hardening also introduced a
backward incompatibility with 2.1_rc8 and earlier in that
script parameters were no longer shell-expanded, so
for example:
client-connect "docc CLIENT-CONNECT"
would fail to work because execve would try to execute
a script called "docc CLIENT-CONNECT" instead of "docc"
with "CLIENT-CONNECT" as the first argument.
This patch fixes the issue, bringing the script argument
semantics back to pre 2.1_rc9 behavior in order to preserve
backward compatibility while still using execve or CreateProcess
to execute the script/executable.
* Modified ip_or_dns_addr_safe, which validates pulled DNS names,
to more closely conform to RFC 3696:
(1) DNS name length must not exceed 255 characters
(2) DNS name characters must be limited to alphanumeric,
dash ('-'), and dot ('.')
* Fixed bug in intra-session TLS key rollover that was introduced with
deferred authentication features in 2.1_rc8.
2008.07.31 -- Version 2.1_rc9
* Security Fix -- affects non-Windows OpenVPN clients running
OpenVPN 2.1-beta14 through 2.1-rc8 (OpenVPN 2.0.x clients are NOT
vulnerable nor are any versions of the OpenVPN server vulnerable).
An OpenVPN client connecting to a malicious or compromised
server could potentially receive an "lladdr" or "iproute" configuration
directive from the server which could cause arbitrary code execution on
the client. A successful attack requires that (a) the client has agreed
to allow the server to push configuration directives to it by including
"pull" or the macro "client" in its configuration file, (b) the client
successfully authenticates the server, (c) the server is malicious or has
been compromised and is under the control of the attacker, and (d) the
client is running a non-Windows OS. Credit: David Wagner.
* Miscellaneous defensive programming changes to multiple
areas of the code. In particular, use of the system() call
for calling executables such as ifconfig, route, and
user-defined scripts has been completely revamped in favor
of execve() on unix and CreateProcess() on Windows.
* In Windows build, package a statically linked openssl.exe to work around
observed instabilities in the dynamic build since the migration to
OpenSSL 0.9.8h.
2008.06.11 -- Version 2.1_rc8
* Added client authentication and packet filtering capability
to management interface. In addition, allow OpenVPN plugins
to take advantage of deferred authentication and packet
filtering capability.
* Added support for client-side connection profiles.
* Fixed unbounded memory growth bug in environmental variable
code that could have caused long-running OpenVPN sessions
with many TLS renegotiations to incrementally
increase memory usage over time.
* Windows release now packages openssl-0.9.8h.
* Build system changes -- allow building on Windows using
autoconf/automake scripts (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Changes to Windows build system to make it easier to do
partial builds, with a reduced set of prerequisites,
where only a subset of OpenVPN installer
components are built. See ./domake-win comments.
* Cleanup IP address for persistence interfaces for tap and also
using ifconfig, gentoo#209055 (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Fall back to old version of extract_x509_field for OpenSSL 0.9.6.
* Clarified tcp-queue-limit man page entry (Matti Linnanvuori).
* Added new OpenVPN icon and installer graphic.
* Minor pkitool changes.
* Added --pkcs11-id-management option, which will cause OpenVPN to
query the management interface via the new NEED-STR asynchronous
notification query to get additional PKCS#11 options (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added NEED-STR management interface asynchronous query and
"needstr" management interface command to respond to the query
(Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added Dragonfly BSD support (Francis-Gudin).
* Quote device names before passing to up/down script (Josh Cepek).
* Bracketed struct openvpn_pktinfo with #pragma pack(1) to
prevent structure padding from causing an incorrect length
to be returned by sizeof (struct openvpn_pktinfo) on 64-bit
* On systems that support res_init, always call it
before calling gethostbyname to ensure that
resolver configuration state is current.
* Added NTLMv2 proxy support (Miroslav Zajic).
* Fixed an issue in extract_x509_field_ssl where the extraction
would fail on the first field of the subject name, such as
the common name in: /CN=foo/
* Made "Linux ip addr del failed" error nonfatal.
* Amplified --client-cert-not-required warning.
* Added #pragma pack to proto.h.
2008.01.29 -- Version 2.1_rc7
* Added a few extra files that exist in the svn repo but were
not being copied into the tarball by make dist.
* Fixup null interface on close, don't use ip addr flush (Alon Bar-Lev).
2008.01.24 -- Version 2.1_rc6
* Fixed options checking bug introduced in rc5 where legitimate configuration
files might elicit the error: "Options error: Parameter pkcs11_private_mode
can only be specified in TLS-mode, i.e. where --tls-server or --tls-client
is also specified."
2008.01.23 -- Version 2.1_rc5
* Fixed Win2K TAP driver bug that was introduced by Vista fixes,
incremented driver version to 9.4.
* Windows build system changes:
Incremented included OpenSSL version to openssl-0.9.7m.
Updated openssl.patch for openssl-0.9.7m and added some
brief usage comments to the head of the patch.
Added for building the pkcs11-helper
Integrated inclusion of pkcs11-helper into Windows build
Upgraded TAP build scripts to use WDK 6001.17121
(Windows 2008 Server pre-RTM).
* Windows installer changes:
Clean up the start menu folder.
Allow for a site-specific sample configuration file and keys
to be included in a custom installer (see SAMPCONF macros
New icon (temporary).
* Added "forget-passwords" command to the management interface
(Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added --management-signal option to signal SIGUSR1 when the
management interface disconnects (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Modified command line and config file parser to allow
quoted strings using single quotes ('') (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Use pkcs11-helper as external library, can be downloaded from (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Fixed interim memory growth issue in TCP connect loop where
"TCP: connect to %s failed, will try again in %d seconds: %s"
is output.
* Fixed bug in epoll driver in event.c, where the lack of a
handler for EPOLLHUP could cause 99% CPU usage.
* Defined ALLOW_NON_CBC_CIPHERS for people who don't
want to use a CBC cipher for OpenVPN's data channel.
* Added PLUGIN_LIBDIR preprocessor string to prepend a default
plugin directory to the dlopen search list when the user
specifies the basename of the plugin only (Marius Tomaschewski).
* Rewrote extract_x509_field and modified COMMON_NAME_CHAR_CLASS
to allow forward slash characters ("/") in the X509 common name
(Pavel Shramov).
* Allow OpenVPN to run completely unprivileged under Linux
by allowing openvpn --mktun to be used with --user and --group
to set the UID/GID of the tun device node. Also added --iproute
option to allow an alternative command to be executed in place
of the default iproute2 command (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Fixed --disable-iproute2 in ./configure to actually disable
iproute2 usage (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added --management-forget-disconnect option -- forget
passwords when management session disconnects (Alon Bar-Lev).
2007.04.25 -- Version 2.1_rc4
* Worked out remaining issues with TAP driver signing
on Vista x64. OpenVPN will now run on Vista x64
with driver signing enforcement enabled.
* Fixed 64-bit portability bug in time_string function
(Thomas Habets).
2007.04.22 -- Version 2.1_rc3
* Additional fixes to TAP driver for Windows x64. Driver
now runs successfully on Vista x64 if driver signing
enforcement is disabled.
* The Windows Installer and TAP driver are now signed by
OpenVPN Solutions LLC (in addition to the usual GnuPG
* Added OpenVPN GUI (Mathias Sundman version) as install
option in Windows installer.
* Clean up configure on FreeBSD for recent autotool versions
that require that all .h files have to be compiled.
Also, FreeBSD install does not support GNU long options
which the Makefile in easy-rsa/2.0 uses (not checked the
others as we don't install those on Gentoo) (Roy Marples).
* Added additional scripts to easy-rsa/Windows for working
with password-protected keys; also add -extensions server
option when generating server cert via
build-key-server-pass.bat (Daniel Zauft).
2007.02.27 -- Version 2.1_rc2
* auth-pam change: link with -lpam rather
than dlopen (Roy Marples).
* Prevent SIGUSR1 or SIGHUP from causing program
exit from initial management hold.
* SO_REUSEADDR should not be set on Windows TCP sockets
because it will cause bind to succeed on port conflicts.
* Added time_ascii, time_duration, and time_unix
environmental variables for plugins and callback
* Fixed issue where OpenVPN does not apply the --txqueuelen option
to persistent interfaces made with --mktun (Roy Marples).
* Attempt at rational signal handling when in the
management hold state. During management hold, ignore
SIGUSR1/SIGHUP signals thrown with the "signal" command.
Also, "signal" command will now apply remapping as
specified with the --remap-usr1 option.
When a signal entered using the "signal" command from a management
hold is ignored, output: >HOLD:Waiting for hold release
* Fixed issue where struct env_set methods that
change the value of an existing name=value pair
would delay the freeing of the memory held by
the previous name=value pair until the underlying
client instance object is closed.
This could cause a server that handles long-term
client connections, resulting in many periodic calls
to verify_callback, to needlessly grow the env_set
memory allocation until the underlying client instance
object is closed.
* Renamed TAP-Win32 driver from tap0801.sys to tap0901.sys
to reflect the fact that Vista has blacklisted the tap0801.sys
file name due to previous compatibility issues which have now
been resolved. TAP-Win32 major/minor version number is now 9/1.
* Windows installer will delete a previously installed
tap0801.sys TAP driver before installing tap0901.sys.
* Added code to Windows installer to fail gracefully on 64 bit
installs until 64-bit TAP driver issues can be resolved.
* Added code to Windows installer to fail gracefully on
versions of Windows which are not explicitly supported.
* The Windows version will now use a default route-delay
of 5 seconds to deal with an apparent routing table race
condition on Vista.
* Worked around an incompatibility in the Windows Vista
version of CreateIpForwardEntry as described in
This issue would cause route additions using the
IP Helper API to fail on Vista.
* On Windows, revert to "ip-win32 dynamic" as the default.
2006.10.31 -- Version 2.1_rc1
* Support recovery (return to hold) from signal at
management password prompt.
* Added workaround for OpenSC PKCS#11 bug#108
(Alon Bar-Lev).
2006.10.01 -- Version 2.1-beta16
* Windows installer updated with OpenSSL 0.9.7l DLLs to fix
published vulnerabilities.
* Fixed TAP-Win32 bug that caused BSOD on Windows Vista
(Henry Nestler).
* Autodetect 32/64 bit Windows in installer and install
appropriate TAP driver (Mathias Sundman, Hypherion).
* Fixed bug in loopback self-test introduced
in 2.1-beta15 where self test as invoked by
"make check" would not properly exit after
2 minutes (Paul Howarth).
2006.09.12 -- Version 2.1-beta15
* Windows installer updated with OpenSSL 0.9.7k DLLs to fix
RSA Signature Forgery (CVE-2006-4339).
* Fixed bug introduced with the --port-share directive
(back in 2.1-beta9 which causes TLS soft resets
(1 per hour by default) in TCP server mode to force
a blockage of tunnel packets and later time-out and
restart the connection.
* easy-rsa update (Alon Bar-Lev)
Makefile (install) is now available so that
distribs will be able to install it safely.
* PKCS#11 changes: (Alon Bar-Lev)
- Modified ssl.c to not FATAL and return to init.c
so auth-retry will work.
- Modifed pkcs11-helper.c to fix some problem with
multiple providers.
- Added retry counter to PKCS#11 PIN hook.
- Modified PKCS#11 PIN retry loop to return correct error
code when PIN is incorrect.
- Fix handling (ignoring) zero sized attributes.
- Fix gcc-2 issues.
- Fix openssl 0.9.6 (first version) issues.
* Minor fixes of lladdr (Alon Bar-Lev)
Updated makefile.w32-vc to include lladdr.*, updated
linkage libraries.
Modified lladdr.c to be compiled under visual C.
* Added two new management states:
OPENVPN_STATE_TCP_CONNECT -- Connecting to TCP server
* Echo management state change to log.
* Minor syshead.h change for NetBSD to allow
TCP_NODELAY flag to work.
* Modified --port-share code to remove the assumption that
CMSG_SPACE always evaluates to a constant, to enable
compilation on NetBSD and possibly other BSDs as well.
* Eliminated gcc 3.3.3 warnings on NetBSD
when ./configure --enable-strict is used.
* Added optional minimum-number-of-bytes parameter
to --inactive directive.
2006.04.13 -- Version 2.1-beta14
* Fixed Windows server bug in time backtrack handling code which
could cause TLS negotiation failures on legitimate clients.
* Rewrote gettimeofday function for Windows to be
simpler and more efficient.
* Merged PKCS#11 extensions to easy-rsa/2.0 (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added --route-metric option to set a default route metric
for --route (Roy Marples).
* Added --lladdr option to specify the link layer (MAC) address
for the tap interface on non-Windows platforms (Roy Marples).
2006.04.12 -- Version 2.1-beta13
* Code added in 2.1-beta7 and 2.0.6-rc1 to extend byte counters
to 64 bits caused a bug in the Windows version which has now
been fixed. The bug could cause intermittent crashes.
2006.04.05 -- Version 2.1-beta12
* Security Vulnerability -- An OpenVPN client connecting to a
malicious or compromised server could potentially receive
"setenv" configuration directives from the server which could
cause arbitrary code execution on the client via a LD_PRELOAD
attack. A successful attack appears to require that (a) the
client has agreed to allow the server to push configuration
directives to it by including "pull" or the macro "client" in
its configuration file, (b) the client configuration file uses
a scripting directive such as "up" or "down", (c) the client
succesfully authenticates the server, (d) the server is
malicious or has been compromised and is under the control of
the attacker, and (e) the attacker has at least some level of
pre-existing control over files on the client (this might be
accomplished by having the server respond to a client web request
with a specially crafted file). Credit: Hendrik Weimer.
The fix is to disallow "setenv" to be pushed to clients from
the server, and to add a new directive "setenv-safe" which is
pushable from the server, but which appends "OPENVPN_" to the
name of each remotely set environmental variable.
* "topology subnet" fix for FreeBSD (Benoit Bourdin).
* PKCS11 fixes (Alon Bar-Lev). For full description:
svn log -r990
* When deleting routes under Linux, use the route metric
as a differentiator to ensure that the route teardown
process only deletes the identical route which was originally
added via the "route" directive (Roy Marples).
* Fix the file in FreeBSD 4 jails
(Matthias Andree, Dirk Meyer, Vasil Dimov).
* Extended tun device configure code to support ethernet
bridging on NetBSD (Emmanuel Kasper).
2006.02.19 -- Version 2.1-beta11
* Fixed --port-share bug that caused premature closing
of proxied sessions.
2006.02.17 -- Version 2.1-beta10
* Fixed --port-share breakage introduced in 2.1-beta9.
2006.02.16 -- Version 2.1-beta9
* Added --port-share option for allowing OpenVPN and HTTPS
server to share the same port number.
* Added --management-client option to connect as a client
to management GUI app rather than be connected to as a
* Added "bytecount" command to management interface.
* --remote-cert-tls fixes (Alon Bar-Lev).
2006.01.03 -- Version 2.1-beta8
* --remap-usr1 will now also remap signals thrown during
* Added --connect-timeout option to control the timeout
on TCP client connection attempts (doesn't work on all
OSes). This patch also makes OpenVPN signalable during
TCP connection attempts.
* Fixed bug in acinclude.m4 where capability of compiler
to handle zero-length arrays in structs is tested
(David Stipp).
* Fixed typo in manage.c where inline function declaration
was declared without the "static" keyword (David Stipp).
* Patch to support --topology subnet on Mac OS X (Mathias Sundman).
* Added --auto-proxy directive to auto-detect HTTP or SOCKS
proxy settings (currently Windows only).
* Removed redundant base64 code.
* Better sanity checking of --server and --server-bridge
IP pool ranges, so as not to hit the assertion at
pool.c:119 (2.0.5).
* Fixed bug where --daemon and --management-query-passwords
used together would cause OpenVPN to block prior to
* Fixed client/server race condition which could occur
when --auth-retry interact is set and the initially
provided auth-user-pass credentials are incorrect,
forcing a username/password re-query.
* Fixed bug where if --daemon and --management-hold are
used together, --user or --group options would be ignored.
* --ip-win32 adaptive is now the default.
* --ip-win32 netsh (or --ip-win32 adaptive when in netsh
mode) can now set DNS/WINS addresses on the TAP-Win32
* Added new option --route-method adaptive (Win32)
which tries IP helper API first, then falls back to
* Made --route-method adaptive the default.
2005.11.12 -- Version 2.1-beta7
* Allow blank passwords to be passed via the management
* Fixed bug where "make check" inside a FreeBSD "jail"
would never complete (Matthias Andree).
* Fixed bug where --server directive in --dev tap mode
claimed that it would support subnets of /30 or less
but actually would only accept /29 or less.
* Extend byte counters to 64 bits (M. van Cuijk).
* Fixed bug in Linux get_default_gateway function
introduced in 2.0.4, which would cause redirect-gateway
on Linux clients to fail.
* Moved easy-rsa 2.0 scripts to easy-rsa/2.0 to
be compatible with 2.0.x distribution.
* Documented --route-nopull.
* Documented --ip-win32 adaptive.
* Windows build now linked with LZO2.
* Allow ca, cert, key, and dh files to be specified
inline via XML-like syntax without needing to
reference an explicit file.
For example:
data here...
* Allow plugin and push directives to have multi-line
parameter lists such as:
* Added connect-retry-max option (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Fixed problems where signals thrown during initialization
were not returning to a management-hold state.
* Added a backtrack-hardened system time algorithm.
* Added --remote-cert-ku, --remote-cert-eku, and
--remote-cert-tls options for verifying certificate
attributes (Alon Bar-Lev).
* For Windows, reverted --ip-win32 default back to "dynamic".
To use new adaptive mode, set explicitly.
2005.11.01 -- Version 2.1-beta6
* Security fix (merged from 2.0.4) -- Affects non-Windows
OpenVPN clients of version 2.0 or higher which connect to
a malicious or compromised server. A format string
vulnerability in the foreign_option function in options.c
could potentially allow a malicious or compromised server
to execute arbitrary code on the client. Only
non-Windows clients are affected. The vulnerability
only exists if (a) the client's TLS negotiation with
the server succeeds, (b) the server is malicious or
has been compromised such that it is configured to
push a maliciously crafted options string to the client,
and (c) the client indicates its willingness to accept
pushed options from the server by having "pull" or
"client" in its configuration file (Credit: Vade79).
* Security fix -- (merged from 2.0.4) Potential DoS
vulnerability on the server in TCP mode. If the TCP
server accept() call returns an error status, the resulting
exception handler may attempt to indirect through a NULL
pointer, causing a segfault. Affects all OpenVPN 2.0 versions.
* Fix attempt of assertion at multi.c:1586 (note that
this precise line number will vary across different
versions of OpenVPN).
* Windows reliability changes:
(a) Added code to make sure that the local PATH environmental
variable points to the Windows system32 directory.
(b) Added new --ip-win32 adaptive mode which tries 'dynamic'
and then fails over to 'netsh' if the DHCP negotiation fails.
(c) Made --ip-win32 adaptive the default.
* More PKCS#11 additions/changes (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Added ".PHONY: plugin" to to work around
"make dist" issue.
* Fixed double fork issue that occurs when --management-hold
is used.
* Moved TUN/TAP read/write log messages from --verb 8 to 6.
* Warn when multiple clients having the same common name or
username usurp each other when --duplicate-cn is not used.
* Modified Windows and Linux versions of get_default_gateway
to return the route with the smallest metric
if multiple entries are present.
* Added ">NEED-OK" alert and "needok" command to management
interface to provide a general interface for sending
alerts to the end-user. Used by the PKCS#11 code
to send Token Insertion Requests to the user.
* Added actual remote address used to the ">STATE" alert
in the management interface (Rolf Fokkens).
2005.10.17 -- Version 2.1-beta4
* Fixed bug introduced in 2.1-beta3 where management
socket bind would fail.
* --capath fix in ssl.c (Zhuang Yuyao).
* Added ".PHONY: plugin" to, reverted
location of "plugin" directory (thanks to
Matthias Andree for figuring this out).
2005.10.16 -- Version 2.1-beta3
* Added PKCS#11 support (Alon Bar-Lev).
* Enable the use of --ca together with --pkcs12. If --ca is
used at the same time as --pkcs12, the CA certificate is loaded
from the file specified by --ca regardless if the pkcs12 file
contains a CA cert or not (Mathias Sundman).
* Merged --capath patch (Thomas Noel).
* Merged --multihome patch.
* Added --bind option for TCP client connections (Ewan Bhamrah
* Moved "plugin" directory to "plugins" to deal with strange
automake problem that ended up being also fixable with
".PHONY: plugin" in
2005.10.13 -- Version 2.1-beta2
* Made --sndbuf and --rcvbuf pushable.
2005.10.01 -- Version 2.1-beta1
* Made LZO setting pushable.
* Renamed sample-keys/tmp-ca.crt to ca.crt.
* Fixed bug where remove_iroutes_from_push_route_list
was missing routes if those routes had
an implied netmask (by omission) of
* Merged with 2.0.3-rc1
* easy-rsa/2.0 moved to easy-rsa
* old easy-rsa moved to easy-rsa/1.0
2005.09.23 -- Version 2.0.2-TO4
* Added feature to TAP-Win32 adapter to allow it to be
opened from non-administrator mode. This feature
is enabled by default, and can be enabled/disabled
in the adapter advanced properties dialog.
* Added --allow-nonadmin standalone option for Windows to
set TAP adapter to allow non-admin access. This
is a user-mode version of the code, and duplicates
the same feature as the above entry.
* Added fix that attempts to solve corner case of tunnel not
forwarding packets when system clock is reset to an earlier time.
* Added --redirect-gateway bypass-dns option. (Developers:
To add bypass-dhcp or bypass-dns support to other OSes,
add a get_bypass_addresses function to route.c for
your OS.)
* Added OPENVPN_PLUGIN_CLIENT_CONNECT_V2 plugin callback, which
allows a client-connect plugin to return configuration text
in memory, rather than via a file.
* Fixed a bug where --mode server --proto tcp-server --cipher none
operation could cause tunnel packet truncation.
* openvpn --version will show [LZO1] or [LZO2], depending on
version that was linked.
2005.09.07 -- Version 2.0.2-TO1
* Added --topology directive. See man page.
* Added --redirect-gateway bypass-dhcp option to add a route
allowing DHCP packets to bypass the tunnel, when the
DHCP server is non-local. Currently only implemented
on Windows clients.
* Modified OpenVPN Service on Windows to declare the DHCP
client service as a dependency.
* Extended the plugin interface to allow plugins to declare
per-client constructor and destructor functions, to make
it simpler for plugins to maintain per-client state.
2005.09.25 -- Version 2.0.3-rc1
* openvpn_plugin_abort_v1 function wasn't being properly
registered on Windows.
* Fixed a bug where --mode server --proto tcp-server --cipher none
operation could cause tunnel packet truncation.
2005.08.25 -- Version 2.0.2
* No change from 2.0.2-rc1.
2005.08.24 -- Version 2.0.2-rc1
* Fixed regression bug in Win32 installer, introduced in 2.0.1,
which incorrectly set OpenVPN service to autostart.
* Don't package source code zip file in Windows installer
in order to reduce the size of the installer. The source
zip file can always be downloaded separately if needed.
* Fixed bug in route.c in FreeBSD, Darwin, OpenBSD and NetBSD
version of get_default_gateway. Allocated socket for route
manipulation is never freed so number of mbufs continuously
grow and exhaust system resources after a while (Jaroslav Klaus).
* Fixed bug where "--proto tcp-server --mode p2p --management
host port" would cause the management port to not respond until
the OpenVPN peer connects.
* Modified pkitool script to be /bin/sh compatible (Johnny Lam).
2005.08.16 -- Version 2.0.1
* Security Fix -- DoS attack against server when run with "verb 0" and
without "tls-auth". If a client connection to the server fails
certificate verification, the OpenSSL error queue is not properly
flushed, which can result in another unrelated client instance on the
server seeing the error and responding to it, resulting in disconnection
of the unrelated client (CAN-2005-2531).
* Security Fix -- DoS attack against server by authenticated client.
This bug presents a potential DoS attack vector against the server
which can only be initiated by a connected and authenticated client.
If the client sends a packet which fails to decrypt on the server,
the OpenSSL error queue is not properly flushed, which can result in
another unrelated client instance on the server seeing the error and
responding to it, resulting in disconnection of the unrelated client
(CAN-2005-2532). Credit: Mike Ireton.
* Security Fix -- DoS attack against server by authenticated client.
A malicious client in "dev tap" ethernet bridging mode could
theoretically flood the server with packets appearing to come from
hundreds of thousands of different MAC addresses, causing the OpenVPN
process to deplete system virtual memory as it expands its internal
routing table. A --max-routes-per-client directive has been added
(default=256) to limit the maximum number of routes in OpenVPN's
internal routing table which can be associated with a given client
* Security Fix -- DoS attack against server by authenticated client.
If two or more client machines try to connect to the server at the
same time via TCP, using the same client certificate, and when
--duplicate-cn is not enabled on the server, a race condition can
crash the server with "Assertion failed at mtcp.c:411"
* Fixed server bug where under certain circumstances, the client instance
object deletion function would try to delete iroutes which had never been
added in the first place, triggering "Assertion failed at mroute.c:349".
* Added --auth-retry option to prevent auth errors from being fatal
on the client side, and to permit username/password requeries in case
of error. Also controllable via new "auth-retry" management interface
command. See man page for more info.
* Added easy-rsa 2.0 scripts to the tarball in easy-rsa/2.0
* Fixed bug in openvpn.spec where rpmbuild --define 'without_pam 1'
would fail to build.
* Implement "make check" to perform loopback tests (Matthias Andree).
2005.07.21 -- Version 2.0.1-rc7
* Support LZO 2.01 which renamed its library to lzo2 (Matthias Andree).
* Include linux/types.h before checking for linux/errqueue.h (Matthias
2005.07.15 -- Version 2.0.1-rc6
* Commented out "user nobody" and "group nobody" in sample
client/server config files.
* Allow '@' character to be used in --client-config-dir
file names.
2005.07.04 -- Version 2.0.1-rc5
* Windows version will log a for-further-info URL when
initialization sequence is completed with errors.
* Added DLOPEN_PAM parameter to plugin/auth-pam/Makefile
to control whether auth-pam plugin links to PAM via
dlopen or -lpam. By default, DLOPEN_PAM=1 so pre-existing
behavior should be preserved. DLOPEN_PAM=0 is the preferred
setting to link via -lpam, but DLOPEN_PAM=1 works around
a bug in SuSE 9.1 (and possibly other distros as well)
where the PAM modules are not linked with -lpam. See
thread on openvpn-devel for more discussion about this
patch (Simon Perreault).
2005.06.15 -- Version 2.0.1-rc4
* Support LZO 2.00, including changes to configure script to
autodetect LZO version.
2005.06.12 -- Version 2.0.1-rc3
* Fixed a bug which caused standard file handles to not be closed
after daemonization when --plugin and --daemon are used together,
and if the plugin initialization function forks (as does auth-pam
and down-root) (Simon Perreault).
* Added client-side up/down scripts in contrib/pull-resolv-conf
for accepting server-pushed "dhcp-option DOMAIN" and "dhcp-option DNS"
on Linux/Unix systems (Jesse Adelman).
* Fixed bug where if client-connect scripts/plugins were cascaded,
and one (but not all) of them returned an error status, there might
be cases where for an individual script/plugin, client-connect was
called but not client-disconnect. The goal of this fix is to
ensure that if client-connect is called on a given client instance,
then client-disconnect will definitely be called. A potential
complication of this fix is that when client-connect functions are
cascaded, it's possible that the client-disconnect function would
be called in cases where the related client-connect function returned
an error status. This fix should not alter OpenVPN behavior when
scripts/plugins are not cascaded.
* Changed the hard-to-reproduce "Assertion failed at fragment.c:312"
fatal error to a warning: "FRAG: outgoing buffer is not empty".
Need more info on how to reproduce this one.
* When --duplicate-cn is used, the --ifconfig-pool allocation
algorithm will now allocate the first available IP address.
* When --daemon and --management-hold are used together,
OpenVPN will daemonize before it enters the management hold state.
2005.05.16 -- Version 2.0.1-rc2
* Modified vendor test in openvpn.spec file to match against
"Mandrakesoft" in addition to "MandrakeSoft".
* Using --iroute in a --client-config-dir file while in --dev tap
mode is not currently supported and will produce a warning
message. Fixed bug where in certain cases, in addition to
generating a warning message, this combination of options
would also produce a fatal assertion in mroute.c.
* Pass --auth-user-pass username to server-side plugin without
performing any string remapping (plugins, unlike scripts,
don't get any security benefit from string remapping).
This is intended to fix an issue with openvpn-auth-pam/pam_winbind
where backslash characters in a username ('\') were being remapped
to underscore ('_').
* Updated OpenSSL DLLs in Windows build to 0.9.7g.
* Documented --explicit-exit-notify in man page.
* --explicit-exit-notify seconds parameter defaults to 1 if
2005.04.30 -- Version 2.0.1-rc1
* Fixed bug where certain kinds of fatal errors after
initialization (such as port in use) would leave plugin
processes (such as openvpn-auth-pam) still running.
* Added optional openvpn_plugin_abort_v1 plugin function for
closing initialized plugin objects in the event of a fatal
error by main OpenVPN process.
* When the --remote list is > 1, and --resolv-retry is not
specified (meaning that it defaults to "infinite"), apply the
infinite timeout to the --remote list as a whole, but try each
list item only once before moving on to the next item.
* Added new --syslog directive which redirects output
to syslog without requiring the use of the --daemon or --inetd
* Added openvpn.spec option to allow RPM to be built with support
for passwords read from a file:
rpmbuild -tb [openvpn.x.tar.gz] --define 'with_password_save 1'
2005.04.17 -- Version 2.0
* Fixed minor options string typo in options.c.
2005.04.10 -- Version 2.0-rc21
* Change license description from "GPL Version 2 or (at your
option) any later version" to just "GPL Version 2".
2005.04.04 -- Version 2.0-rc20
* Dag Wieers has put together an OpenVPN/LZO binary RPM set with
excellent distro/version coverage for RH/EL/Fedora, though
using his own SPEC. I modified openvpn.spec to follow some of
the same conventions such as putting sample scripts and doc
files in %doc rather than /usr/share/openvpn.
* Minor change to init scripts to run the user-defined script
/etc/openvpn/openvpn-startup (if it exists) before any OpenVPN
configs are started, and to run /etc/openvpn/openvpn-shutdown
after all OpenVPN configs have been stopped. The
openvpn-startup script can be used for stuff like
insmod tun.o, setting up firewall rules, or starting
ethernet bridges.
2005.03.29 -- Version 2.0-rc19
* Omit additions of routes where the network and
gateway are equal and the netmask is
This can come up if you are using both
server/ifconfig-pool and client-config-dir with
ifconfig-push static addresses for some subset of clients
which directly reference the server IP address as the
remote endpoint.
2005.03.28 -- Version 2.0-rc18
* Packaged Windows installer with OpenSSL 0.9.7f.
* Built Windows installer with NSIS 2.06.
2005.03.12 -- Version 2.0-rc17
* "MANAGEMENT: CMD" log file output will now only occur
at --verb 7 or greater.
* Added an optional name/value configuration list to
the openvpn-auth-pam plugin module argument list. See
plugin/auth-pam/README for documentation. This is necessary
in order for openvpn-auth-pam to work with queries generated
by arbitrary PAM modules.
* In both auth-pam and down-root plugins, in the forked process,
a read error on the parent process socket is no longer fatal.
* MandrakeSoft liblzo1 RPM only Provides for a 'liblzo1'.
A conditional test of the vendor has been added to
Require the appropriately named 'lzo' (liblzo1 / lzo).
(Tom Walsh -
2005.02.20 -- Version 2.0-rc16
* Fixed bug introduced in rc13 where Windows service wrapper
would be installed with a startup type of Automatic.
This fix restores the previous behavior of installing
with a startup type of Manual.
2005.02.19 -- Version 2.0-rc15
* Added warning when --keepalive is not used in a server
* Don't include OpenSSL md4.h file if we are not building
NTLM proxy support (Waldemar Brodkorb).
* Added easy-rsa/build-key-pkcs12 and
easy-rsa/Windows/build-key-pkcs12.bat scripts
(Mathias Sundman).
2005.02.16 -- Version 2.0-rc14
* Fixed small memory leak that occurs when --crl-verify
is used.
* Upgraded Windows installer and .nsi script to NSIS 2.05
(Mathias Sundman).
* Changed #include backslash usage in cryptoapi.c to use
forward slashes instead (Gisle Vanem).
* Created easy-rsa/revoke-full to handle revocations in
a single step: (a) revoke crt, (b) regenerate CRL, and
(c) verify that revocation succeeded.
* Renamed easy-rsa/Windows/revoke-key to revoke-full so
that both *nix and Windows scripts are equivalent.
2005.02.11 -- Version 2.0-rc13
* Improve human-readability of local/remote options
diff, when inconsistencies are present.
* For Windows easy-rsa, distribute vars.bat.sample and
openssl.cnf.sample, then copy them to their normal
filenames (without the .sample) when init-config.bat
is run. This is to prevent OpenVPN upgrades from
wiping out vars.bat and openssl.cnf edits.
* Modified service wrapper (Windows) to use a
case-insensitive search when scanning for .ovpn files
in \Program Files\OpenVPN\config. Prior versions
required an all-lower-case .ovpn file extension.
* Miscellaneous service wrapper code cleanup.
* If --user/--group is used on Windows, treat it
as a no-op with a warning (this makes it easier to
distribute the same client config file to Windows
and *nix users).
* Warn if --ifconfig-pool-persist is used with
2005.02.05 -- Version 2.0-rc12
* Removed some debugging code inadvertently included
in rc11 which would print the --auth-user-pass
username/password provided by clients in the server
* Client code for cycling through --remote list will
retry the last address which successfully authenticated
before moving on through the list.
* Windows installer will now install sample configuration
files in \Program Files\OpenVPN\sample-configs as well
as generate a start menu shortcut to this directory.
* Minor type change in buffer.[ch] to work around char-type
ambiguity bug. Caused management interface lock-ups on
ARM when building with armv4b-hardhat-linux-gcc 2.95.3.
2005.02.03 -- Version 2.0-rc11
* Windows installer will now install easy-rsa directory
in \Program Files\OpenVPN
* Allow syslog facility to be controlled at compile time,
* Changed certain shell scripts in distribution to use
#!/bin/sh rather than #!/bin/bash for better portability.
* If --ifconfig-pool-persist seconds parameter is 0, treat
persist file as an allocation of fixed IP addresses
(previous versions took IP-to-common-name associations
from this list as hints, not mandatory static allocations).
* Fixed bug on *nix where if --auth-user-pass and --log
were used together, the username prompt would be sent to
the log file rather than /dev/tty.
* Spurious text in openvpn.8 detected by doclifter
(Eric S. Raymond).
* Call closelog later on daemon kill so that process
exit message is written to syslog.
2005.01.27 -- Version 2.0-rc10
* When ./configure is run with plugins enabled (the default),
check whether or not dlopen exists in libc before testing
for libdl. This is to fix an issue on FreeBSD and possibly
other OSes which bundle libdl functions in libc.
* On Windows, filter initial WSAEINVAL warning which occurs
on the initial read attempt of an unbound socket.
* The easy-rsa scripts build-key, build-key-pass, and
build-key-server will now chmod the .key file
to 0600. This is in addition to the fact the generated
keys directory has always been similarly protected
(Pete Harlan).
2005.01.23 -- Version 2.0-rc9
* Fixed error "ROUTE: route addition failed using
CreateIpForwardEntry ..." on Windows when --redirect-gateway
is used over a RRAS internet link.
* When using --route-method exe on Windows, include the
gateway parameter on route delete commands (Mathias Sundman).
* Try not to do a hard reset (i.e. SIGHUP) when two
SIGUSR1 signals are received in close succession.
* If the push list tries to grow beyond its buffer capacity,
the resulting error will be non-fatal.
* To increase the push list capacity (must be done on both
client and server), increase TLS_CHANNEL_BUF_SIZE in
common.h (default=1024).
2005.01.15 -- Version 2.0-rc8
* Fixed bug introduced in rc7 where options error
"--auth-user-pass requires --pull" might occur even
if --pull was correctly specified.
* Changed management interface code to bind once
to TCP socket, rather than rebinding after every
client disconnect.
* Added "disable" directive for client-config-dir
* Windows binary install is now distributed with
OpenSSL 0.9.7e.
* Query the management interface for --http-proxy
username/password if authfile is set to "stdin".
* Added current OpenVPN version number to "Unrecognized
option or missing parameter" error message.
* Added "-extensions server" to "openssl req" command
in easy-rsa/build-key-server (Nir Yeffet).
2005.01.10 -- Version 2.0-rc7
* Fixed bug in management interface which could cause
100% CPU utilization in --proto tcp-server mode
on all *nix OSes except for Linux 2.6.
* --ifconfig-push now accepts DNS names as well as
IP addresses.
* Added sanity check errors when --pull or
--auth-user-pass is used in an incorrect mode.
* Updated man page entries for --client-connect and
* Added "String Types and Remapping" section to man
page to consisely document the way which OpenVPN
may convert certain types of characters in strings
to ('_').
* Modified bridging description in HOWTO to emphasize
the fact that bridging allows Windows file and print
sharing without a WINS server (Charles Duffy).
2004.12.20 -- Version 2.0-rc6
* Improved checking for epoll support in ./configure
to fix false positive on RH9 (Jan Just Keijser).
* Made the "MULTI TCP: I/O wait required blocking in
multi_tcp_action, action=7" error nonfatal and replaced
with "MULTI: Outgoing TUN queue full, dropped packet".
So far the issue only seems to occur on Linux 2.2
in --mode server --proto tcp mode. It occurs when
the TUN/TAP driver locks up and refuses to accept
new packet writes for a second or more.
* Fixed bug where if a --client-config-dir file tried
to include another file using "config", and if that
include failed, OpenVPN would abort with a fatal
error. Now such inclusion failures will be logged
but are no longer fatal.
* Global changes to the way that packet buffer alignment
is handled. Previously we didn't care about alignment
and took care, when handling 16 and 32 bit words
in buffers, to always use alignment-safe transfers.
This approach appears to be inadequate on some
architectures such as alpha. The new approach is
to initialize packet buffers in a way that anticipates
how component structures will be allocated within
them, to maintain correct alignment.
* Added --dhcp-option DISABLE-NBT to disable NetBIOS
over TCP (Jan Just Keijser).
* Added --http-proxy-option directive for controlling
miscellaneous HTTP proxy options.
* Management state will no longer transition to "WAIT"
during TLS renegotiations.
2004.12.16 -- Version 2.0-rc5
* The --client-config-dir option will now try to open
a default file called "DEFAULT" if no file matching
the common name of the incoming client was found.
* The --client-connect script/plugin can now veto client
authentication by returning a failure code.
* The --learn-address script/plugin can now prevent a
client-instance/address association from being learned
by returning a failure code.
* Changed RPM group in .spec file to Applications/Internet.
2004.12.14 -- Version 2.0-rc4
* SuSE only -- Fixed interaction between openvpn.spec and
suse/openvpn.init where the .spec file was writing the
OpenVPN binary to a different location than where the
.init script was referencing it (Stefan Engel).
* Solaris only -- Split Solaris ifconfig command into two
parts (Jan Just Keijser).
* Some cleanup in add_option().
* Better error checking on input dotted quad IP addresses.
* Verify that --push argument is quoted, if there is
more than one.
* More miscellaneous option sanity checks.
2004.12.13 -- Version 2.0-rc3
* On Windows, when --log or --log-append is used,
save the original stderr for username and password
* Fixed a bug introduced in the late 2.0 betas where
if a "verb" parameter >= 16 was used, it would be
ignored and the actual verb level would remain at 1.
* Fixed a bug mostly seen on OS X where --management-hold
or --management-query-passwords would cause the management
interface to be unresponsive to incoming client connections.
* Trigger an options error if one of the management-modifying
options is used without "management" itself.
2004.12.12 -- Version 2.0-rc2
* Amplified warnings in documentation about possible
man-in-the-middle attack when clients do not properly
verify server certificate. Changes to easy-rsa README,
FAQ, HOWTO, man page, and sample client config file.
* Added a warning message if --tls-client or --client
is used without also specifying one of either
--ns-cert-type, --tls-remote, or --tls-verify.
* status_open() fixes for MSVC builds (Blaine Fleming).
* Fix attempt of "ntlm.c:55: error: `des_cblock' undeclared"
compiler error which has been reported on some platforms.
* The openvpn.spec file for rpmbuild has several
new build-time options. See comments in the file.
* Plugins are now built and packaged in the RPM and
will be saved in /usr/share/openvpn/plugin/lib.
* Added --management-hold directive to start OpenVPN
in a hibernating state until released by the
management interface. Also added "hold" command
to the management interface.
2004.12.07 -- Version 2.0-rc1
* openvpn.spec workaround for SuSE confusion regarding
/etc/init.d vs. /etc/rc.d/init.d (Stefan Engel).
2004.12.05 -- Version 2.0-beta20
* The ability to read --askpass and --auth-user-pass
passwords from a file has been disabled by default.
To re-enable, use ./configure --enable-password-save.
* Added additional pre-connected states to management
interface. See management/management-notes.txt
for more info.
* State history is now recorded by the management
interface, and the "state" command now works like
the log or echo commands.
* State history and real-time state change notifications
are now prepended with an integer unix timestamp.
* Added --http-proxy-timeout option, previously
the timeout was hardcoded to 5 seconds.
2004.12.02 -- Version 2.0-beta19
* Fixed bug in management interface line termination
where output lines incorrectly contained a \00 char
after the customary \0d \0a.
* Fixed bug introduced in beta18 where Windows version
would segfault on options errors.
* Fixed bug in management interface where an empty
quoted string ("") entered as a parameter would cause
a segfault.
* Fixed bug where --resolv-retry was not working
properly with multiple --remote hosts.
* Added additional ./configure options to reduce
executable size for embedded applications.
See ./configure --help.
2004.11.28 -- Version 2.0-beta18
* Added management interface. See new --management-*
options or the full management interface documentation
in management/management-notes.txt in the tarball.
Management interface inclusion can be disabled by
./configure --disable-management.
* Added two new plugin modules: auth-pam and down-root.
Auth-pam supports pam-based authentication using a
split privilege execution model, while down-root enables
a down script to be executed with root privileges, even
when --user/--group is used to drop root privileges.
See the plugin directory in the tarball for READMEs,
source code, and Makefiles.
* Plugin developers should note that some changes were
made to the plugin interface since beta17. See
openvpn-plugin.h for details.
Plugin interface inclusion can be disabled with
./configure --disable-plugins
* Added easy-rsa/build-key-server script which will
build a certificate with with nsCertType=server.
* Added --ns-cert-type option for verification
of nsCertType field in peer certificate.
* If --fragment n is specified and --mssfix is specified
without a parameter, default --mssfix to n. This restores
the 1.6 behavior when using --mssfix without a parameter.
* Fixed SSL context initialization bug introduced in beta14
where this error might occur on restarts: "Cannot load
certificate chain ... PEM_read_bio:no start line".
2004.11.11 -- Version 2.0-beta17
* Changed default port number to 1194 per IANA official
port number assignment.
* Added --plugin directive which allows compiled
modules to intercept script callbacks. See
plugin folder in tarball for more info.
* Fixed bug introduced in beta12 where --key-method 1
authentications which should have succeeded would fail.
* Ignore SIGUSR1 during DNS resolution.
* Added SuSE support to openvpn.spec (Umberto Nicoletti).
* Fixed --cryptoapicert SUBJ: parsing bug (Peter 'Luna'
2004.11.07 -- Version 2.0-beta16
* Modified sample-scripts/ to get username
and password from OpenVPN via a file rather than
via environmental variables.
* Added bytes_sent and bytes_received environmental
variables to be set prior to client-disconnect script.
* Changed client virtual IP derivation precedence:
(1) use --ifconfig-push directive from --client-connect
script, (2) use --ifconfig-push directive from
--client-config-dir, and (3) use --ifconfig-pool
* If a --client-config-dir file specifies --ifconfig-push,
it will be visible to the --client-connect-script in
the ifconfig_pool_remote_ip environmental variable.
* For tun-style tunnels, the ifconfig_pool_local_ip
environmental variable will be set, while for
tap-style tunnels, the ifconfig_pool_netmask variable
will be set.
* Added intelligence to autoconf script to test
compiler for the accepted form of zero-length arrays.
* Fixed a bug introduced in beta12 where --ip-win32
netsh would fail if --dev-node was not explicitly
* --ip-win32 netsh will now work on hidden adapters.
* Fix attempt of "Assertion failed at crypto.c:149".
This assertion has also been reported on 1.x with a
slightly different line number. The fix is twofold:
(1) In previous releases, --mtu-test may trigger this
assertion -- this bug has been fixed. (2) If something
else causes the assertion to be thrown, don't panic,
just output a nonfatal warning to the log and drop
the packet which generated the error.
* Support TAP interfaces on Mac OS X (Waldemar Brodkorb).
* Added --echo directive.
* Added --auth-nocache directive.
2004.10.28 -- Version 2.0-beta15
* Changed environmental variable character classes
so that names must consist of alphanumeric or
underbar chars and values must consist of printable
characters. Illegal chars will be deleted.
Versions prior to 2.0-beta12 were more restrictive
and would map spaces to '.'.
* On Windows, when the TAP adapter fails to
initialize with the correct IP address, output
"Initialization Sequence Completed with Errors"
to the console or log file.
* Added a warning when user/group/chroot is used
without persist-tun and persist-key.
* Added cryptoapi.[ch] to tarball and source zip.
* --tls-remote option now works with common name
prefixes as well as with the full X509 subject
string. This is a useful alternative to using
a CRL on the client.
* common names associated with a static
--ifconfig-push setting will no longer leave
any state in the --ifconfig-pool-persist file.
* Hard TLS errors (TLS handshake failed) will now
trigger either a SIGUSR1 signal by default
or SIGTERM (if --tls-exit is specified). In TCP
mode, all TLS errors are considered to be hard.
In server mode, the signal will be local to the
client instance.
* Added method parameter to --auth-user-pass-verify
directive to select whether username/password
is passed to script via environment or a temporary
* Added --status-version option to control format
of --status file. The --mode server
--status-version 2 format now includes a line
type token, the virtual IP address is shown
in the client list (even in --dev tap mode),
and the integer time_t value is shown anywhere
an ascii-formatted time/date is also shown.
* Added --remap-usr1 directive which can be used
to control whether internally or externally
generated SIGUSR1 signals are remapped to
SIGHUP (restart without persisting state) or
SIGTERM (exit).
* When running as a Windows service (using
--service option), check the exit event before
and after reading one line of input from
stdin, when reading username/password info.
* For developers: Extended the --gremlin function
to better stress-test the new 2.0 features,
added Valgrind support on Linux and Dmalloc
support on Windows.
2004.10.19 -- Version 2.0-beta14
* Fixed a bug introduced in Beta12 that would occur
if you use a --client-connect script without also
defining --tmp-dir.
* Fixed a bug introduced in Beta12 where a learn-address
script might segfault on the delete method.
* Added Crypto API support in Windows version via
the --cryptoapicert option (Peter 'Luna' Runestig).
2004.10.18 -- Version 2.0-beta13
* Fixed an issue introduced in Beta12 where the private
key password would not be prompted for unless --askpass
was explicitly specified in the config.
2004.10.17 -- Version 2.0-beta12
* Added support for username/password-based authentication.
Clients can now authentication themselves with the server
using either a certificate, a username/password, or both.
New directives: --auth-user-pass, --auth-user-pass-verify,
--client-cert-not-required, and --username-as-common-name.
* Added NTLM proxy patch (William Preston).
* Added --ifconfig-pool-linear server flag to allocate
individual tun addresses for clients rather than /30
subnets (won't work with Windows clients).
* Modified --http-proxy code to cache username/password
across restarts.
* Modified --http-proxy code to read username/password
from the console when the auth file is given as "stdin".
* Modified --askpass to take an optional filename argument.
* --persist-tun and --persist-key now work in client mode
and can be pushed to clients as well.
* Added --ifconfig-pool-persist directive, to maintain
ifconfig-pool info in a file which is persistent across
daemon instantiations.
* --user and --group privilege downgrades as well as
--chroot now also work in client mode (the
dowgrade/chroot will be delayed until the initialization
sequence is completed).
* Added --show-engines standalone directive to show
available OpenSSL crypto accelerator engine support.
* --engine directive now accepts an optional engine-ID
parameter to control which engine is used.
* "Connection reset, restarting" log message now shows
which client is being reset.
* Added --dhcp-pre-release directive in Windows version.
* Second parm to --ip-win32 can be "default", e.g.
--ip-win32 dynamic default 60.
* Fixed documentation bug regarding environmental
variable settings for --ifconfig-pool IP addresses.
The correct environmental variable names are:
ifconfig_pool_local_ip and ifconfig_pool_remote_ip.
* ifconfig_pool_local_ip and ifconfig_pool_remote_ip
environmental variables are now passed to the
client-disconnect script.
* In server mode, environmental variables are now scoped
according to the client they are associated with,
to solve the problem of "crosstalk" between different
client's environmental variable sets.
* Added --down-pre flag to cause --down script to be
called before TUN/TAP close (rather than after).
* Added --tls-exit flag which will cause OpenVPN
to exit on any TLS errors.
* Don't push a route to a client if it exactly
matches an iroute (this lets you push routes to
all clients, and OpenVPN will automatically remove
the route from the route push list only for that client
which the route actually belongs to).
* Made '--resolv-retry infinite' the default.
--resolv-retry can be disabled by using a parameter of 0.
* For clients which plan to pull config info from server,
set an initial default ping-restart of 60 seconds.
* Optimized mute code to lessen the load on the processor
when messages are being muted at a higher frequency.
* Made route log messages non-mutable.
* Silence the Linux "No buffer space available" message.
* Added miscellaneous additional option sanity checks.
* Added Windows version of easy-rsa scripts in
easy-rsa/Windows directory (Andrew J. Richardson).
* Added NetBSD route patch (Ed Ravin).
* Added OpenBSD patch for TAP + --redirect-gateway
(Waldemar Brodkorb).
* Directives which prompt for a username and/or password
will now work with --daemon (OpenVPN will prompt
before forking).
* Warn if CRL is from a different issuer than the
issuer of the peer certificate (Bernhard Weisshuhn).
* Changed init script chkconfig parameters to start
OpenVPN daemon(s) before NFS.
* Bug fix attempt of "too many I/O wait events" which occurs
on OSes which prefer select() over poll() such as Mac OS X.
* Added --ccd-exclusive flag. This flag will require, as a
condition of authentication, that a connecting client has
a --client-config-dir file.
* TAP-Win32 open code will attempt to open a free adapter
if --dev-node is not specified (Mathias Sundman).
* Resequenced --nice and --chroot ordering so that --nice
occurs first.
* Added --suppress-timestamps flag (Charles Duffy).
* Source code changes to allow compilation by MSVC
(Peter 'Luna' Runestig).
* Added experimental --fast-io flag which optimizes
TUN/TAP/UDP writes on non-Windows systems.
2004.08.18 -- Version 2.0-beta11
* Added --server, --server-bridge, --client, and
--keepalive helper directives. See client.conf
and server.conf in sample-config-files for sample
configurations which use the new directives.
* On Windows, added --route-method to control
whether IP Helper API or route.exe is used
to add/delete routes.
* On Windows, added a second parameter to
--route-delay to control the maximum time period
to wait for the TAP-Win32 adapter to come up
before adding routes.
* Fixed bug in Windows version where configurations
which omit --ifconfig might fail to recognize when
the TAP adapter is up.
* Proxy connection failures will now retry according
to the --connect-retry parameter.
* Fixed --dev null handling on Windows so that TLS
loopback test described in INSTALL file works
correctly on Windows.
* Added "Initialization Sequence Completed" message
after all initialization steps have been completed
and the VPN can be considered "up".
* Better sanity-checking on --ifconfig-pool parameters.
* Added --tcp-queue-limit option to control
TUN/TAP -> TCP socket overflow.
* --ifconfig-nowarn flag will now silence general
warnings about possible --ifconfig address
conflicts, including the warning about --ifconfig
and --remote addresses being in same /24 subnet.
* Fixed case where server mode did not correctly
identify certain types of ethernet multicast packets
(Marcel de Kogel).
* Added --explicit-exit-notify option (experimental).
2004.08.02 -- Version 2.0-beta10
* Fixed possible reference after free of option strings
after a restart, bug was introduced in beta8.
* Fixed segfault at route.c:919 in the beta9
Windows version that was being caused by indirection
through a NULL pointer.
* Mistakenly built debug version of TAP-Win32 driver
for beta9. Beta10 has correct release build.
2004.07.30 -- Version 2.0-beta9
* Fixed --route issue on Windows that was introduced with
the new beta8 route implementation based on the
IP Helper API.
2004.07.27 -- Version 2.0-beta8
* Added TCP support in server mode.
* Added PKCS #12 support (Mathias Sundman).
* Added patch to make revoke-crt and make-crl work
seamlessly within the easy-rsa environment (Jan Kiszka).
* Modified --mode server ethernet bridge code to forward
special IEEE 802.1d MAC Groups, i.e. 01:80:C2:XX:XX:XX.
* Added --dhcp-renew and --dhcp-release flags to Windows
version. Normally DHCP renewal and release on the TAP
adapter occurs automatically under Windows, however
if you set the TAP-Win32 adapter Media Status property
to "Always Connected", you may need these flags.
* Added --show-net standalone flag to Windows version to
show OpenVPN's view of the system adapter and routing
* Added --show-net-up flag to Windows version to output
the system routing table and network adapter list to
the log file after the TAP-Win32 adapter has been brought
up and any routes have been added.
* Modified Windows version to add routes using the IP Helper
API rather than by calling route.exe.
* Fixed bug where --route-up script was not being called
if no --route options were specified.
* Added --mute-replay-warnings to suppress packet replay
warnings. This is a common false alarm on WiFi nets.
* Added "def1" flag to --redirect-gateway option to override
the default gateway by using and
rather than This has the benefit of overriding
but not wiping out the original default gateway.
(Thanks to Jim Carter for pointing out this idea).
* You can now run OpenVPN with a single config file argument.
For example, you can now say "openvpn config.conf"
rather than "openvpn --config config.conf".
* On Windows, made --route and --route-delay more adaptive
with respect to waiting for interfaces referenced by the
route destination to come up. Routes added by --route
should now be added as soon as the interface comes up,
rather than after an obligatory 10 second delay. The
way this works internally is that --route-delay now
defaults to 0 on Windows. Previous versions would
wait for --route-delay seconds then add the routes.
This version will wait --route-delay seconds and then
test the routing table at one second intervals for the
next 30 seconds and will not add the routes until they
can be added without errors.
* On Windows, don't setsockopt SO_SNDBUF or SO_RCVBUF by
default on TCP/UDP socket in light of reports that this
action can have undesirable global side effects on the
MTU settings of other adapters. These parameters can
still be set, but you need to explicitly specify
--sndbuf and/or --rcvbuf.
* Added --max-clients option to limit the maximum number
of simultaneously connected clients in server mode.
* Added error message to illuminate shell escape gotcha when
single backslashes are used in Windows path names.
* Added optional netmask parm to --ifconfig-pool.
* Fixed bug where http-proxy connect retry attempts were
incorrectly going to the remote OpenVPN server,
not to the HTTP proxy server.
2004.06.29 -- Version 2.0-beta7
* Fixed bug in link_socket_verify_incoming_addr() which
under certain circumstances could have caused --float
behavior even if --float was not specified.
* --tls-auth option now works with --mode server.
All clients and the server should use the same
--tls-auth key when operating in client/server mode.
* Added --engine option to make use of OpenSSL-supported
crypto acceleration hardware.
* Fixed some high verbosity print format size issues
in event.c for 64 bit platforms (Janne Johansson).
* Made failure to open --log or --log-append file
a non-fatal error.
2004.06.23 -- Version 2.0-beta6
* Fixed Windows installer to intelligently put
up a reboot dialog only if tapinstall tells
us that it's really necessary.
* Fixed "Assertion failed at fragment.c:309"
bug when --mode server and --fragment are used
* Ignore HUP, USR1, and USR2 signals during
initialization. Prior versions would abort.
* Fixed bug on OS X: "Assertion failed at event.c:406".
* Added --service option to Windows version, for use
when OpenVPN is being programmatically instantiated
by another process (see man page for info).
* --log and --log-append options now work on Windows.
* Update OpenBSD INSTALL notes (Janne Johansson).
* Enable multicast on tun interface when running on
OpenBSD (Pavlin Radoslavov).
* Fixed recent --test-crypto breakage, where options
such as --cipher were not being parsed correctly.
* Modified options compatibility string by removing
ifconfig substring if it is empty. Incremented
options compatibility string version number to 4.
* Fixed typo in --tls-timeout option parsing
(Mikael Lonnroth).
2004.06.13 -- Version 2.0-beta5
* Fixed rare --mode server crash that could occur
if data was being routed to a client at
high bandwidth at the precise moment that the
client instance object on the server was being
* Fixed issue on machines which have epoll.h and
the epoll_create glibc call defined, but which
don't actually implement epoll in the kernel.
OpenVPN will now gracefully fall back to the
poll API in this case.
* Fixed Windows bug which would cause the following
error in a --mode server --dev tap configuration:
"resource limit WSA_MAXIMUM_WAIT_EVENTS has been
* Added CRL (certificate revocation list) management
scripts to easy-rsa directory (Jon Bendtsen).
* Do a better job of getting the ifconfig component
of the options consistency check to work correctly
when --up-delay is used.
* De-inlined some functions which were too complex
to be inlined anyway with gcc.
* If a --dhcp-option option is pushed to a non-windows
client, the option will be saved in the client's
environment before the --up script is called, under
the name "foreign_option_{n}".
* Added --learn-address script (see man page) which
allows for firewall access through the VPN to be
controlled based on the client common name.
* In mode --server mode, when a client connects to
the server, the server will disconnect any
still-active clients which use the same common
name. Use --duplicate-cn flag to revert to
previous behavior of allowing multiple clients
to concurrently connect with the same common name.
2004.06.08 -- Version 2.0-beta4
* Fixed issue with beta3 where Win32 service wrapper
was keying off of old TAP HWID as a dependency. To
ensure that the new service wrapper is correctly
installed, the Windows install script will uninstall
the old wrapper before installing the new one,
causing a reset of service properties.
* Fixed permissions issue on --status output file,
with default access permissions of owner read/write
only (default permissions can be changed of course with
2004.06.05 -- Version 2.0-beta3
* More changes to TAP-Win32 driver's INF file which
affects the placement of the driver in the Windows
device namespace. This is done to work around an
apparent bug in Windows when short HWIDs are used,
and will also ease the upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 by
reducing the chances that a reboot will be needed
on upgrade. Like beta2, this upgrade will
delete existing TAP-Win32 interfaces, and reinstall
a single new interface with default properties.
* Major rewrite of I/O event wait layer in the style
of libevent. This is a precursor to TCP support
in --mode server.
* New feature: --status. Outputs a SIGUSR2-like
status summary to a given file, updated once
per n seconds. The status file is comma delimited
for easy machine parsing.
* --ifconfig-pool now remembers common names and
will try to assign a consistent IP to a given
common name. Still to do: persist --ifconfig-pool
memory across restarts by saving state in file.
* Fixed bug in event timer queue which could cause
recurring timer events such as --ping to not
correctly schedule again after firing. This in
turn would cause spurrious ping restarts and possible
connection outages. Thanks to Denis Vlasenko for
tracking this down.
* Possible fix to reported bug where --daemon argument
was not printing to syslog correctly after restart.
* Fixed bug where pulling --route or --dhcp-option
directives from a server would problematically
interact with --persist-tun on the client.
* Updated contrib/multilevel-init.patch (Farkas Levente).
* Added RPM build option to .spec and files
to optionally disable LZO inclusion (Ian Pilcher).
* The latest MingW runtime and headers define
'ssize_t', so a patch is needed (Gisle Vanem).
2004.05.14 -- Version 2.0-beta2
* Fixed signal handling bug in --mode server, where
SIGHUP and SIGUSR1 were treated as SIGTERM.
* Changed the TAP-Win32 HWID from "TAP" to "TAPDEV".
Apparently the larger string may work around
a problem where the TAP adapter is sometimes missing
from the network connections panel, especially under
XP SP2. Also note that installing this upgrade will
uninstall any pre-existing TAP-Win32 adapters, and then
install a single new adapter, meaning that old adapter
properties will be lost. Thanks to Md5Chap for solving
this one.
* For --mode server --dev tap, the options --ifconfig and
--ifconfig-pool are now optional. This allows address
assignment via DHCP or use of a TAP VPN without
IP support, as has always been possible with 1.x.
* Fixed bug where --ifconfig may not work correctly on
Linux 2.2.
* Added 'local' flag to --redirect-gateway for use on
networks where both OpenVPN daemons are connected
to a shared subnet, such as wireless.
2004.05.09 -- Version 2.0-beta1
* Unchanged from test29 except for version number
2004.05.08 -- Version 2.0-test29
* Modified --dev-node on Windows to accept a TAP-Win32
GUID name. In addition, --show-adapters will now
display the high-level name and GUID of each adapter.
This is an attempt to work around an issue in Windows
where sometimes the TAP-Win32 adapter installs correctly
but has no icon in the network connections control
panel. In such cases, being able to specify
--dev-node {TAP-GUID} can work around the missing icon.
2004.05.07 -- Version 2.0-test28
* Fixed bug which could cause segfault on program
shutdown if --route and --persist-tun are used
2004.05.06 -- Version 2.0-test27
* Fixed bug in close_instance() which might cause
memory to be accessed after it had already been freed.
* Fixed bug in verify_callback() that might have
caused uninitialized data to be referenced.
* --iroute now allows full CIDR subnet routing.
* In "--mode server --dev tun" usage, source addresses
on VPN packets coming from a particular client must
be associated with that client in the OpenVPN internal
routing table.
2004.04.28 -- Version 2.0-test26
* Optimized broadcast path in multi-client mode.
* Added socket buffer size options --rcvbuf & --sndbuf.
* Configure Linux tun/tap driver to use a more sensible
txqueuelen default. Also allow explicit setting
via --txqueuelen option (Harald Roelle).
* The --remote option now allows the port number
to be specified as the second parameter. If
unspecified, the port number defaults to the
--rport value.
* Multiple --remote options on the client can now be
specified for load balancing and failover. The
--remote-random flag can be used to initially randomize
the --remote list for basic load balancing.
* If a remote DNS name resolves to multiple DNS addresses,
one will be chosen by random as a kind of basic
load-balancing feature if --remote-random is used.
* Added --connect-freq option to control maximum
new connection frequency in multi-client mode.
* In multi-client mode, all syslog messages associated
with a specific client now include a client-ID prefix.
* For Windows, use a gettimeofday() function based
on QueryPerformanceCounter (Derek Burdick).
* Fixed bug in interaction between --key-method 2
and DES ciphers, where dynamic keys would be generated
with bad parity and then be rejected.
2004.04.17 -- Version 2.0-test24
* Reworked multi-client broadcast handling.
2004.04.13 -- Version 2.0-test23
* Fixed bug in --dev tun --client-to-client routing.
* Fixed a potential deadlock in --pull.
* Fixed a problem with select() usage which could
cause a repeating sequence of "select : Invalid
argument (code=22)"
2004.04.11 -- Version 2.0-test22
* Fixed bug where --mode server + --daemon was
prematurely closing syslog connection.
* Added support for --redirect-gateway on Mac OS X
(Jeremy Apple).
* Minor changes to TAP-Win32 driver based on feedback
from the NDISTest tool.
2004.04.11 -- Version 2.0-test21
* Optimizations in multi-client server event loop.
2004.04.10 -- Version 2.0-test20
* --mode server capability now works with either tun
or tap interfaces. When used with tap interfaces,
OpenVPN will internally bridge all client tap
interfaces with the server tap interface.
* Connecting clients can now have a client-specific
configuration on the server, based on the client
common name embedded in the client certificate.
See --client-config-dir and --client-connect.
These options can be used to configure client-specific
* Added an option --client-to-client that enables
internal client-to-client routing or bridging.
Otherwise, clients will only "see" the server,
not other connected clients.
* Fixed bug in route scheduling which would have caused
--mode server to not work on Windows in test18
and test19 with the sample config file.
* Man page is up to date with all new options.
* OpenVPN 2.0 release notes on web site updated
with tap-style tunnel examples.
2004.04.02 -- Version 2.0-test19
* Fixed bug where routes pushed from server were
not working correctly on Windows clients.
* Added Mac OS X route patch (Jeremy Apple).
2004.03.30 -- Version 2.0-test18
* Minor fixes + Windows self-install modified
to use OpenSSL 0.9.7d.
2004.03.29 -- Version 2.0-test17
* Fixed some bugs related to instance timeout and deletion.
* Extended --push/--pull option to support additional
option classes.
2004.03.28 -- Version 2.0-test16
* Successful test of --mode udp-server, --push,
--pull, and --ifconfig-pool with server on
Linux 2.4 and clients on Linux and Windows.
2004.03.25 -- Version 2.0-test15
* Implemented hash-table lookup of client instances
based either on remote UDP address/port or remote
ifconfig endpoint.
* Implemented a randomized binary tree based
scheduler for scalably scheduling a large number
of client instance events. Uses the treap
data structure and node rotation algorithm
to keep the tree balanced.
* Initial implementation of ifconfig-pool.
* Made --key-method 2 the default.
2004.03.20 -- Version 2.0-test14
* Implemented --push and --pull.
2004.03.20 -- Version 2.0-test13
* Reduced struct tls_multi and --single-session
memory footprint.
* Modified --single-session flag to be used
in multi-client UDP server client instances.
2004.03.19 -- Version 2.0-test12
* Added the key multi-client UDP server options,
--mode, --push, --pull, and --ifconfig-pool.
* Revamped GC (garbage collection) code to not rely
on any global data.
* Modifications to thread.[ch] to allow a more
flexible thread model.
2004.03.16 -- Version 2.0-test11
* Moved all timer code to interval.h, added new file
* Fixed missing include.
2004.03.16 -- Version 2.0-test10
* More TAP-Win32 fixes.
* Initial debugging and testing of multi.[ch].
2004.03.14 -- Version 2.0-test9
* Branch merge with 1.6-rc3
* More point-to-multipoint work in multi.[ch].
* Major TAP-Win32 driver restructuring to use
NdisMRegisterDevice instead of
* Changed TAP-Win32 symbolic links to use \DosDevices\Global\
pathname prefix.
* In the majority of cases, TAP-Win32 should now be
able to install and uninstall on Win2K without requiring
a reboot.
* TAP-Win32 MAC address can now be explicitly set in the
adapter advanced properties page.
2004.03.04 -- Version 2.0-test8
* Branch merge with 1.6-rc2.
2004.03.03 -- Version 2.0-test7
* Branch merge with 1.6-rc1.2.
2004.03.02 -- Version 2.0-test6
* Branch merge with 1.6-rc1.
2004.03.02 -- Version 2.0-test5
* Move Socks5 UDP header append/remove to socks.c, and is
called from forward.c.
* Moved verify statics from ssl.c into struct tls_session.
* Wrote multi.[ch] to handle top level of point-to-multipoint
* Wrote some code to allow a struct link_socket in a child context
to be slaved to the parent context.
* Broke up packet read and process functions in forward.c
(from socket or tuntap) into separate functions for read
and process, so that point-to-point and point-to-multipoint can
share the same code.
* Expand TLS control channel to allow the passing of configuration
* Wrote mroute.[ch] to handle internal packet routing for
point-to-multipoint mode.
2004.02.22 -- Version 2.0-test3
* Initial work on UDP multi-client server.
* Branch merge of 1.6-beta7
2004.02.14 -- Version 2.0-test2
* Refactorization of openvpn.c into openvpn.[ch]
init.[ch] forward.[ch] forward-inline.h
occ.[ch] occ-inline.h ping.[ch] ping-inline.h
sig.[ch]. Created a master per-tunnel
struct context in openvpn.h.
* Branch merge of 1.6-beta6.2
2003.11.06 -- Version 2.0-test1
* Initial testbed for 2.0.
2004.05.09 -- Version 1.6.0
* Unchanged from 1.6-rc4 except for version number
2004.04.01 -- Version 1.6-rc4
* Made minor customizations to devcon and
renamed as tapinstall.exe for Windows version.
* Fixed "storage size of `iv' isn't known" build
problem on FreeBSD.
* OpenSSL 0.9.7d bundled with Windows self-install.
2004.03.13 -- Version 1.6-rc3
* Minor Windows fixes for --ip-win32 dynamic, relating to
the way the TAP-Win32 driver responds to a DHCP request
from the Windows DHCP client.
* The net_gateway environmental variable wasn't being
set correctly for called scripts (Paul Zuber).
* Added code to determine the default gateway on FreeBSD,
allowing the --redirect-gateway option to work
(Juan Rodriguez Hervella).
2004.03.04 -- Version 1.6-rc2
* Fixed bug in Windows version where the NetBIOS node-type
DHCP option might have been passed even if it was not
* Fixed bug in Windows version introduced in 1.6-rc1, where
DHCP timeout would be set to 0 seconds if --ifconfig option
was used and --ip-win32 option was not explicitly specified.
* Added some new --dhcp-option types for Windows version.
2004.03.02 -- Version 1.6-rc1
* For Windows, make "--ip-win32 dynamic" the default.
* For Windows, make "--route-delay 10" the default
unless --ip-win32 dynamic is not used or --route-delay
is explicitly specified.
* L_TLS mutex could have been left in a locked state
for certain kinds of TLS errors.
2004.02.22 -- Version 1.6-beta7
* Allow scheduling priority increase (--nice) together
with UID/GID downgrade (--user/--group).
* Code that causes SIGUSR1 restart on TLS errors in TCP
mode was not activated in pthread builds.
* Save the certificate serial number in an environmental
variable called tls_serial_{n} prior to calling the
--tls-verify script. n is the current cert chain level.