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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:1
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3 config-acl -o DBUS-PATH | --path DBUS-PATH | --config CONFIG-NAME [OPTIONS]
openvpn3 config-acl -h | --help


Each configuration profile has its own Access Control List associated with it. This enables a configuration profile to be shared by more users in a more controlled way, where specific or all users can be granted access to start new VPN sessions of pre-loaded configurations. It can also be used to restrict users from viewing the contents of the configuration profile while still being able to start VPN sessions.

All options below can be used together. If the --show option is used, it will list the current Access Control List after any changes has been performed.


-h, --help Print usage and help details to the terminal
 D-Bus configuration path to the configuration to manage the ACL. This can be found in openvpn3 configs-list.
--config-path DBUS-PATH
 Alias for --path.
 Can be used instead of --path where the configuration profile name is given instead. Available configuration names can be found via openvpn3 configs-list`.
-s, --show Show the currently active ACL.
Grant the given user ID (UID) or username read-only access to this configuration profile.
Revoke access to this configuration profile from the given user ID (UID) or username.
--public-access true|false
Grant all users on the system read-only access to this configuration profile. This effectively disables the more fine-grained access control provided via --grant.
--lock-down true|false Locks down the configuration profile so it can only
be used to start new VPN sessions by users granted access. Only the configuration profile owner can now show the profile contents via openvpn3 config-show.
-S, --seal This seals the configuration profile for everyone, making the configuration profile effectively read-only, even for the owner. A configuration profile cannot be unsealed.


openvpn3(1) openvpn3-config-import(1) openvpn3-config-manage(1) openvpn3-config-show(1) openvpn3-configs-list(1)

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