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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:1
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3 log [OPTIONS]
openvpn3 log -h | --help


This retrieves log events from various log senders and prints it to the terminal. The user running this command must in advanced have been granted access to these log events, otherwise it will not generate any output.

Log events received via openvpn3 log are processed in parallel with the system wide openvpn3-service-logger process.


-h, --help Print usage and help details to the terminal
--session-path SESSION-DBUS-PATH
 D-Bus session path to a running VPN session to retrieve log events from. Use openvpn3 sessions-list to retrieve a list of available session D-Bus paths.
 Can be used instead of --session-path where the configuration profile name is given instead. The CONFIG_NAME must be the name which was active when the session was started. Available configuration names can be found via openvpn3 sessions-list.
--log-level LEVEL
 Sets the log verbosity for the log events. Valid values are 0 to 6. The higher value, the more verbose the log events will be. Log level 6 will retrieve all debug events.
 Retrieve log events from the configuration manager. For this to work, the openvpn3-service-configmgr must have been started with --signal-broadcast.


openvpn3(1) openvpn3-service-configmgr(8) openvpn3-service-logger(8) openvpn3-session-acl(1)

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