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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:8
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3-service-configmgr [OPTIONS]
openvpn3-service-configmgr -h | --help


The openvpn3-service-configmgr is a backend service for OpenVPN 3 Linux, responsible for managing OpenVPN configuration profiles. Once a configuration profile has been imported, either via openvpn3 config-import, openvpn3 session-start or openvpn2(1), it will run in the background as a D-Bus service as long as it has at least one configuration profile in memory.

The VPN backend process (openvpn3-service-client) will retrieve the contents of the VPN configuration profile from the configuration manager when initializing and preparing to connect.

Only one configuration manager process can run on the system.

Configuration profiles are managed via the openvpn3 config-manage and openvpn3 config-acl commands and new VPN sessions are started using the openvpn3 session-start command.

This service is normally started automatically when needed, via the net.openvpn.v3.configmgr.service auto-start configuration by the dbus-daemon, but can also be started manually on the command line. This process should run as the openvpn user and will automatically switch to this user account if it has the needed privileges to do so. Beware that changing this to another user account also requires updating the D-Bus policy as well.


-h, --help Print usage and help details to the terminal
--version Prints the version of the program and exists
--log-level LEVEL
 Sets the default log verbosity for log events generated by this service. The default is 4. Valid values are 0 to 6. Higher log levels results in more verbose logs and log level 6 will contain all debug log events.
--log-file FILE | stdout:
By default, logging will go via the openvpn3-service-logger service. By providing this argument, logging will also be sent to either the file name FILE, or if stdout: is given, to the terminal.
--colour This will add colours to log events when logging to file or terminal. Log events will be coloured based on the log level of the event.
 Normally, the openvpn3-service-configmgr will attach a log stream to the openvpn3-service-logger service. By providing this option, it will instead broadcast all log events to all listeners on the system. This is more useful for debugging when the standard logging does not provide any clues. This is not recommended for production.
--idle-exit MINUTES
 The openvpn3-service-configmgr service will exit automatically if it is being idle for MINUTES minutes. By being idle, it means no configuration profiles are being managed by this service. This can be validated by running openvpn3 configs-list. If this results in an empty list, no configuration profiles are being managed.
--state-dir DIRECTORY
 Sets the directory the configuration manager must use for storing persistent configuration profiles. When this argument is given, the service will scan this directory for configuration profiles and load them automatically at start-up.


openvpn2(1) openvpn3(1) openvpn3-config-acl(1) openvpn3-config-import(1) openvpn3-config-manage(1) openvpn3-config-remove(1) openvpn3-config-show(1) openvpn3-configs-list(1) openvpn3-session-start(1)

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