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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:1
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3 session-manage [OPTIONS]
openvpn3 session-manage -h | --help


This command manages running VPN sessions.


-h, --help Print usage and help details to the terminal
 Required. D-Bus session path to the currently running session to manage. Use openvpn3 sessions-list to retrieve a list of available session D-Bus paths.
--session-path DBUS-PATH
 Alias for --path.
 Can be used instead of --path where the configuration profile name is given instead. The CONFIG_NAME must be the configuration name which was active when the session was started. Available configuration names can be found via openvpn3 sessions-list.
-P, --pause Suspends/pauses the running VPN session. This is not a complete shutdown and can be used to temporarily disconnect with the intention to later re-establish the VPN tunnel. This will in most cases not require re-entering any credentials.
-R, --resume Resumes a suspended/paused VPN session.
--restart This will trigger a complete reconnect of the VPN session.
-D, --disconnect
 This is a final connection disconnect. This will remove the session in the session manager. This can also be used to remove stray VPN sessions which did not complete successfully by itself. Once disconnected, if connection statistics is available it will be printed to the terminal.
--cleanup Remove all stale sessions which have no VPN client backend process running. These sessions typically have no status available.


openvpn3(1) openvpn3-session-acl(1) openvpn3-session-manage(1) openvpn3-session-stats(1) openvpn3-sessions-list(1)

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